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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 43

Chapter 43

I don’t even feel your chest

If she does not stand at Yu Ao Tian’s back, perhaps she would be shocked to see his deathly expression, simply to say, his face has black alike ink: “Yesterday matter, don’t bring it anymore!”

“Why can’t I say about it?” she curious, it not like every day she have guts to forcedly kiss a man, it was not easy for her to take an initiative to kiss him since she drunk so that her guts get bigger than normal days, of course she wanted to know the result: “Yu Lao Da, you tell me, if you feel something when I kissed you, you should fulfill your promised to let me go, isn’t it?”

As for yesterday matter, he really does not want to talk about it anymore, not to mention about the kissed whether there was feeling or not, but once he thought about the half-way of kissed…

She suddenly vomited! If not because Yu Ao Tian avoid aside, perhaps she has vomiting inside his mouth, whenever he thought about it he feels so disgusting, simply to say it worst than nightmare. “I said don’t ask then don’t ask. We should go to work now!”

“Working?” oh yeah, today is Wednesday! “What time is it?”

“Nine o’clock.”

“What, nine o’clock…. Dome!”

“Why are you such rushing, it hasn’t working time.” Yu Ao Tian is leisurely tidy up his clothes.

Yao Yao almost panicking to crazy: “You guys in PR department working time is ten o’clock, but me who work in service department, I work at eight o’clock, this time I really dome! I go first.”

“Wait. You go with me, I ensure nothing will happen to you.”

“Ah, forget it. Last time you said I won’t be fired but at last, I also fired. If not because General Manager Long, perhaps I have fired!” but now, to bring up this topic…

“General Manager Long is your best friend, does because of you, and then General Manager Long help me to secure this job?”

When Yu Ao Tian done with all his stuffs, he opened the main door, exposure his evil smile: “Whose knows, come on. I drive you to office. Hurry up.”

“Ao Tian.” When the door is opened, she saw four people have stood in front the door. Others than Long Qi and Long Ye, there still two others people, a pair of woman and man who always go working together with Yu Ao Tian.

Do all of them live together?

Four of them looked each others, the atmosphere turned be uncomfortable. Especially Han Li Shang and Mo Xue Tong who are directly looked at Yao Yao.

“Ao Tian, why are you bringing her here?” Han Li Shang coldly asked, he swept glanced to Yao Yao who stare blankly.

As information, Yu Ao Tian have houses that even the tens fingers cannot count it, but the only this one is belong to five of them, no other people except five of them that ever stepped feet inside this house. Han Li Shang and Mo Xue Tong are not understood Yu Ao Tian’s act represent what, but one thing that both of them know, they hates stranger stepped in their “territory”!

“Let’s go to work, later we will talk about it.” hurried they leave the house that live by these five persons, Yao Yao sits in Yu Ao Tian’s car.

At the moment they arrived in front of the main door of Berson group, Yao Yao got down from the ride first and followed by Long Qi entered the office. But when she walked few steps, suddenly she stopped.

“Flat chest, hurried up!”

“No, we are coming together like this, it is not too good, it better you go first, wait, I go up first!”

After Long Qi heard, he is laughing so loud: “HAHAHAHa, you rest assured, those people know my status. I just afraid they might think us as father and daughter.”

“What do you mean by this? Even the idiot knows very well that we are at same age? Why don’t you say that I am your mother then?”

“Ye? You flat chest really have sharp tongue, but…” he is enduring! He endured.

“Come, get into the elevator.” He smiled sweetly asking Yao Yao to get inside the elevator.

She has bad premonition with Long Qi who showed such sweet smile. “You… do you plan something bad to me?”

“How can I dare? Am I that kind of person?”

How could not him that kind of person? Being suspicious for the entire time until she arrived at 40th floor which is the service department. She thought that Long Qi might goes up stair to 42th floor but he just followed her at 40th floor. “You do not need to escort me. Hurry up go to your office.”

“Geezz, who is escorting you, flat chest. You really are over-confident of yourself.”

“So why are you…”

“Yao Yao, finally you come, have you received the information? Manager Zhang has been rotate to sanitation department as cleaning service staff, while our new manager is…” Bai Ling just done with half of her sentences, she finally realized Long Qi is the person who stands beside Yao Yao: “Ah? Manager Long.”

“Bai Ling, you continue ah, who is our new manager?”

Bai Ling furrowed her brow, pulled Yao Yao closer to her, whispered: “He is the one who stands beside you, Manager Long.”

“Luo Yao Yao, you just newbie but have already late for two hours. Moreover this morning you even dared to talk back to your department manager, aiya, you say, how should I punish you?” inside the manager room, Long Qi seat at his chair while he puts his feet in table, he laughed with evil intention toward Yao Yao who stands right in front of him.

No wonder when just now Yao Yao said Long Qi, that person not even angry, so that the reason. She really can’t understand how the top management way of thinking to put such evil person like him to this service department as manager? “I am so sorry, Manager Long.”

“Sorry? Do you think this just settle with a single word of sorry?” Long Qi moved forward to in front of her, his finger poke her head: “I kind-hearted to piggy back you, but you throwing up all over my body, you make me become the laughing stock, do you think only by single word of sorry you can heal my trauma?”

“Uh… you piggy back me? I was throwing up all over your body?”

“That’s right, it was yesterday night!”

Yesterday night… “Was you the person who helped me?”

Long Qi thought carefully: “So that Yu Ao Tian didn’t tell you, both of us were helped you.”

So that’s how the things, could it be… “So, what was happen after that? After both of you helped me?”

“And then? And then I sent you to Ao Tian.” After he said, suddenly Long Qi looked excited, smiled: “Oh yeah, did you and Yu Ao Tian doing that… that, yesterday?”

This is her purpose to ask Long Qi! “I, I didn’t have any memory about it. That… according to your understanding about Yu Ao Tian, his character, would he doing that to the drunk little girl?”

Of course he won’t, not to mention the drunk woman, even the woman who is not willing to do, he never forced them. But… Long Qi does not want to tell her! “Of course. No matter who the person as long as they trapped in Yu Ao Tian’s hand, there is no woman able to escape, moreover, 100% he never missed, there are countless women who pregnant because of him. Perhaps, currently you have already had his baby.” Long Qi said with cheerful tone.

But Yao Yao face is white pale, did she really do that with Yu Ao Tian? Rotten bastard, how could he do this to her! After all it still her fault, who asked her to drink so that being *** by others people, this is her retribution! Karma! She asked for it!

“But to be honest, flat chest, if being touched by hand perhaps not that flat as seen. Are you using the chest pad?”

After she gained herself, she realized that Long Qi has poked her chest, she frowned: “scoundrel!” she lift her hand up and give him a fresh five fingers stamp (slap)…


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