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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 39

The darker part of this novel is coming.

Chapter 39

Night club

“Xia Ru?” she met her high school classmate, world is really small. But Yao Yao didn’t feel excited meeting this classmate, on contrary she wanted to make distance. “HaHa Ha, how can you be here?”

“Oh, I have friend who work in Berson, I come here to find him. Oh yeah.” This woman is looking at Yao Yao from head to toe: “You, are you working as elevator lady in Berson?”


“Are you sure? How can you be such dire after dumped by Feng Chen Yi? You even do such low class job?”

She has knew that meeting Xia Ru there would not something good at all, actually the high school she entered before in Japan, there were lot of Chinese exchange students, but most of them were not come from an ordinary background but they were Chaebol (second rich generation), while Xia Ru is also one of those rich babies.

Actually those chaebol not really wanted to be friend with her who is extremely poor, but except Gong Xiao Man. Moreover when she dated Feng Chen Yi, those chaebols were insist to speak with her, trying be friend but when she broke with Feng Chen Yi, all of them were left her alone, included this Xia Ru.

“HaHa,” She beats around the bush replied with fake smile, suddenly turned the topic: “Xia Ru, which floor are you heading?”

“42th floor.”

42th floor is the service Department, Yao Yao did not think too much, she straightly pressed the button.

“Oh yeah, Yao Yao, this Saturday is my birthday party. There will some of our classmate come and gather, how about you also come to join.”

“I can’t. I have thing to do, cannot go.” Even she goes there, still something no good would happen later.

“Oh? Really won’t come? But I have invited Gong Xiao Man from Japan, do you really…not want to see your best friend?”

Gong Xiao Man? Will Gong Xiao Man really comes from Japan?

After she graduated from high school, Gong Xiao Man who has Japanese nationality so naturally she remain in Japan, while she went back to China, because she is always busy, both of them never have time to have good chat. Just to know, the best friend of Yao Yao in this life time is only Xiao Man.

They cried, laughed, crazy, being noisy, even played to Host Bar together, to recall all of those things, it was really one of best memories she had.

“Thank You Xia Ru, if I have time I will go.”

“Oh, alright. This is the invitation card. I give you.” Xia Ru gave the invitation card to Yao Yao before she left the elevator. During the time when the elevator door closed, she exposed her vicious smiled…


Night time, the biggest night club in China “Tian Shang Ren Jian/Heaven in Earth” is bustling and lively place. In dance floor, the women dance, in big hall, the guests are playing crazily, but the middle place is covered quite strange atmosphere.

“Fuck, where is Xiao Lei? Lao Zi (means I ,used arrogantly or your father used when angry for men)!” a man shouted, his clothes exposure his tattoos skin.

That Ma Ma (procurer) who called by him has cold sweat, said: “Young Master Zong, today Xiao lei feels unwell so she didn’t come, how about, you have little bit drink, I will make a phone call to Xiao Lei, asked her to come immediately, will this do?”

“Humph, go!”

“Okay, okay. Xiao Luo, hurried get one bottle XO for Young Master Zong.” After said, the Ma Ma, went to the hall and clasped her hand asked one of the employee.

“Oh.” The employee who wears employee dress is Yao Yao who comes out by bringing one bottle of XO.

This is her second job that she got yesterday, work as employee in night club. Even she knew very well how complicated this place is, but still she does not have option, in order to get the medical fees for curing her grandpa, the best salary she could get is working at this night club. So that, in the morning when she working she feels sleepy.

“Aiyoo, little sister are you newbie?” Young Master Zong asked when he saw Yao Yao appearance, his pair of eyes flashed lechers sight.

“Yes sir.”

“Come. Come to accompany big brother to drink.” After said, that lewd Young Master Zong grabbed Yao Yao’s little wrist.

She scared, trying to free herself: “I am sorry sir, I can’t drink.” She turned her body, but at the time she wanted to leave.

“Stay still!” that Young Master Zong grabbed her wrist not let her go. “Little sister, big brother inviting you to have drink, if you don’t drink, you really are not giving big brother face. If big brother lost face, I will not happy then.”

“Client… client, I am only employee, not “Princess1]”.” See the situation, Yao Yao anxious and drop cold sweat.

“You fuck, so what if you are employee? Now I asked you to accompany me to have drink, you drink, must drink!”

Her first time to meet someone who has domineering and scary aura was Yu Ao Tian the underworld emperor that she can’t anger and now this man seems to emitting that scary aura too, but this man is more harsh and rough compare to Yu Ao Tian, if she wants to make comparable then this person alike that Li Wen Feng while Yu Ao Tian more alike Feng Chen Yi. That is kind of huge comparison.

Sometimes there are people who speak louder but not powerful, on contrary the person like Yu Ao Tian, the low-key person is more dangerous.

Immediately she knows that man who in front of her is only “paper tiger”2], Yao Yao still can’t act reckless. “Client, if I drink this glass, will you let me go?”

“See your performances.” Young Master Zong opened one bottle XO, pour into the glass.

“Drink all, you go, if not finish drink it, you cannot go tonight.”

She furrowed her brow, biting her lips, lift the glass, gulping the wine.

“Huhhhh, see this little sister is actually can drink.”

She used her utmost effort to gulp all the XO to her stomach, Yao Yao just feel that her stomach uncomfortable and she feels little bit dizzy: “I, I have drunk all, can, can I go now?”

She just moved two steps, that man grabbed her neck, forcing her into his embrace: “Huh, little sister, since you are able to drink, stay here and accompany me.”

“Let me go, you, let me go!” Yao Yao feels dizzy, her body weaken even to move it takes effort and hard.

“Aiyo, this little sisterm you are looked alike little chili. But I really like. Ha ha Ha.” Young Master Zong laughing while trying to force kissing her but…

“No!” in her panicking she grabbed the XO bottle and smashed it to his…

“Young Master Zong?”

Paused for moment, the man head is bleeding, the music suddenly stopped, everyone is looking at her direction, the bleeding man with panic girl.

“You damn fuck! You little bitches!” that man touched his forehead, his glared at her, he is so furious and slapped her. But he still pissed off, he gave her another slap again.

“Ouch!” Yao Yao just felt there is blood in her corner mouth and the hot sensation in her cheek.

“You bitches, give you face but don’t want face, alright, today I will rape you in front of these people and let others also “playing” with you!” After he said, the Young Master Zong raise his hand.

Both of her hands have pressed down, the weaken Yao Yao is trying to stand up from sofa.

“No… help me, you, let me go.” She tried to refused but she weaken, she didn’t have more energy, she didn’t know whether the influence of the XO or because got two slaps. In this splendid glamour world, this petit figure looked so lonely and helpless, but the only goal and purpose of little girl is only to earn medical fees for her beloved grandpa…


1] princess another name of prostitute that working in that night club.

2] paper tiger = not harmless scoundrel.


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