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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 8.3

Chapter 8

Part 3 (Three)

Changes in the Eyes

Finally Tuesday was coming, I feel so restless coming to school, Yan Yan said that she would hide inside the garden in front of school, asking me to lure Kang Yu out, said that I have words for him, that’s more than enough.

Naturally I did as she said, but once I saw him, I felt little bit awkward.

Fortunately, he was not really aware.

After hand over the winter homework to the teacher, still need to hear some words such as spring festival should be careful, after that home-welcoming activity dismissed.

It was not difficult to walk out together from school, after all everyone was still need to pass the school gate to go home, the problem was the word that I should say, I have thought so hard, to be honest, I really didn’t want to get out.

When my eyes spotted the school gate, I felt so worried, my brain was trying to find something, as the result, I didn’t see my way, I walked zigzag…

Suddenly my back was pulled by someone, I turned my head, so that was Kang Yu.

“What are you doing, how can you walk without seeing the pathway.” He pulled me aside, dragged me to one sides of school gate.

I just realized, I have walked almost near the lotus pond, just less than one step, if not because Kang Yu pulled me, perhaps I would fall.

I shook my head, I not dared to take look of him directly, but if not now, but if not today I didn’t look at him, I really felt little bit embarrassed, actually I just thought what should I say to him but suddenly the opportunity just come.

I thank him with loud voice: “Thank you, Thank you!”

Finally I could speak.

Kang Yu looked me with suspicious eyes sight, perhaps he sensed something different from me.

I dry-laugh said, “He He, go home, go home!” I made the first stride forward.

Kang Yu did not question me, but he spoke with some of the men beside me, seems that they wanted to play soccer, while I took a look at the school garden, seeing Yan Yan waving her hand, making an OK signed.

I was in perturbed state of mind, finally everything settled.

But once I thought about Kang Yu whether he likes me or not, my heart weighed, just didn’t know how to say, there was slightly fear, but also excited.

When no one paid attention to me, I heading to school garden, this garden in front of the school gate quite restricted, so it really a great spot to hide, in here you could see the in front school without being found out. Yan Yan and I who were hiding inside the garden were waiting for Kang Yu to leave so that we dared to get out.

“How?” I hurried asked her.

Yan Yan even said, “I am hungry, I want to eat stinky tofu (strong smelling preserved beancurd).”

I kicked her leg, “Eat what stinky tofu, hurry up tell me.”

She ignored me, she walking toward the store that sold stinky tofu.

I hurried to catch up with her, this little brat must be on purpose.

Unable to find a way out, finally I took out my purse, buy her one stinky tofu, “You can say it.”

“I also want to eat lamb kebab!”

I made a fist, I told myself to endure, she just did not have any pocket money left to spend, pouted mouth, so that she tried to spend my money.

I bought!

During this time, there was nearby stall that sell snacks and other junk foods, it cost quite cheap, eight stinky tofu cost 5 cents, one stick of lamb kebab one cent, there still ficus carica fruit, plum candy, maltose sweet, all of them one cent per items, one month pocket money has spent for hers all.

I really didn’t know how Yan Yan could eat that much, she ate along the way home, its pity my fat purse suddenly turn to be bone purse.

Arrived at home, I dragged her to my room, put my hand in my hips, my eyes open wide glared at her, “will you say or not!”

Yan Yan wiped clean all that greasy things in her mouth, drank the orange juice that we bought on the way home, finally after she satisfied, looking at me with serious face, “I have seen him!”

“What did you see?” I dragged my chair facing her, I really wanted to know already.

Yan Yan has little hiccup, that’s perhaps… she has eaten too much things, I could not endure so I passed her the orange juice.

Finally she stopped hiccup, looked at my eyes, she said seriously, “HE—-SO—-HANDSOME!”

I put back the orange juice and then I used my hand to strangle her neck, “I strangle you to death such heartless girl!”

She blinking her eyes, “why you so panic, I haven’t done.”

This time I quite smarter, I still strangle her but not using strength, just touched her neck, “Faster, said! Or else I would really strangle you to death.”

“Alright…alright…, I said…” she lifts up her head, looked so serious, “I have seen, seen the changing in his eye sight.”

I frowned, “what changing?”

“Kang Yu seems to have good eyes color alike healthy yellowish clear urine, but when looked at your eyes it alike clear saliva dirt with mud eyes”

Take my life!

This Yan Yan really bad in describing something, I knew but… the way she described about him really…

I don’t understand at all!

“Please speak human language!”

She—you are really dummy, this you still don’t know!

I really not understood, I shook my head.

“He really likes you my big sister!”

This word, I understood!

After I heard and understood… my face turned red.

Who can tell me, what should I do next?

My head numb, my face red while my hand still grabbed Yan Yan, standby to strangle her, “I still want to strangle you to death!”


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