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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 84

Translated by CJ

Chapter 84

Long Mo Er and Fei Yan’s Heartache

“Fei Yan, I… Ye Che… He’s well!” Long Mo Er said while stammering.

Seeing Fei Yan and her expression, Long Mo Er felt like she was the bad guy.

Did she destroy their relationship? Before, she had hoped that they eventually will find a way to be together but she unknowingly fell for Ye Che.

Everything turned out differently than planned.

Is Fei Yan looking for her for help?

Does Fei Yan love Ye Che too? Lu Qun said before that Fei Yan is Ye Che’s confidant… That what they had was profound. Now then, what would that make of her?

Just who does Ye Che love?

Long Mo Er’s heart became anxious.

The person he loves… is it Fei Yan?

Long Mo Er began speculating randomly as her heart trembled and her chest constricted. Her blood barely able to pass through making her feel numb.

The only thing left was pain.

She heard that Ye Che was forced to marry her. If he were given the choice, then he would have continued to like Fei Yan!

All became like this when she came, everything is her fault. With her own hands, she broke what they had apart. She didn’t know she was such a cruel person!

For her sister’s happiness, she willingly married into the Ye Family. Her sister is happy but she had destroyed Ye Che and Fei Yan’s happiness. Why did she overlook others’ feelings when she made her decision? Did her coming really disrupted everything?

Then, what should I do?

Her sister told her before, “If you found your happiness, don’t let go of it. Take courage and fight for it. No matter what people say, hold onto your happiness!”

But, her happiness cost Fei Yan hers. Can I courageously hold on to mine?

Those words that she heard from her sister, why does it feel unrealistic?

Courageously chasing after one’s happiness is difficult! Could she really?

Doesn’t it feel like Ye Che has somewhat began to like her just a little? When she couldn’t be certain of Ye Che’s feelings, how could she be brave?

“I haven’t seen the Young Master in a long time!” Fei Yan couldn’t see Long Mo Er’s forbearing facial expression because of the tears that were falling from her eyes. “He used to come see me every day. No one besides his family could call him by his name, I can only refer to him as Young Master.”

“I… I didn’t know.” Long Mo Er said a bit surprised.

Hadn’t she always called him “Ye Che”? Since that first time they met, she called him by his name and had always been doing so. She didn’t know that other people were not allowed to call him by his name.

“You are special to Young Master. You are his legal wife.” Fei Yan said but uttering those words hurt and exhausted her strength.

She once thought she had a special place in the Young Master’s heart.

But that isn’t so. He didn’t make an exception for her…

She could only refer to him as “Young Master”… But Long Mo Er can call him by his name, “Ye Che.”


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 84

  1. thank you—-!
    so, like, i have an on-and-off relationship with this series, lol! but anyways…
    no—-! i feel so sad for mo er! no, mo er, it’s ok to love him! but actually, i feel that he doesn’t deserve such a nice girl such as you! Oh, why—–!?

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