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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 44

Yao Yao

Chapter 44

The humiliation when attending the birthday party

Finally Saturday comes, Yao Yao woke up at afternoon, she opened her eyes, stretching her waist, she randomly grabbed one of her dress and wore it.

“Pat” an invitation card fall down to the floor: “This…” she took a look: “This is Xia Ru’s birthday invitation card.” The time is 6 tonight. Today I don’t need to go for work, while the night club still having the break time, but shall I come?

“But there is possibility that Gong Xiao Man will come from Japan, don’t you want to meet your best friend?”

Xiao Man, Xiao Man…ah whatsoever, I should go to hospital to take care of grandpa.

“My treasure baby Yao Yao, it is not easy for you to get one day off, why don’t you stay at home and having a rest? I heard from your mom, this week you was going home late, actually what is your job?” Grand Pa Luo is lying at patient bed asked his precious granddaughter. These days her grandpa not really well, even his condition is stabilized.

“Grandpa, our company staffs have been working overtime lately, so that we also worked until late of night.”

“Work overtime? Although it was work overtime but why it late till 2 am? Every day you go at seven in the morning, it must be tiring you to death?”

“Grandpa, it okay, every one also did the same thing. None of them complaining being tired, so how could I feel tired?” Yao Yao didn’t tell her family about her second job. Based on her grandpa temperamental, even he beat till death he won’t ever let her to work in such place like night club.

“You little smart girl, grandpa never won over you, it is the time for you go home and rest, go.”

“Aiya, grandpa, if I stay at home I will be bored to death, it still better if I stay here, is it okay?” Yao Yao pouted her little mouth to showed her protest, for this entire week, only her mom who taking care her grandpa, so she knows that her mom really is exhausting, so that not easy for her to get one day off in Saturday, of course she will help to decreased her mom burden.

“Let her be, Dad, just let Yao Yao stayed. You are know, she just back from Japan, she must be missed us lot so that she hope to stay longer with us.”

“That’s right. Just like mom said.”

“Well, just in time, you better tell your grandpa everything happen during your staying in Japan.”

Things that happen when stayed in Japan? Others than her good memories with Feng Chen Yi, the rest was about she almost being “that” by Big Boss Yu, and also about her friendship with Gong Xiao Man, others than that, she didn’t have anything that worth to tell. But, the mature Yao Yao still makeup the beautiful and memorable story for her grandpa.

Time flies, it has been afternoon, the hospital is asking the family member to leave.

“Yao Yao, if you still have things to do, you go. I can go home by myself.”

“Nothing mom, I want to go home with you.”

“Haha, you still say nothing? Mom has seen the invitation card, go, my precious daughter, go to have fun. You are already growing up, don’t always stick with mom.”

“Mom, I loved to stick with you.”

Facing this mature and considerate daughter, Mother Luo helplessly shook her head: “You have grow up this big but still loves to act like kid. Later on when you have a boyfriend, will you still stick with mom?”

“Humph, if that so, I won’t find any boyfriend.”

“Nonsense! If you not find any boyfriend, are you thinking to stay forever with mom? Yao Yao, I am your mother, your consideration, mom knows it. Mom also knows how mature you are, but still…forget it, I don’t want to talk about it. Hurry up go.” Mother Luo took long breath.

Yao Yao understands very well what her mom wanted to say, but there is a wound that both of this mother and daughter never wanted to talk about. “En, Mom, I take my leave.”

“Wait, bring this with you.” after said, Mother Luo took out something from her bag, it is one of beautiful cross-stitch.

“Mom, this is?”

“It is your friend birthday party, you can’t go with empty hand. Mom knows that in order to save money you won’t buy any expensive present, but we cannot lack in manner, just to let other party to understand our sincerity, so that, you give this to your friend.”

“Mom…thank you.” when she received that present from her mom, Yao Yao eyes redden.

These past years, when she was in Japan, her mom was depending on this cross-stitch, handmade craft to support the family, since grandpa sick, her mom always go home late at night, working. During the day time, she will go to hospital to take care grandpa. Her mom burden, she knows very well, or else, she won’t take the job working in night club as second job.”

Then, her mom even worried about the present, this cross stitch handmade at least need three days and nights to finish, her mom really loves Yao Yao so much.


That stone in her heart feel heavier now, she really doesn’t know what to do in order to decrease her mom burden. She wants to grow up faster, faster… grow up…little bit, on this way, she could use all her entire life to take good care of her mom…

When she arrived at the address which stated in the invitation card, it located in Xiu Shan waterfall three storey villa. Inside there are many lights shining brightly, lighting the courtyard while the music keep on playing.

“Xia Ru, happy birthday, this is your present.” Everyone is gathered in the courtyard for the party, Yao Yao has searched Xia Ru for the moment, finally she found her.

“Luo Yao Yao?” Everyone who is surrounded Xia Ru whether men or women are looking at Yao Yao. “ Xia Ru, how can you invite her to come here?”

“I met her inside elevator, so that I just gave her the invitation card.”

“Oh, you met her in elevator, which elevator?” All the people seem to be curious.

“I met her in Berson group’s elevator.”

“Hah? Yao Yao, are you working in Berson? What is your job?” there was someone asked after they heard from Xia Ru, immediately they changed the way they are speaking with her. Should be noted, Berson Group isn’t common big company, even those with “wealth” background is not guarantee to enter that place, they only use and employed those who are really have skill.

“I work as elevator lady in Berson.”

“WHAT? As elevator lady? OH, My God, how can you take that low job.” One of the guests showed disgusting expression.

Facing this kind of person, she has used to, they were acting this way too during the school time. She lower her head, she intended to keep the present that she prepared for Xia Ru, but when she silently wanted to leave. Just this time…

“Yao Yao, is this your present for me? What it is.”

“This is the cross stitch handmade craft that made by my mother, I hope you like it.” when she said it was present that made by her mom, she happily to hand over it to Xia Ru.

Everyone who is surrounded them looked so excited with Yao Yao’s present, all of them really want to know what kind of present Yao Yao gave to Xia Ru?

That cross-stitch really wide-open their eyes when the present unwrapped… “Oh, My GOD… cross-stitch? Is it the little kid thingy?”

“Oh My? There still a person who give such thing as birthday present these days?”

“Yeah, it is not even worthwhile to keep as rug to wipe table, Xia Ru, hurry throw it.”


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 44

  1. Thanks for the update. Seriously, YY is so naïve. Attending a birthday party where they want to humiliate her. I hope someone will come to YY’s rescue.

  2. I don’t why YY still hang around this kind of cruel and snobbish people. I feel so sorry for YY. They are truthfully not worth to call friends and I know YY is a kind-hearted young girl but truthfully did she really need to be associated with them??!!!

    Thank you Azzuro for the latest update.

  3. Thanks for the latest update, sis.

    Poor YY.. I feel sorry for her.. Because she really have high hopes to see Xiao Man that she go to the birthday party. And everybody just keep finding some point to humiliate her.. YAT, where are you? Save YY…!

  4. but like if i was YY i wouldn’t waste my precious mom’s hard work cross stitch on this cheating-boyfriend-stealing scamp of a girl. i would keep it and give some cheap 99 cent store stuff for this xia ru cuz that’s as little as she’s worth

  5. So where’s her friend.?Did this Xia Ru lie ? Either way these people are worthy of bing in Yao Yao’s company. Yao Yao should leave. PRONTO

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