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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 47-48

Ah~ today took little longer to update…

Chapter 47 and 48

The Passion

All people looked at one same direction, Yu Ao Tian almost burst out laughing, he really never thought that person who pretended to be his girlfriend actually is this little thing. His black eyes rolled, he smile devilish and said: “Bao Bei, how can you be here?”

“Bao Bei???!!!” those people who pressed Yao Yao’s body almost fall sitting to floor because their leg are weaken, hurried they free Yao Yao.

“Yu… CEO Yu, but you said that…you said…. you don’t have girlfriend?” Xia Ru dumbfounded, trembling asking Yu Ao Tian who stood beside her.

“Hah? Did I ever say it?”

“But your expression was….”

“HaHa, I just feel little bit strange, how can my, Yu Ao Tian’s girl friend come to this kind of…!” that good looking face suddenly emitting dangerous aura. His evil aura really frightened all the people at there. Their legs are trembling continuously.

He slowly walking closer to Yao Yao in front, he took a short glance to look at her: “Bao Bei, you really are, how can you wear this kind of dress to this place, but you are also not wrong, this kind of low-grade party, you do not need to have any special makeup.” A pair of Yao Yao’s hand is clenched her cross stitch: “This is?”

“My mom made it.” Yao Yao lower her head, automatically she answered.

“Oh? Does this is one of my favorite thing? Hm, how could be so dirty?” When Yu Ao Tian said that last sentence, suddenly pairs of eyes looked at Xia Ru direction which almost made that girl kneeling in the floor.

“Yu… Yu… CEO Yu, I am sorry, that was my fault to dirty it. I don’t know if that “treasure” is one of your favorite things, so that I carelessly… actually I like that cross stitch. Is it, Yao Yao?” Xia Ru walked faster to Yao Yao’s side, seeing her with begging eyes sight, whispered: “I beg you, Yao Yao, help me to say few good words, I know that was my fault, begging you, help me to say few good words?”

Hah… who should she help to put good words? It so clearly that she is the person who telling lie, a lie that she said in right moment. “Pardon me, I feel unwell so I take my leave first.” After she said, Yao Yao turned her back and run, leaving that place.

“Hey, flat… Luo Yao Yao!”

“Long Qi, faster chase her!” Yu Ao Tian glanced at Long Qi.

He suddenly remember something, when he just started running to catch up with Yao Yao, he said: “Oh Yeah, Xia Ru, later in the future… don’t come to find me!” after he said, his expression changed darken, glaring at Xia Ru and then he disappeared from Xia’s house.

“Mr. Xia, regarding to the proposal…”

“CEO Yu! CEO Yu, my daughter fault who not understood, I begging you, please to reconsider it for moment. I beg you, Xia Ru faster apologized.”

“CEO Yu, I am sorry, it was my fault, it me who not mature enough, it me.”

He raised his hand, it stopped whatever they said. Yu Ao Tian smiled, coldly said: “Mr. Xia, before you get contact with my Berson Group, you should know that what kind of person I am, Yu Ao Tian, I dislike people to cut my word. Well, today just end like this. I take my leave.” After he said, he and Han Li Shang left.

Xia Ru’s father can only see his big business leaving him far away, he even not dared to ask for forgiveness or begging for further, because… he understands Yu Ao Tian’s character that never took back whatever he said, he just afraid more he beg more he lost!


“Flat Chest! You fuck damn! Stop!” Long Qi yelling.

Suddenly Yao Yao stopped and turned: “Why are you yelling? I don’t say that I won’t stop!”

“Uh…” it’s true. “Why are you here?”

“Xia Ru is my classmate.”

“Impossible, is she really your classmate? But both of you if compared…” his expression kind strange.

Yao Yao cover her chest area: “Why are you looking at me that way?”

“Hey, Flat chest, it not I want to say, but the different between you two are too much.”

Damn Long Qi, what he means. Yao Yao glared at him: “Any problem? If not I take my leave.”

“Don’t be so fierce, I know your mood not really good, come, kissed me, how about give me one sweet smile?”

“…………….” To be honest, Yao Yao really in super bad mood, but after she heard what Long Qi said, she said: “You, you are sick.” Finally she smiled.

“Tick” “Tick” not far from them, the headlamp of car lighted both of them. Long Qi took a looked, he saw Yu Ao Tian’s car is slowly closer to them.

Yao Yao intended to leave, but being stopped by Long Qi: “Ao Tian is coming, why are you leaving?”

