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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 8

Miao Miao finally realized something about Kang Yu…


No matter how naive, ignorance and dummy Miao Miao, after all, yeah, after one by one the clue given by Kang Yu finally she realized it.

Chapter 8

Part 1 (One)

The changes in the eyes

I admitted that I little bit stupid, but it does not mean I am dumb, but why once at three days I have encountered small problem and five days got the big ones, suddenly I have encountered many problematic things, suddenly I came to understand.

Suddenly I came to understand, that I became stupid.

Was it… was it…

Suddenly my brain acknowledge something, things that suddenly made my face hot and flushed, I covered my face with my hand, I just didn’t want to believe, shook my head, just wanted to shook away my thoughts.

But…no matter how I didn’t want to think about it, it just became clearer and popped out, hunting me.

Does…does… Kang Yu… really… like me?

My face, my ears hot and red, chilling that cause me to tremble, hurried embedded my face to pillow, and then I swear to myself.

Ou Yang Miao Miao, you are too lascivious, even this kind of thing you dare to think of.

Shame to death, shame to death…

I have embedded my face half day in pillow until to the point I can’t breathe anymore, then I lift up my face, continuing shaking my head, I tell myself, impossible, absolutely impossible, every times I met Kang Yu, I always end up being embarrassed so there no reason he likes me.

But… but..

Those words Kang Yu said before, no matter how I thought and considered about it… too vague.

Vague… the wording make one’s feel shame.

I feel so ashamed so that I not dare move and stay at my bed while holding my pillow…

After I rolling myself for while, I stopped, I feel little bit dizzy, get up and sit at my bed, no matter how I thought about it suddenly I become anxious.

How about asked Kang Yu directly?

No, I can’t. If it is not… then I just become someone who thought the love is reciprocated, how I face others in the future.

If I don’t ask, I feel something stuck in my heart, it uncomfortable to death.

I admitted this ostrich feeling, I dare not but also afraid.

This is only my thought, he never told me so I afraid when I asked him and then it would be awkward. He and I are not only table-mate, we also student committee member, moreover we still need to get along for three years, so how should I deal with the future days.

Frankly to say, if he really likes me, what he likes from me?

This is my main problems that make me think over and over, I am not beautiful, I tried to see from other perspective, when I was little kid, people said that I was quite beautiful, everyone who met me said that I looked like western doll (bisque doll types), have curly hair, big and round eyes, I was really super cute beautiful little kid, but as time goes…. I grew up and whenever I looked my reflection in front of mirror, I doubt.

I take a look long time in front of mirror then my conclusion is—–my splendid beautiful gorgeous look had left me for long ago!!

The cute and beautiful me has long disappeared, because my weak body, the initially chubby little girl gradually get thinner, my chin turned be V-shape which scare people to death, even my eyes are still big but my face suddenly thin so my eyes looked alike cow’s eyes. To be honest it little bit scary, my skin milky white, but no that healthy pinkish blush so that I always looked like malnutrition girl. As additional I have high metabolism, with height 163 cm my weight only 85 pounds. No matter how I looked, I not more than bamboo stick.

I have messed my hair then I even looked more terrible like ghost.

I climbed to the in front of mirror,


All of this just tragedy…

At this time, the room’s door opened, my little sister Ou Yang Yan Yan who is licking the lollipop which similar to pearl, “Big sister, borrow me the correction pen fluid (Type-X).”

I am still grieving in my thought about my youth, I don’t have energy for her.

Yan Yan looked askance at me, this kind of habit looked so abnormal, “Are you crazy?”

“I am not!” I turned my head, facing her make wry face.

Yan Yan hurried passing me heading to my study desk looking for the white correction fluid, laughed and said: “If you are not crazy, how can your hair such messy alike bird nest.”

I hurried to comb my hair, angrily stood up, “None of your business!”

Just now I was shocked by my appearance, but when I saw Yan Yan, inside my heart there was “Sour” feel, it clearly both of us are twin that looked exactly same, but how come she looks more beautiful than I am, not only her body shape, her rosy white smooth skin, what is called as maidenhood, there is nothing in myself that reflect those things.

Completely incompatible, so incompatible.

This is real tragedy.

Yan Yan seldom to see me angry, even frustrated, “What happen? Why you look as if to be embittered?”

I turned back my head, “Humph!”

She shrugged, she intending to leave.

But I just pulled her back.

She turned her head, frowned and asked: “What?”

I am “chichicha” (mumbling), “I have…have…something…to ask you.”

The current me, I need someone to be my trash bin, or else I won’t be able to sleep tonight.


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