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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 49

Chapter 49

They provoked her

“Why were you saying that you are Berson Group CEO’s girl friend?” Yu Ao Tian asked.

“That because….” Because they brought up about Feng Chen Yi! She knew that lying isn’t good moreover boasting, but when they brought up, talking about Feng Chen Yi, she really angry. Whatever, there is no used to say this anymore, Yu Ao Tian would never understand. Perhaps, in his heart he might think her as similar as to those people. “After all nothing is more important other than money and status?”

“You are right, money and status are important. Bao Bei, do you know why I came back to China and acquired Berson Group?”

This… “Why? Don’t tell me it because money and status? Aren’t you already has status in Japan as the underworld emperor?”

“No, I am indeed aiming money and status. I need much money, the higher position. The Yakuza big boss is not more than short-lived status, but the businessman is everlasting, longer than. Of course… the one I aiming is political and government circles!”

The Yakuza big boss is short-lived? Indeed true, no matter how awesome the Yakuza big boss, actually they need more money to support them, while the businessman can be more relax by “buy” this Yakuza. And how about the politics and government? Of course they can “eat up” the yakuza and also toying with businessman, it can be said that the most powerful people in this world are those who in politics and government circles.

She never thought that Yu Ao Tian is someone with long vision, if this to exchange with anybody, there won’t be person who want to leave two years ago success as Yakuza big boss and choosing to enter new world? But he did it!

Everyone said, to give up on something to get another thing, Yu Ao Tian gave up his position as Yakuza big boss in Japan in order to get the world in China.

It seems the rumors are right, he is not only vicious and merciless person but he also someone who has brain, very smart person. He is able to see very clearly the opportunities in front of him.

At this time, seeing through Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, she could see his ambition, she feels as if seeing the ancient Emperor who was able to commanding thousands deportment, strangely, she admiring this scary man in front of her and also understandable that he really someone talented.

Just like just now when they were at Xia’s household, looking at him who was not panic or surprised as if seeing her as his real girlfriend. Included the way of his speaking as if the wind piercing into Xia Ru, as well with the way he evaluating the cross stitches, everyone could see his strong insight. When will she be able become a person like him, who able to have strong insight and also big ambition?

“Even you did that to me (refer to his “violation”). But again, I really thank you because you didn’t expose me.”

“Yao Yao.” Yu Ao Tian turned his head, looked into her direction, his eyes looked her so seriously: “How about to consider what I told you that time in my home?”

That thing that he asked her?

“How about you consider to be…my lover.”

I don’t want! I don’t want! I don’t want!

“Remember, the successful men like someone like me who has inner beauty, lady. Not like you, little slut vixen. You groom not bad so that you have ability to seduce men, but at last… you only can be lover!”

Ha, seems that what manager Zhang told her come to reality, her ending perhaps really become… “Perhaps long time ago I thought money and status aren’t important. But after today, those people wake me up, I understood. But…no matter how I thirst for money and status, I still don’t want to be other people lover.” After she said, she opened the car’s door.

Seeing Yu Ao Tian expression…

“Humph? Interesting, I really want to “dirty” you!” after he said, his pair of eyes showed devilish gleam…


“Mom, this afternoon I will go visit grandpa, you go first.”

“It’s okay Yao Yao, it not easy for you to have one off day, you better go tomorrow.”

“Mom, you not need to worry, let me sleep for while.”


After she sees her mom leaving, Yao Yao “secretly goes out” changed her dress and running to down stairs.

“Little girl, what do you want to buy?”

The pharmacies who wear uniform come towards her, Yao Yao pointed at the pregnancy section, whispered: “can you give me… pregnancy test.”


“That… test… pregnancy test!”

After she paid, Yao Yao could feel her face flustered, that damn Yu Ao Tian, if she really “have”, she will bring him to jump into sea and together meet the death God.

Every month she always “in time” but this time Yao Yao has been already late for three days, she just thought would she really… after that.

Carefully she went out from the pharmacy, just walking two steps, she sensed there a man who looks so suspicious, is he a thief?

At this time, one expensive splendid car slowly comes closer, but that middle age man suddenly jump in front of the car and shouted: “Aiyo!”

The car hurried stopped, the driver hurried up get down from the car: “Mr, are you okay?”

“Aiyo, Aiyo, it hurt me to death, my hand seems to be broken.” That middle age man keeps on shouting, while sitting in the street, he moving his hand.

No need to mention, this is scamming! She clearly saw that man jumped in front of the car, angrily she rushed into in front, but when she gets closer, suddenly she read the car plate number…1024? This is… Feng Chen Yi birth day?

Seeing the car, she able to see the man who sit inside the car, not mistaken, the person is Feng Chen Yi. Her pair of moisten eyes rolled, she smiled devious and walking toward that man side…

“Lisa, give him money, make him leave.”

“Yes, General Manager Feng.”

Inside the car Feng Chen Yi coldly giving money to his secretary, but when he looked outside the window, he spotted Yao Yao figure: “Wait, Lisa, think how to expose that person lie. Said to him he won’t get any single penny!”

“Ah?” Lisa paused, even she knows that person might scammer, but Feng Chen Yi never wanted to spend time to play with this kind of people but why today? “I understood how to settle.”

Lisa faster gets down from the car, she walked in front of the man: “Mr, let we go to hospital.”

“Hospital? I don’t have time to hospital! I still need to pick up my wife and kid.”

“Well, there is no way, I should leave.” Lisa stubbornly said.

At this moment, Yao Yao walked one step to in front: “Not going to hospital? This is hit and run, a crime.”

“En? You?” Lisa felt she is so familiar with this little girl, but she just forget where she saw her. “What do you mean?”

“HaHa, simple, seeing your car is going against one way traffic regulation. According to (the traffic law) article 59 and article 145, if the car against one way traffic regulation and not to stop it could deducted to 12 points which penalty to revoked the driver’s license and also get detention for three days. If you escape then your detention could be more than three days!”

14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 49

  1. wait….i think i lost in some where… when did YY slept with YAT? I didn’t notice that.
    please enlighten me which chapter… 😀

    1. I don’t think that she did.She was too drunk. He might have molested her that night while she slept when her clothes were being laundered.

  2. Pei78

    YAT & YY did not sleep with one another except they shared the bed but nothing happened. That night YY was drunk, forced to drink by an idiot where YY work as a second job. YAT & Long Qi saved her, while she was in the car with YAT she puked on him and soiled both of them. YAT stripped both of them and ended up in bed together. When YY woke up and her befuddled mind thought the worse and YAT just let her believe that they did the deeds but nothing happened.

  3. @ julie… now I get it. seems like I have same brain just like YY …hahaha.. I read that part and yes I know nothing happened. however this chapter mentioned about YY bought pregnancy test pack so I thot they have slept together but I skipped it.. hahahaha

    thank you for explanation.

  4. Another indication they don’t sleep together is that YAT could not sleep properly that night coz YY keep rolling here and there on the bed, and making krik2 sound (using her teeth, while sleeping)

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