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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 40

Less than ten chapters we are catching up with the Manhwa. To be honest, I am not really like the Manhwa picture and also, the Manhwa is little bit differences with the novel. As for me, there are some characters that not fit my imagination and also the novel description so, if you check my character details, I have made little substitute pict.

Chapter 40

Let’s we play this game

“What are you guys looking? Hurried strip her!”


Once the man commanded his men, two of his men who are holding Yao Yao’s hand are trying to undress her. Under this circumstance there is no one dares trying to stop, but all of them are waiting for the show. It seems that she would hardly to escape today!

“Little Zong.”

At this moment when she is hanging between life and death, suddenly she heard a familiar voice in her dizzy state, this voice is belong to….

“Yo? Is this Yu Lao Da?”

Everyone who puts their attention to this situation before suddenly turned their focus into Yu Ao Tian, the silent big hall suddenly causes the chirping among these people. “Hey, Hey, Hey, is that Yu Ao Tian, the big boss of Yu Long’s group?”

“No, you are wrong, now he is the CEO of Berson Group.”

“Ah, whatever it is. All are same. Just as rumor said that he likes to play in here. But I never seen him before, never thought today I able to see him, simply to say, worthwhile trip ah.” There are lots of people whispering.

It hard not to mention, no matter what to say, Yu Ao Tian is someone who always and forever able to takes the spotlight, there are too many stories about the legendary him, just too many.

“What happen?” Yu Ao Tian pair of hands is stuck in his pocket, walking in front of the young master Zong, he smiled.

“Aiyo, don’t mention about it, all just because this slut. I have good heart to invite her drink but she hit me, you say, she will be deadmeat!”

His eyes swept to Yao Yao direction who in unconscious state, he laughed: “Why anger by this little sister? How about I play with you?”

“Aiyoo? Yu Lao Da, today you look so happy. Say, what game do you want to play, little Zong will keep company you till end!”

“Are you sure? With your words, I rest assured!” He sat on sofa, after thinking for a while, carefully he said… “How about we play… cut the hands off, this game!” after he said, the smile in his good looking face suddenly disappeared, there is a dangerous cold gleam in his pairs of eyes, silent but that aura really makes everyone luster with scared and trembling! Everyone is holding their breath, at the next minute…

Everyone sees Long Qi who rushed standing in front of Young Master Zong, he hasn’t came to react…


His hand being cut down, Long Qi cut his hand that slapped Yao Yao before!

Seeing that hand of young master zong, those men that brought by that brat has surrounded by Yu Ao Tian’s men. No one dares to make a move.


The entire night club is deathly silent, all the people witness are showing fear eyes sights, even those who see Yu Ao Tian as idol suddenly changed to be chicken-heart, fear to have looked, this kind of fear is coming from the strongest, the real fear from deep inside the heart!

“Yu…Yu Lao Da, my father at least he is one of the biggest fourth mafia group in China, the Long Bang, Dragon Head. Even you are not see the monk face at least you should see the Buddha’s face (idiom similar to, see the master before hit the dog)? You… since you said you cut my hand and you just cut it off!” Young Master Zong really didn’t understood, the reason of Yu Ao Tian to make this thing! Everyone said Yu Ao Tian is cold-hearted, fall out with and become hostile, but he never thought Yu Ao Tian able to do until this step, after all he didn’t give anyone face?

“Hey, little brat, Yu Ao Tian just cut one of your hand, he has gave your daddy face by not killing you, you should thank and feel grateful! Or else, I will cut another hand of yours, with additional one of your ear!” after said, Long Qi pulled that less one-hand young master Zong’s hair, his hand that hold knife is stand by to cut his ear.

“No…….No!” Young Master Zong is scared, trying to protect his pair of ears: “Thank you… thank you Yu Lao Da kindness! Thank you for Yu Lao Da kindness.” He hurried kowtow to Yu Ao Tian.

At this time, Long Qi put away his knife.

Indeed, Yu Ao Tian still have many ways to torture people, there is no one who have ever got good ending if fall to his hand. As for this young master Zong, he is more than fortune since only losing one hand, but this is also confirm the truth, those who stepped into Yu Ao Tian’s “limit”, there is no easy way to escape?

The gloomy Yu Ao Tian exchanged glance with Long Qi to get out from the night club.

At this moment all people who soulless, back to their-self, cannot help but give a long breath: “Too…too scary. Yu…Yu Lao Da, simply to say exactly like what rumor spread.”

“That’s right.”

“And also, did you see that young man who cut young master Zong’s hand, he is such scary? I haven’t react, but the young master Zong hand already gone. What is he background? Is he called Long Qi?”

“Long Qi? He is the craziest subordinate of Yu Ao Tian, one person of him able to fight ten people?”

“Ah, no wonder….”

“Damn!” After he waiting Yu Ao Tian left, this young master Zong helplessly cursing on the floor. To think carefully, he from Red Dragon Head and Yu Long’s group never interfered each other matters, the most important thing is Yu Ao Tian since the last two years he never showed or interfere the matter of underworld things, but why today he….

Suspicious, his eyes flashed: “That girl? That girl who is smashed me with that wine bottle?”

Finally his subordinates realized…. “Zong, Young master Zong, it seems that girl who smashed you was brought by them.”

“Brought? As predicted…., aha, so this was the matter.” After he thought, this Young master Zong wickedly looked at his hand that being cut off : “Yu Ao Tian, you wait, I will come to find you and collect this debt!”

“Ao Tian, today I really happy, I really wish to have days like today.” After leaving the night club, Long Qi is so excited talking for the whole time.

Beside him, Yu Ao Tian helplessly shook his head: “You little brat, everything that positive you don’t learn, but once it about cutting and chopping, you are so excited. I really don’t know how to say you?”

“Everyone has their likes and dislikes, since you came to China and own company, I often feel that I have retired from my job, this….” Every time talk about this, Long Qi really takes long breath.

Now, Yu Ao Tian really does not know how to say this little brat.

No matter Long Ye, Han Li Shang, even Mo Xue Tong, all of them has been with him for long time and work hard until today to have and support him as companion, it’s only Long Qi who not accustom with this professional job, at last, he decided to give him the position which Long Qi does not need to use his brain but also free to use force position which is security manager.

“Long Qi, do you really likes to cut others hand? Rest assured, as soon as possible you will have opportunity to fulfill your desire.”

“Are you sure? Is it real?”

“Ha, you patiently wait…” after he said, Yu Ao Tian curved up his lift, make a faint smile.

“Yeah, this is too good. Oh yeah, Ao Tian Ge.”


Suddenly his eyes looked at Yao Yao who is sleeping: “Her chest… really so flat, when I piggy back her, I completely can’t feel it.”

“…………….” The foot step stopped, Yu Ao Tian face looked not good, When he about to reach and snatch Yao Yao…


“Damn! Ao Tian…she… is she throwing up?”



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