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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 8.2

Chapter 8

Part 2 (Two)

Changes in the Eyes

Yan Yan rolled her eyes, she and I, do we actually twin that born from same ovum, once she rolled her eyes, I have understood what she wants to do.

“I can help you to do your winter homework.” My heart tearing said.

Her eyes suddenly shine brightly, “Deal!” after she said, she kicked her slippers off, climbing into my bed, sit cross leg, licking her lollipop, smiling at me, “Said!”

I hesitated for while, this kind of thing and also not yet confirm, if I said would it be something so embarrassed, but if I don’t say it, I feel terrible bad.

“You listen, cannot tell mother and father!” forewarning before started.

During this time, the puppy love is more dangerous than ferocious tiger!

She nodded.

I have doubted for minutes, but later I said all the detail about Kang Yu to her.

While Yan Yan listened, she bites crack her lollipop, inside her mouth there is cracking voices.

After I said, I asked her, “You say, is he like me or not.”

Yan Yan looked in depth thought said, “There is the possibility!”

“You think there might be possibility!” I shouted faster climbing at bed, “Well, tell me, what he likes from me!”

Yan Yan looked as if weigh up on me, she frowned, “I also questioned, what he likes about you?”

What kind of words that my little sister said? Is she still my biological sister.

I felt little bit down, “What do you mean?”

She could sense I am getting angry, hurried she said, “Don’t be angry, what I am telling you also honest words, simply to say your looked more alike single cell animal…

I made fist and hit aiming her head, “You are that single cell animal!”

Yan Yan touched her head, gritting, “If you dare you go ask, ask him, does he likes you or not?”

“I don’t want. It shame to death, who knows whether he real or not…really…like me…if I was mistaken him, what should I do, if he just play prank with me what should I do, you just don’t know how…he… always bully me.”

Yan Yan disdained: “Qie, it clearly you have chicken-gut, not dare to ask, still pretending!”

I hit her head once again but she avoided.

“If not how about this…” suddenly she blinked at me, “I help you to go and check.”

I suspicious asked, “See? How will you check?”

“He He, does next week Tuesday is your second home-welcoming activity, I will go with you, I will hide in your school gate, help you to check on him.”

I am not that stupid, “It’d be strange, I see you just wondering and want to know how’s he looks, moreover inside your heard you must said, after all that fool is the person who likes me.”

Yan Yan showed hurtful expression, “How can you say your little sister, I do it because of you!”

“Moved aside, do you think you have golden eyes of Sun Wu Kong (monkey king in the journey of the west story)?” unhappily I refuted.

While she acted alike the adult, “This you are not understood, to know whether a man like you or not, you should see his eyes.”

“Eyes! How to see?” this kind of ideas kind of refresh for me, I really curious of it, should learn it, if I can see by myself, why should I ask her to do.

“You stupid to death, even I said, you must not understand, you want, or don’t want, just told me.” she props her chin looking at me, with kind of extraordinary looked.

I felt little bit doubt, I could sense something amiss with Yan Yan, but I really cannot tell, but if she become the spectator, perhaps she might able to see it.

After think for while, finally I have decided, still better than not.

“Well, but you shouldn’t make any mischief.” This point I still need to remind her.

“No problems, so that’s the deal.”


“Well, when will you do my winter homework?”


I almost forget about this.

My grieve!


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