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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 9

Chapter 9

Little sister in law got bribe

Kang Yu likes me…Kang Yu likes me…Kang Yu likes me…

This word as if Mantra for cursing, I didn’t even thought the spring festival just passed that way, even when I received red pocket money, this thing not that excited anymore.

Does he really like me?

Likes me? Likes me?

Yan Yan said likes, but he did not tell me…

It so frustrated argh!!!!

As for me, who is someone has Comic and Animation-complex, Now I feel my eyes have laser sight that able to destroyed the flowers and plants just alike the drawing in the comic or the animation movies.

One side I like it, another side I dislike it….

If there’s leaf or flowers, I might tear one by one to testify, whether I like or dislike…


And so…

Such and such….

All were moving in same circle.

This kind of manners might destroy all the flowers and plants for the perplexed girl. Because of this, every day I got punishment by my mother by pinched my ear. While my dad just seeing how I destroying his rare plant that he had planted for 12 years, relentless facing wind and shedding tears.

At the end, all my new year’s pocket money is confiscated.

Tragic, could not more any tragic.

Aside felt headache there was not any better thing so that I just lying on my bed as if I were corpse.

During dinner time, my ear is pinched by my mom in living room, seeing the big fish and big meat, but tasteless, every time when I thought the school would start, my heart got complicated, did not know what to do, I just ate so little and then I kept moving on my deathly life, but there were time, it was during the dinner time suddenly my mom made announcement that made me rather to vanish.

“Miao Miao, next semester Yan Yan will move to your school!”

I almost chocked until the rice out from my nose, “Hah!”

“What Ah, you better eat properly!” my mom glared at me.

“It’s not, why should she moves?” I put down my chopsticks, ignored my mom deathly glared, I just scream asked her.

Mom answered me, “The education level in the suburban not bad compare to the urban areas but for taking the high school entrance examination, of course the Urban area school is better since the education level and standard are higher moreover transfer before second semester starting is much advantage.”

I knew about it, that time I was following my mother’s resident registration, while Yan Yan followed my daddy because of Min Hang district in Shanghai, during 90’s Min Hang district was suburban area, simply to say it not more than village, but no one knew that after the ten of years suddenly it changed to be shanghai best residential area.

This is Shanghai, the education standard and level in urban area is significantly better than the suburban, as long as wanting to join the entrance examination, there would be very different treatment so in order to be fair, it better join the urban area.

I understood very well my mom difficulties, that time when Yan Yan followed dad, mom was extremely opposed about it, but daddy thought he has two daughters but if no one followed him, he felt so insecurity, they argued so long, mom was stubborn but later took one step back and let it be.

I didn’t care such thing, let Yan Yan transfer to same school with me, this called troublesome.

Based on her character… enslaving me every day in school, or might… might, this little brat would go and find Kang Yu…

Suddenly I could feel my hands and feet trembling.

I took a glance to Yan Yan, she really enjoying her meal, as if there was nothing matter with her.

Not good, this was not good.

I could imagine, the future of my Junior High school would be so tragic.

“Yan Yan, are you agree?” I gathered all my courage to ask.

She put much red braised pork to her mouth so that she could not speak clearly and she just nodding.

I stirred up, screaming, “No, you cannot!”

“What cannot!” Mom roared at me, “what is so not good both of you go to school together, you this little girl recently seem to lost your thought, Yan Yan has agreed, so why you worried so much?”

I could feel my stomach boiled, what I have done just to protect my future.

I tried to start with “friend card”, “Yan Yan, transferring to new school, you cannot play with your classmate, don’t you feel sad?”

After transferred to new school, everything should be start from beginning, everyone might stranger, during the break time would be so distressing, although based on Yan Yan characters she would be able to find new friend and adapt well, but… her current classmate, at least she already has emotional attachment, and once she transferred to new school it would be regretful.

Who’s know that Yan Yan, after she has swallowed her red braised pork, opened her mouth said, “I won’t.”

This girl was really heartless.

She wiped her mouth, continued, “It not like I won’t meet them anymore, during holiday I still can play with them, moreover…” she turned her eyes said, “I feel not bad transfer schoolbecause there must be many excite things awaiting me.”

Excited things?

Cold sweat streaming down, just afraid as what I thought.

“It decided!” mom slapped the table, there was no way to reject, on contrary she said to me, “You are big sister, you should act like big sister, later when the new semester start, not only you should study good but you also need to take care your little sister.”

Taking care this little brat, did she still need me to take care of her? Aiyaa, it should be me who being taking care.

“Mom, I think…” I still wanted to fight back.

But mom continued, throw me sharp words, “Speak less nonsense, faster eat!”

I really wanted to cry, I felt I didn’t have place in this house.

After I done eating, I dragged Yan Yan to my room, I hit her head and said, “You can transfer to my school, but I warned you not to find Kang Yu, do you listen!”

Yan Yan eating an apple, her mouth sounded chachacha voice, but her eyes innocently looked at me.

“Don’t you think I don’t know, you…you… have something!”

After she ate her apple, she walked to the trash bin to throw it, and then take another apple and keep on eating, her expression was so innocent but she clearly not listen any of my words.

“I don’t care, you must not come to find Kang Yu.” This really was what I afraid of.

Just afraid this little brat would scrutinize me “kindly” to ask thing that I not dare to ask.

She was gnawing a pear, and also threw it to trash bin after done, again she…

I flared up, I didn’t know where she got the banana, I really pissed off as if I wanted to skin her.

I just didn’t understand how could she eat that much.


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