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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 41

Chapter 41

I don’t want to be pregnant.

In the silent secluded highway, a sport car is moving fast forward.

The wind that blowing during summer is so comfortable, even Yao Yao who still in half conscious, suddenly moving: “Uh, hurt…”

Her swollen face that as big as pie, how could it not hurt?

Yu Ao Tian who is driving swept a glanced at her and then he is continued driving towards.

Yao Yao slowly opened her dizzy eyes, she looked at the person seating beside her: “En? Yu Lao Da, how can you be here?”

“…….” Silent.

“Yu Lao Da, where are we going to?”

“Yu Lao Da, why are you ignore me? oh…. I know. You want to kill me, is it right?”

Even he is Yu Ao Tian, is he really someone that likes to kill other people, moreover “kill” her? hah, to think about “to fuck” she really is something! It’s just that, for this moment, he does not have any interest with little sister who drunk.

Yu Ao Tian not really in good mood, he lets Yao Yao to speak by herself, until at one point finally he realized how irritating and annoying Yao Yao is, when she is drunk.

Just at this moment… “Yu Lao Da, did you ever told me, as long as I able to kiss you and you got the feeling, will you really let me go?”

“Heh?” Yu Ao Tian dumbfounded, but before he able to response her, suddenly she looked alike the hunger “wolf” who is spotted the food, she is forcing to kiss him….

Damn! How could he being forced-kissed by little girl? This simply is something humiliating for him!

At the super speed driving along the highway, while Yu Ao Tian is driving he also need to focus dealing with Yao Yao who turned be wild because alcohol. He really busy to the point he can’t driving the car anymore.

He just simply parked his car slowly in the side of road and slowly enjoying this young inexperienced and also clumsy kiss.

Hah… she clearly has very bad technique of kissing, but he really does not know why, he even expected to have more from her, even breathing this simple things become so heavy. His pair of hands enveloped her little waist, this forcing kissed suddenly provoke him.

His tongue is prying to her teeth, and now both of their tongue intertwined like dancing tongues.

For long time, the atmosphere inside the car getting hotter, both of their lips slowly separated, their lips connected as if there is an ambiguous thread…

“Little thing, I never have slightly interest with drunken woman before but….” Now he is unable to suppress the flames and desire of normal men.

He pushed the button to make the seat lay down, he also closed the convertible car.

He turned over (lying position) his body, with his domineering-self pressed under her body, while his hand moving inside her dresses….

The sun gradually rises, the sun shines brightly piercing through the curtain, illuminate the surface of splendid king size bed. The silk quilt is covering the naked body, both of man and woman which creating an ambiguous atmosphere.

Yao Yao is gritting her teeth even in her dream, she makes sound of “creak” “creak”, kind sharp voice that pierce into ears, when she turned over her body, her small hands cycling at the man’s body, cuddling the man but also her hand randomly groping the man’s body.


Her sleepiness suddenly gone, she hurried to take a look what kind of thing she cuddling…. Is there something strange?

Hurried opened her eyes, the first things that caught her eyes is Yu Ao Tian gloomy expression with his pair deep black eyes. “Arghhhh!” a high pitch piercing sound, she faster rise herself to sit position, what happen? How can she sleep with Yu Ao Tian at same bed?

Still lost in her thought, the quilts that cover her body gradually slipping down, finally she realized her naked body. “Arghhhh!” another piercing voice, she grabbed the guilt and wrapped herself. What happen? How can she wear nothing?

She looked Yu Ao Tian with fear eyes sight.

Since the quilt is wrapping her body, naturally, the naked body of Yu Ao Tian caught her eyes. What? Why he does not wear anything? Ha Ha Ha, hahahaha, if… this just a dream… it must be a dream….. “Arghhh!”

“Bao Bei, do you always being so this energetic every time you wake up in the morning?”

How can it be? Who will be shouting as if seeing ghost every morning when wake up? But the problems…

“You, you wear some clothes first!” she closed her eyes, sitting at the bed without slightest move. After that she peeks to see the situation, ensuring that Yu Ao Tian has wore his clothes, she crazily mad yelled: “Are you still human? You even dare to do such thing?”

Her eyesight looked to down side, the bead of hot tears streaming, she used her fingers to wipe her corner eyes that wet with tears. Then she realized the pain of her swollen face. “You… yesterday, did you also hit me? I didn’t agree to sleep with you and then you just hit me? I want to fight you at any cost!” after she said, she made fist from her hand, she punching towards Yu Ao Tian…

Now he really is admiring the ability of this little thing to associate the situation. He quickly dodged her, smile deviously: “Bao Bei, was I really hit you?”

“You didn’t hit me, but how could my face such in pain? Won’t you admit it? I never thought you are such scoundrel, I just 19 years old, how could you do this to me? I hate you to death.”

After he heard all the cursing and angry words that said by Yao Yao, Yu Ao Tian really does not have heart to pay attention of it, the most important… the entire night he was deathly exhausting. “Sst, Bao Bei, you should pay attention to your move, perhaps there is already have my baby inside your stomach, it will be bad if influence the Baby.” after he done, he left the room without any expression in his face.

While Yao Yao who sat in bed has been dumbfounded because of shocked…. “Baby? Baby? I am only 19 years old, I don’t…. I don’t want to have baby! huhuhuhu….” She crying out-loud inside the room.

The time has passed for quite long, gradually her mind clear from all the confusion thoughts. “Something wrong, yesterday I met few of scoundrels in night club, but how could once I open my eyes, suddenly I have together with Yu Ao Tian? Would it…” her small hands stroking her little face.

Suddenly the memories from yesterday flowing in her mind. “Cih, that scoundrel said to strip me, but what was happen after that?”

“Yu Lao Da, did you ever told me that, as long as I able to kiss you and you got the feeling, will you really let me go?” after that matter, Yao Yao just recalled one things that was when she became wild.

“Ah~ so frustrating, how can I do such thing. Moreover, today I have wronged Yu Ao Tian. Grrrr… but I feel something is missing, if I really wronged Yu Ao Tian, how can I not wear anything and also slept together with him at one bed?” she believed the real answered only knew by Yu Ao Tian!

She tip toe opened the room’s door, peeking at the living room, hurry she closed the door.

At this moment, Yu Ao Tian who is sitting in living room has realized her who silently peeking him, coldly said: “Have you calm down?”

She lower her head looked at floor, as if a little kid who caught doing wrong, she showed her innocent face: “I am sorry, Yu Lao Da. I knew you didn’t hit me.”

“Humph! Do you think this matter will settle only by saying sorry?”

“So what do you want?” Yao Yao pissed off stood in front the room’s door: “You didn’t hit me, but you undressed me, this is the fact!”

Aiyo, this little girl is not only simple wild cat. Yu Ao Tian stretching his legs, smile deviously: “To do such things, undress is necessary and must.”


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