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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 38

I really don’t know how much accused Yu Ao Tian would get from Yao Yao. She has mistaken him as Host two years ago, later after two year, she mistaken him as PR staff and now, the eat soft rice man and the underworld emperor turned be “male-escort” for wealthy women.

I can’t really blame Yu Ao Tian tendency to straggle her every time she mistaken him.

This is another interesting chapter, enjoy your reading ^-^

Chapter 38

She sleeps

Early in the morning, Bai Ling has been chirping blab la bla…

But Yao Yao not really listened to her, so she just gives a faint smile, while her brain is busy to think something else.

“Yao Yao? Yao Yao, is there something bother you?”

“Hah? Bai Ling, I am so sorry, what was you said before, I didn’t listen. I feel little bit tired, I go for work.”

Seeing at her who soulless, Bai Ling said: “Yao Yao yesterday you were not working, but how could you looked so tired? Strange…”

For the entire afternoon when she was working, she felt little bit tired and dizzy. She even made several errors: “Can’t do! Focus! Yao Yao, you should focus! But, now is still lunch break, there might no one who will take the elevator, perhaps. So that I….” more she speaks more she powerless, lacking her strength, and then she sat inside the elevator floor, and straightly goes sleep.

“En.. uh..” She in hazy state, suddenly she feels there is something moving in her body, subconsciously moves to her under body, that “thing” keeps moving.

“Hmph.” Her mouth rise abruptly showing unpleasant, she exhausted opened her eyes, a hand is moving toward her breast, and then… “Uh…” her eyes widen and bow her head, her clothes has been turned up, that pair of hands absolutely unrestrained has covered the top. And at the same time, she can feel that there is someone at her back who embrace her.

She turned her head to look…

“Yu… Yu Lao Da?” so that person is him! She is trying hard to break apart that person nasty hand from her.

But whatever she does that won’t make Yu Ao Tian to stop, moreover his dexterous fingers are moving unstoppable, shocked her until her face beet red: “Bao Bei, you really sleep so soundly.”

“Uh… hah…” her small face blushed, simply to say she really hate this man to death, why he always does something abnormal to hers but at same time she always feel her heart beat faster and flustered?

“Yu! Yu Ao Tian, what are you doing? Let me go!”

“Hah? You really heartless little thing, it should be me who asked you what were you doing?”

Finally he stopped to tease her, she feels little bit relieved, at next seconds, her body is turned around by the man, so that her position now is sitting at the man arms, as if little girl hugs by their parent.

This position is really embarrassing.

At the moment Yao Yao wanted to pull down her clothes to cover her body, suddenly Yu Ao Tian pair of hands has firmly pressed down her body.

“You are really dares to sleep such soundly in this kind of public place, your clothes being turned up and you still don’t know, or you are really on purpose to seduce others to commit crime on you?”

“Others than you, there won’t be another people dare to do!”

“Oh? So according to what you said, this means you are trying to seduce me? Aiya, if that’s so, you tell me how should I dote on you?” Yu Ao Tian showed sadistic smiled, lower his head and he forced a kiss to her lips.

“Uh…” unable to restrain her emotions, she moans little bit with lips sealed by his lips. Yao Yao feels extremely shy so she closed her eyes, she frowned: “Don’t… don’t be like this. Don’t….”

His tongue has pry inside, that face gradually turned similar to the fresh red flowers in bloom.

Toward Yao Yao’s body reactions, Yu Ao Tian always so satisfied every time he touched her, he stretching his hands, caress her back, moved to her white smooth skin, his movement is provoking her.

“En, ah…” Being provoked by this pair of hands, her body unstoppable to “bloom”, but this is also one of the greatest humiliations toward herself. Yao Yao is trying to push that man by moving her head: “I… uh.. ah…”

The man’s teeth nibble to next part on hers, it little bit hurt but also itchy feeling which makes her sadder.

“Bao Bei, you breathe is amazing.”

Her undulate chest, it more than enough to prove her high sensitivity of her body. She does not dare to see that man’s burning eyes, so that she lower her head, trying hard to make her breathing stabilized: “Enough, stop!”

“But your body… seems does not want to stop. Don’t believe, you can touch by yourself.” Yu Ao Tian takes her hand to touch herself.

“Uh.” She understands very well that her body really disappointed her, and the most she afraid of…

“Aiya, Bao Bei, so that even you touch yourself you still able to grasp the “feel”, your body really have such **** that’s too scary.”

“Enough, don’t say anymore! I just felt asleep!” She didn’t know why she suddenly burst out that words. But more unexpected….

Yu Ao Tian tied her bra, pulled together her clothes.

Initially she is more than fright but suddenly her eyes changed and glowed as if there is something magical thing happen, she slowly stands up, silent and stared blankly. Looking Yu Ao Tian, does he really go?

“What is going on?” Yao Yao stunned, as if everything that happen just now was dream because she still half awake when he went out from the elevator.

“Yao Yao!” at this moment, suddenly Bai Ling opened the elevator door.

“What happen, Bai Ling?”

“Are you okay?”

“I… am fine.” What is really going on, she just taking nap for while but she seemed to missed lot of things that happen before?

“Aiyo, didn’t you know, just now when you were sleeping inside the elevator, there were two men, didn’t know which department they came from, they were molested you. At beginning I wanted to help, but suddenly that super handsome man appeared and scared both men to scram. After that, the super handsome man asked me to get out first. Did he tell you this matter? You really should thank him. If not because of him, I really don’t know what would happen to you.”

If not because Bai Ling said this to her, she really does not know, perhaps in her entire life she might never knew there was something happen, no wonder when she told Yu Ao Tian she just felt asleep inside the elevator, Yu Ao Tian just left. Did he hint her to be more careful when sleeping in public area? But…

But still he didn’t need to warn her in that way, if he didn’t act that way, perhaps she really need to thank him. But now…

“Yao Yao, tell me the truth what is your relationship with that super handsome man?”

“Me, actually I not really familiar with him, I just know he is one from the PR department.”

“Oh, no wonder he really handsome. Yao Yao, I think you better make distance with him little bit… just as rumor said….” Bai Ling looked right and left with serious glanced, whispered: “They said that most of the male colleague in PR department actually are “pet” by wealthy women, all that men are extremely good looking, they wear branded, as estimated those are given by the wealthy women.”

This, does this really true? After all, he is Yu Ao Tian, the Japan underworld emperor who has “Mafia” background, how can he being “pet” by wealthy woman? Cih… but still, after all he is still underworld emperor but how can he runs into here and work as PR staff? She never thought about this matter before.

“Yao Yao, I back to my post.”

“Oh, Bye.” After seeing Bai Ling left, being shocked by Yu Ao Tian, finally Yao Yao gets back to her sense, she works with full consciousness for the entire day.

The work off time is approached, a woman is entering the elevator, when both of them are meet face to face…

“Luo Yao Yao? Why are you here?”


I used the word “pet” to translate Chinese character 養 yang which literally means support, raise, grow, keep, maintain, etc. My reason not to use word “escort” or “courtesan” because I feel “pet” more suitable to describe the situation. Just like how I love my crystal, I “pet” her well. OMO, I almost get out of topic, XD


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 38

  1. YAT is a pervert where YY in concern but he is not as bad as what he try to portray. Granted he is a sadist underworld mafia but in his own way he do protect YY and very lenient towards her.

    Thanks for translating.

  2. Thank you for the great translation…Really happy and looking forward for next chapter…
    I guess the lady who enters the elevator is YY ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend (from high school)…
    Just guessing…LOL..^_^

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