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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 42

I would like to say this Chapter is one of the funniest and sweetest chapter from chap 1 until 41. We have read all the bad things happen to poor Yao Yao but this time, she really being clueless little white rabbit because she almost forget who is Yu Ao Tian…

Well, enjoy the chapter and put your comment as usual 😉

Chapter 42

How’s my kissed?

Do such thing? Do such thing? What were they done?

The nervous plus panicking expression looking at Yu Ao Tian, damn, she could not guess whether he just joking or he is serious. “Yu, Yu Lao Da, I knew yesterday you was the person who helped me. If there weren’t you, perhaps I might being that by those rotten bastard… but, can you tell me, what was happen yesterday between you and I, did we really…. Did that?” she didn’t have any memory, no memory about what happen yesterday.

“This matter.” Yu Ao Tian smiled deviously, pointing at her stomach: “After one month, you will know it.”

Oh my… so did it really happen or not, she will be going crazy soon. But, the only thing that she very clear is, this black-hearted man is purposely torturing her. “Yu Lao Da, where is my clothes?”

“Laundry. Later they will bring here.”

“Why are my clothes being laundry?’

She just didn’t know… it was covered with her vomiting. Yu Ao Tian really does not want to bring up the topic: “Because it dirty, so that send to laundry.”

“Oh, where is the bathroom?”

After he heard Yao Yao questions that being asked one by one, Yu Ao Tian who is never tolerant with woman, impatiently he stands up: “This is single apartment, you are standing in living room, just now you went out from bed room so the other of the room should be bathroom! Do you really have low IQ?”

Being insulted, Yao Yao really pissed off walking toward the bath room, but before she entered the bathroom, she hurried turned to have looked at him, screaming loudly: “You are the one with low IQ!”

“………….” He? Did he hear something that he should not hear? “Little thing, you, what was you said?” after he realized, Yu Ao Tian face changed darken, faster he rushing to the bathroom.

“Bamn!” a sound, when he arrived, Yao Yao firmly locked the bathroom’s door as if even death she won’t open it. But another second…

“Hah.” Suddenly Yu Ao Tian who stands up in front of the door smiled.

Indeed, facing with his naughty little girl, even he really wants to angry, he not really able to anger towards her.

After he walking back to the living room, he heading to the kitchen, when he wanted to switch on the stove (electric stove), he heard the creak sound of the bathroom door being opened. Silently her head pop out to peep at him.

Yu Ao Tian impatiently frowned: “What do you want again?”

“Yu… Yu Lao Da, there is only one tooth brush in the bathroom, I… what should I use?”

“Boom” at the moment, the fire has strike to his head, the sleeping scenes from last night suddenly appeared in his mind.

Heaven knows, Yao Yao really have bad sleeping pattern, she not only sleep-talking but she also gritting her teeth, and also she likes to turned her body right and left, so that, this morning when he woke up there are big dark circle under his eyes. It not easy for him to go through until morning, but why should he keep on serving this little thing?

With faster speed he rushing to take the new tooth brush, he is angrily giving it to Yao Yao, crazily talking to himself: “Damn fucking annoying!”

Uh? When Yao Yao heard it, she flames up and provoking her: “If you dislike me that much why you bring me to your home, you damn fucking irritating!”

“Hah?” He thought that he was missed heard, this little thing seems… was she cursed him with dirty words? He was irritating at the moment his face turned dark with dangerous aura: “If you dare you said it once again?”

“I dare, there none your business. Moreover, it was you who said it first!”

“Little thing, am I too good to you since this morning so that your guts getting bigger and bigger!”

Looking at the dangerous expression of Yu Ao Tian, finally she realized the person she offended.

“Yu…Yu Lao Da. I take a bath first. Hehehe.” She stopped with dried-laugh, when she turned to the bathroom, in that time… “Huh… it scared me to death! Really is, scared me to death. Yao Yao, are you crazy, he is the person who able to kill people without blinking eyes, that person is Yu Ao Tian, what have you done?” in brief, she really cannot describe what was happen this morning with words, but somewhat… this Yu Ao Tian isn’t someone she really afraid of, at least this moment.

After she took a bath, her clean clothes has prepared, after Yao Yao changed into her clothes, she stupidly sitting in dining room, in front of table, looking at the food that already prepared in table: “Yu Lao Da, are these made by you?”

“So, where do you think all this food comes from?”

“Is it really made by you?” awesome, until today she still cannot cooking, the first time she cooked was for Feng Chen Yi, but she was criticized by him, she thought that the Yakuza Boss could not be this awesome, he cooked by himself, this is too unimaginable. “Really taste good.”

Little girl really is little girl, no matter what unhappy things she encounters, but still she able to forget everything very fast, he really envy her. “Why you went and worked as employee in night club?”

“Because I am lacking of money and furthermore the payment and settlement are much easy.” This is the best job that she could get for her grandpa medical fee.

“Hm.” Yu Ao Tian puts down his chopsticks, one of his hand prop his chin, smiled: “How about you become my lover, the settlement of the payment also easy?”

She lifts her head up, looked at that man who half joking but also half serious, Yao Yao silent for moment: “I don’t want!” she does not want to be lover, she just wants to experience a simple and normal love, the simple marriage life. “Furthermore, you are “pet (support)” by other, how can you have money to “pet (support)” me as your lover? Cih.”

“You, how can you say that I “pet (support)” by someone?” Yu Ao Tian really does not know how to express his mood, whether to laugh or cry, how can this little thing comes with this thought?

“Ah, this is so easy. You see, you lived in very small apartment, but all the stuffs that you used are branded which can cost more than hundred and thousand dollars, if all be combined, it must be more than million dollars? Even the tableware are made from Croatia crystal, this must be cost about 20,000 dollars? And also your car, that must be given by the wealthy madam.”

After he heard Yao Yao explanation, Yu Ao Tian really suspicious himself whether he really the “pet” of wealthy woman or not. “Little brat, you really have sharp eyes, for girl in your age you seem to know many branded things? Especially, this tableware.”

This is because she was dating that Feng Chen Yi before, when they were in Japan, his villa has various branded stuffs, no matter how rotten Feng Chen Yi as bastard, at least what he said to that Li Wen Feng was true… “Me, Feng Chen Yi, there was nothing that my Ex-girlfriend never seen before.”

The reason why that Li Wen Feng took her to the boutique and pretending to buy the things with discounted price, it was not really shocked her. “I knew from television.”

“Oh, that’s it.” with one glanced Yu Ao Tian could sense that Yao Yao is lying, but why should she lied to him, whatever he not interested to know.

Not long after that, after they finished the breakfast, Yao Yao silently comes closer to Yu Ao Tian’s back when he is cleaning, nervously she asked : “Yu, Yu Lao Da, I want to ask you, yesterday kissed…. Did you feel it?”




16 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 42

    1. Should I give you another spoiler?
      Of course No.
      Yu Ao Tian might beast but he has his own dignity as beast XD
      He never touched any woman that not willing to do with him and also the drunken ones.

      1. Hahahaha ~ yeah ! Our Yu Ao Tian indeed has high moral except he sometime attempt to rape Yao Yao 😆 … However ,this time he is so cute … 100 marks 😍

  1. YAT is a man of tactical reasoning. He is so curious to find out more about Yao Yao.. He does realize that he is more interested in her than he has been in other women. And he is tolerant of her. So unlike himself.

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