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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 46

Chapter 46

He is Berson Group CEO

“Xia Ru, Luo Yao Yao is right, there was one time when my father having business with Berson Group but that time it was General Manager Long Ye who dealed with the business.”

Fiuh… it good that Bai Ling ever said about this matter with her, luckily she knows long Ye this name, or else she might look fool.

“Humph? This, aiya, there is a good saying about nothing curious coincidence. Yao Yao, did you not hear from your boyfriend, today he is… here talking business with my father. Just inside the villa! Come, I lead the way for all of you to greet him!”

Oh no, is it true? How can be so coincidence? Dome! Yao Yao, you should not have to lie, see this your end? It’s dome! Once the lie being exposed, you might never able to raise your head up in front of Xia Ru. “Wait…Wait, I don’t want to interrupt his work.”

“Hah, it’s okay, I just tell that I look for my father.” Xia Ru brought some people with her, forcing to bring along Yao Yao to go inside the villa: “Aiya, Yao Yao, why are you trembling? Don’t say… that you are afraid?”

All of the people looked at Yao Yao expression which as white as paper: “That’s true, you looked sick? Don’t say… damn! Luo Yao Yao, just as Xia Ru said, I almost deceived by you too.”

“It’s truth, how can you do such things? Bragging yourself , at least you should find someone that status reasonable. Now, more I think about it more impossible it is. The CEO of Berson group at least he is 27 or 28, how can he likes little brat like you?”

“That’s right, Berson Group CEO is not lacking of women, cih, I almost believe on you.”

“Aiya, you guys don’t act like this, perhaps the Berson Group CEO really likes our Yao Yao, this types of cute girl? Is it? Yao Yao.” Xia Ru acted as good person, but sneered in front of Yao Yao.

Seeing how this few people taunting her, she feels little bit guilty and then she keeps silent, because at that moment she really cannot fight back.

“Yao Yao, better you tell us honestly, your boyfriend is not the CEO of Berson Group, if not, rest assured, we won’t laugh at you.”


“Ru Ru! What are you doing at downstairs? How could there are lot of noise, you have disturb me and my client to talk about business.” There is someone from second floor who suddenly cut Yao Yao words.

Xia Ru pouted her mouth, helplessly said: “It dome, my father is coming, even if you want to admit, it has been too late.” She plastered with fake smile, rushing to second floor.

“Will Berson Group CEO come down with uncle Xia?”

“Aiya, perhaps not, just as rumor said, Berson Group CEO is someone extremely handsome, I really want to see him.”

“Come, we also go there.” Everyone chase after Xia Ru who is heading to second floor, leaving Yao Yao alone in the living room.

Is this the time to escape? This must be perfect time, but even she run, so what? She is still being laughed by them? Uh, lies still lies, the Cinderella will turn back to her ordinary self at 12 o’clock but she weren’t Cinderella.

“Dad, this is…” Xia Ru has arrived at second floor, she looked by herself the person who sit beside her father, suddenly her eyes shone brightly.

“HeHe, Ru Ru, this is Berson Group CEO, Yu Ao Tian beside him is vice CEO, Han Li Shang. And this is…”

“I know, he is Long Qi.” That time when she went to Berson, she came to meet Long Qi : “Long Qi, didn’t you say that you can’t come to my birthday party? Aren’t you thinking to give me surprised?”

“Indeed, I don’t have time, today I come to accompany CEO Yu.”

“Uh.” Xia Ru unhappy pouted her mouth, she lift up her head looked at Yu Ao Tian, politely smiled: “CEO Yu.”

Those who finally catch up with her simply dumbfounded, looked at him: “You guys see, this is the real CEO of Berson Group just like rumor said, extremely handsome. You guys take a look the atmosphere surrounded him, that face, today Xia Ru birthday party really worth to come, later on I can boast to all of people that I have seen Berson Group CEO. Hahaha.”

“Ha Ha, CEO Yu, she is my daughter Xia Ru, today is her birthday, don’t know whether you want to have simple meal with us as to give face to me?”

“That’s right, CEO Yu. Today is my 20th birthday, if you are joining, this will be the most memorable 20th year birthday.”

“Miss Xia Ru, happy birthday. But I am sorry, I still have thing to do.” Yu Ao Tian coldly said, elegantly he shakes hand with Xia Ru’s father: “Mr. Xia, your proposal, I will consider about it. I take my leave.”

“Woah. Have you guys heard? He has very nice voice. I even can’t reject to enjoy the pleasure by only listened to his voice.

“Stopped enjoying, there still urgent matter to solve.” One of her friend has rushed to Xia Ru beside, she pointed down stare: “Xia Ru, hurry up asked that question! Asked!”

“Ugh?” Xia Ru react faster, she rolled her eyes: “Wait! CEO Yu, your girl friend is here, in downstairs, do you want to meet her?”

“My girlfriend?” Yu Ao Tian stopped for moment, he frowned, then he looked at Long Qi and Han Li Shang, they are really curious, whom… girl friend is?

“Aiya, is it real? Ru Ru, you know CEO Yu’s girlfriend? Then you must welcome and take good care of her.” Xia Ru’s father is trying to butter with Yu Ao Tian hurried reminding his daughter.

“Dad, you see CEO Yu expression, at one glanced I have knew that my classmate was lying.” Xia Ru purposely took long breath: “CEO Yu, please don’t feel bad, my classmate that person really likes to look for connection, she even dares to lie. Now, the person is in first floor, please you take a glance, as long as you said she isn’t your girl friend, the rest I will settle it.”

Who is Yu Ao Tian? At one glance he has known the evil thought of this girl who standing in front of him, but he really does not want to play with this little girl, moreover to make used by her!

“I am sorry, I don’t have time.” He coldy said, and then he faster his step to go down stairs.

Hurried Xia Ru is signaling her friend to move faster step to first floor, stopped Yao Yao and bring her to the corridor. “Luo Yao Yao, this time you dead meat. We want to see how tragic your death!”


When Yu Ao Tian is getting closer, that person is showed her excited expression, but Yao Yao who stopped looked alike rock, she unable to sit or stands still, her head keep lowering.

“CEO Yu, that is her! that is the person who said you are her boyfriend.”

CEO Yu? How coincident? Or still?

“Faster, lift your head up. Your boyfriend is here.” said one of the persons from that group who laughed with bad intention, Yao Yao forced herself to lift her head up.

At the moment, the familiar silhouette is caught by her eyes which make her face even paler, Yu… Yu… Yu Ao Tian? How… he is Berson Group CEO?


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 46

  1. Yao Yao is terrified. However I think this prince will save her simply because he hates to be used to humiliate others.

    Thank you for this translation

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