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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 45

Chapter 45

My boyfriend is Berson Group CEO

“Aiya, this is Yao Yao sincerity, thank you, Yao Yao.” After Xia Ru said, her face turned cold, she on purpose tossed aside that cross stitch that made by Yao Yao’s mom in one of the table. “I still need to greet other guests, you play by yourself, Yao Yao. You eat whatever you want, just doesn’t be shy.”

With her dim eyesight she glanced at that exquisite cross stitch which has stained, slowly she walked to pick up that cross stitch, suddenly she felt her heart in pain.

Indeed, this cross stitch not worth much money, but it is filled with her mom sincerity, so what with the branded stuff? So what with the luxurious stuffs? As for her, there is nothing worth than her mom handmade stuff to be replaced.

Confronting all these chaebol (Rich generation) kids, she has used to but she never blamed them about their characters, after all, they are living in different world, and then…

She can’t forgive them! She could not forgive her for not appreciating the thing that her mom made! “Xia Ru! You stay still!”

“What’s matter, Yao Yao?”

She moved, rushing in front of Xia Ru, she pissed off, picking up that cross stitch: “Even the present not expensive, but it was made by mom with sincerity, if you not really like it, why was you tossed aside like that?”

“Yao Yao, you are thinking too much. I don’t say that I dislike it. But… it just really not suitable to put inside my house.”

“That’s right Yao Yao, it’s okay if you poor, but how can you give such disgusting stuff? You see those presents that Xia Ru received, all of them are more than thousand dollars, how can you dare to give such stuff to her?”

“There is no way, who asked her to break with young master Feng? At last she was dumped by him and now she even worked as elevator lady. I remembered during that time, everything that she wore, all were the best in our school, but now you guys see, hahahahaha.” That taunting voices, the sneering, one comes by one.

She knew, she understood, today birthday party she is afraid Gong Xiao Man won’t be attended, she was stupidly being fool by Xia Ru to come, so everyone can taunt her. “Let me tell you guys, those days the dresses which I wore just similar with today I wore!”

That’s right, she is not lying, Feng Chen Yi has bought her many things, but she seldom to wear them, she liked to wear her dresses that bought in supermarket which cost less than ten dollars, but because of that, everyone made it as trend, they kept on asking her what kind of brand she used. But now, after she broke with Feng Chen Yi, everything that she wears seem be trash? This is really laughable.

“Enough, Luo Yao Yao, you don’t need to explain. Actually you are really wanted to reconcile with Feng Chen Yi? It’s fine, last few days ago I have met Young master Feng, or shall I call him immediately, asking him whether he wants to reconcile or not?” Said one of the woman in that group, bring out her phone.

She really could not understand why everyone is weighted money and wealth more, while the poor always in bottom?

Since two years ago when she broke with Feng Chen Yi, she clearly knew very well that Feng Chen Yi was asked by his dad to back to China in order to help in their family business, but the rumor that spreading in her school was she deathly forcing herself to reconcile with Feng Chen Yi, so that in order to avoid her, he backed to China.

It seems in their eyes, she is someone who cannot live without Feng Chen Yi or else she might die. “It does not need to trouble you call for Feng Chen Yi, I already have new boyfriend!”

“Hah? Impossible? Yao Yao, I never heard you say about it? What’s your new boyfriend job? Is he security?” Xia Ru who silent for this time suddenly opened her mouth with sharp question: “This won’t do ah! Yao Yao, your Ex-boyfriend was the second Young Master of Feng group, how can you find a security to be your current boyfriend? You really have bad taste.”


“My beloved Yao Yao, don’t tell me if he is your fiancé, in this way I might feel your taste has degraded, even this kind of man you want.”

“Don’t tell me that your fiancé does not want you anymore? But it’s okay, Yao Yao, no matter what you are my Ex-girl friend, I will always welcome you”.

Being laughed by all the people, suddenly Yao Yao recalled her meeting with Feng Chen Yi, she can’t deny, her Ex-boyfriend indeed someone extraordinary, but he also that rotten man who likes to toy with woman feeling, no matter how extraordinary he is, he is still trash and then, if she really dating with the security officer, so what? If that man really can treat her whole-hearted, even he does not have money and then so what? At least in her eyes, that man is more valuable compare to money. But…

Yao Yao understands, in front of these people, this group of rich generation, they won’t never understand because they are weighted money more, weighted status more, wealth, having all of these are best for them!

“He, Feng Chen Yi no matter his status as the second young master from Feng group as high his position only the general manager. But my current boyfriend is CEO! CEO!” every time when people bring up the topic about Feng Chen Yi, she never calmed down, even for this time, after she said, she paused for moment and felt regret. But she has said already, she couldn’t cancel it.

“C…EO…” suddenly all people laughing at her, sneered toward her, everyone looked at her and she looked at them.

Xia Ru who stood in the middle rolled her eyes: “Which CEO? Does the start up entrepreneur, the person who sell fish also can call as Boss, at least you must be mentioned the name? Perhaps I know the person, but if the CEO who sells fish I definitely don’t know.”

“That’s true! I almost deceived by you. To think carefully, how can you work as elevator lady when your boyfriend is CEO? Luo Yao Yao, you don’t need to pretend anymore, hurry to make phone call for Feng Chen Yi, begging him to reconcile with you.”

Tell lie one time then the next need cover with another lies, since she has walked to this path which no turning back, it better… keep on continuing walk in this path! “My boyfriend is Berson Group CEO!”

“Berson… Group…CEO?” at the moment, all the noise in the party gone, everyone showed white pale face expression, if she really Berson Group CEO girl friend, nine from ten persons in this party should kneel down to her, begging for her forgiveness, because it is important for their parent business who haven’t have chance to partnership with Berson Group?

“Are you really serious that your boyfriend is Berson Group CEO?” Xia Ru narrowed her eyes.

“That’s right! He is! I still have thing to do, I take my leave.” At the moment she turned her body, Yao Yao really wants to cry, she just came back to China other than Feng Group she just know Berson Group, so that…

Calm and collected! Unperturbed! During in this atmosphere should stay strong, let make the lie to be seen as if it is truth, even those people found out she is lied.

“Stay still!” Xia Ru suddenly shouted at her. “Yao Yao, since your boyfriend is Berson Group CEO, how can you not come with him today?”

“Oh yeah… during this time, why didn’t he come to accompany her?”

“It because… he is low-profile! Didn’t all of you know that I just come back from Japan, so that most of you not really know about Berson Group CEO compare to me who join Berson Group, he seldom takes picture, he even does not really care simple matters in the company, most of the matter are giving to General manager Long Ye to do. So that, similar with this, of course he will not appear.”


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 45

  1. thank u!…. I like how YY thinks about “it’s the thought that counts” with a b-day present. But I don’t like her about lying so much. it’s becoming her habit to lie just to save herself.

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