Just now she has done such shameful things, how could she look at Yu Ao Tian? That time she was pretending as his little sister and now she pretending as his girl friend, really shame to death. “You let me go. Long Qi.”

When she is nagging, suddenly Yu Ao Tian’s car has stopped beside them: “Get into car!”

Han Shang Li who sits at the passenger seat get out from the car. But Yao Yao still stands there not moving.

“Long Qi! Force her to get into car.”


“Wait! I get to car by myself!” after she said, Yao Yao expressionless sitting at the passenger seat. The sport car “vromm” one time suddenly disappeared from the silent night.

Does not know how time pass, finally Yao Yao who kept silent for this time spoke: “You, why are you lying to me?”

“I lied to you? Hah, Bao Bei, you say, which part I lied to you?”

Still pretending! “Why you never told me if you are the CEO of Berson Group? You even pretending as PR department staff who is being pet?”

“Have you ever asked me? The most important point, you are the person who thought that I am working as PR staff?”

Seeing Yu Ao Tian lift up his lips with his devious smile, Yao Yao understood, she would never won over him because he never told her that he works as PR staff, all was her guessing!

“Fine, whatever, I don’t care.”

“You don’t care? But… I care!” Zi, the sound, the car stopped at one side of street, Yu Ao Tian grabbed her neck fiercely.

Without any preparation, she faces to face with Yu Ao Tian, sitting in his lap: “You, what do you want to do?”

“Two years ago you took me as Host, two years later you take me as PR staff that pet by wealthy woman, You guess, how I punish you?” his slender fingers slowly moves and touch her skin.

An intolerable ticklish feeling, suddenly she moves her waist: “Sorry, I am sorry, Yu Lao Da, but really you have that looking as someone….eat…”


Looking at pair of Yu Ao Tian eyes, she really wants to give herself two slaps to her face, she really bad in saying thing. “I am sorry.”

“Little Thing, you really become brazen each day.”

So again, Yao Yao gets her punishment from Yu Ao Tian. It isn’t the first time Yao Yao molested, harass or even being violated by Yu Ao Tian. So this time, again she got that kind of punishment.

Yu Ao Tian simply to say is beast, the King of beast. He even dared to violate Yao Yao inside the car in the crowded street where people passing by.

Yao Yao begging him to stop just as usually she does, begging with moisten puppy eyes, begging for his mercy but he is Yu Ao Tian, person who infamous with his rudeness and who can stop him when he has decided to start.

After crying and begging for while (and of course after being XX by Yu Ao Tian), she backs to usual self, be strong, she wiped dry her tears and stop to “resist”. Just in this time, Yu Ao Tian stopped to tease her, he sees the cross stitch: “Hm, this cross stitch is really beautiful, your mom made it?”

Yao Yao who has almost stopped crying suddenly cried louder which confused expression Yu Ao Tian who thought after he praising her mom, she might feel little bit comfort with his words but who knows Yao Yao even sadden than before.

“You don’t know anything! Give it back to me!” She said while crying.

“Why are you crying again?” Yu Ao Tian asked, he furrowed his brow, just cannot understand the way of this little girl thoughts.

“What do you know?” she angrily snatched back the cross stitch from him, continued: “This is made by my mom which spent much time to make it but people like Xia Ru treated this like trash, but again when you said that you like it, suddenly people like her changed. I just not understand, what kind of people they are?”

When she said this to Yu Ao Tian she recalled her old memory about Feng Chen Yi.

“Feng Chen Yi, they said you are rich. Is it true?”

“You see, am I really looked alike they said? They just talked nonsense.”

Again when finally she knew the truth she ever asked Feng Chen Yi why he lied to her. He gave her very simple answered that was, “I just want to get closer to you.”

Actually she never thought that status and money would make distance for people, but after she knew Feng Chen Yi later, she learnt that others than expensive things, world stance (status), the system of value, all are trash. It was not money or wealth that separated her and Feng Chen Yi just after she broke with him everyone turned their back…

Perhaps after she experienced this, hearing how Yu Ao Tian talked with those people, she felt so disgusting with them. Suddenly she feels everything just joke for her.

11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 47-48

  1. Thank you for double chapters. I wonder when will YY warm up to YAT. YAT may have a lot of faults but each time YY needs someone to bail her out, and it always YAT is there to help her whether she appreciate it or not. He may have his own agenda but each time YAT never let YY struggles on the side disregard what situations she maybe in.

    1. It’s true.He is an honest straight forward crook/ I mean business man/ person. and she has some how broken through his barrier. . I am watching to see when she sees him other than a tyrant.

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