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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 50


Chapter 50

Are you pregnant?

After heard what Yao Yao said, the driver suddenly turned white pale: “Miss Lisa, what should we do?”

“It’s okay, Lao Zhang, how much your lost, our General Manager Feng will double to pay you. Drive the car!”

“But, Miss Lisa?”

“Lao Zhang, I asked you to drive the car!” Lisa attitude is so firmed.

At this moment, Yao Yao as outsider helplessly shook his shoulder: “You Go, Go lah. Seeing there is car incident but does not make report is considering as offended to law, to incite from the car incident is a crime, it’s okay whether you believe or not and also that important man who sitting inside the car also worth to mention, perhaps all of you can be detained.”

“You!” Very obvious that Lisa could not win over Yao Yao.

The man who sit inside the car simply laughing: “I just know that you little stupid will go against me! but, this is part of you that attracting me most.” He opened the door…

“General Manager Feng.” Lisa hurried bow.

All the people that surrounded the place, paused for moment: “That man… he really good looking. He looked alike… the… second young master of Feng group?”

“It seems so?”

“This Miss, I really agreed with your point a view.” Feng Chen Yi smiles, walking in front of Yao Yao, and then he frowned: “But, I remembered there was someone ever told me that something like law cannot be toyed in this way, it is the weapon for justice.”

“Uh…” Yao Yao who thinks above wind suddenly paused, this words was said by her to Feng Chen Yi. Damn rotten bastard he hit her weakness. She makes fist with her hands, lower her head and walking to that middle age man who sitting on the ground: “Mr, it better you leave.”


“What happen? Which party did this little girl help?” all the people who are seeing the incident gradually questioned, just now that little girl seems above wind? But how at sudden…

“You, what are you talking?”

“Mr, there is something that I don’t want to say so obvious, I advising you hurry to leave better.”

“So, how about my hand? You see, my hand is broken!”

Yao Yao looked that man’s baby finger (pinky finger), coldly said: “Are you sure that your hand really broke because hit by the car?”

“Nonsense, everyone saw it. Didn’t it?” this man spoke, looking surrounded everyone seems agreed and nodded.

“Well, do you have witness? Well, very good I have evidence!”Yao Yao pointed at the car and the man who is lying on the ground: “The car was coming from left to right, and then it hit your left side of body, and normally your waypoints should be your right side but you are sitting in the ground facing toward (as if welcoming the car).”

“Second, you injured your left hand, but looking at the car height it is possible to hit where your hand injured, so that the only possibility, it was you who purposely lying on the ground and made yourself hit by the car, this is the point, your left hand was not possible support your weight on the ground, furthermore to cause you broke your bone.”

“The last point, seeing from the speed of the car, the speed was not more than 40km/hour, but after you appeared slowly in front of the car you were shouting, seeing from 10 stride of the average speed. On this way could see the brake marks. And of course, at least you should at least fell 20 steps from the car because the speed was about 20 strides as result.”

“As for the human evidence, I believe, most of the people in here paid to the attention after you shouted, seeing the car incident, and then, it would not count as evidence in law, so it is invalid!”

“Pa” “Pa” Claps hands sound.

Yao Yao showed her confident face when she elaborating about law, make all the people claps hand for her, at the moment, the place of car incident suddenly turned to be court (law), Yao Yao who looks so young is actually the eloquent super lawyer!

“This little girl is awesome, how can she understand that much?”

“That’s right, who is she?”

Everyone is praising her, Feng Chen Yi gives faint smile, from long time ago he has known and believe that Yao Yao has miracle ability.

As long as she stands in any side, no matter the other side has strong point of view, still her is much stronger, only by using her head, at the end result is always victory! How strong her capability, perhaps Yao Yao herself not really know! this case is the perfect example…

“You damn little girl, here is none of your business!” that scammer failed, angry scold her with cursing words.

Yao Yao helplessly shook her head, crouch down her body: “You better take back your words, or else I have capability to make this car owner to sue you until you go bankrupt, do you believe?”

“What do you mean? You just have said that he was the criminal!”

“That’s right. From the law point of view he could be criminal, but did not completely wrong, and then… you are scammer. You will be one who completely being responsible for this incident as scammer!”

“You… based on what evidence you said that I am scammer?”

“Uh, Mr, would you like make a check up in hospital? If it was fresh wound because of the accident, then it should still red, but your finger was old wound which at one glanced everyone know that has been heal for half month already. As additional this Rolls Royce was bumped by you, the repairing fee could exceed 300,000 dollar. Won’t it make you to go bankrupt?”

“You, You…” this man being convinced, how can this small little girl could be so good? How she knows many things? “Damn!” that man pissed off gritting his teeth, suddenly pulled Yao Yao down to ground and running away.

“Yao Yao!” seeing her being pulled down, Feng Chen Yi face changed dark: “Lao Zhang, faster chase after that man!”

“Yes! Young Master.”

“No need.” She still understanding what is called “forgiveness”, if not because that man have hard life, why should he be scammer? Moreover his finger really broke? Aish…money really is important.

“Ah, you are really, at one time you suddenly turned be another person, once you get bullied you prefer to swallow.” For this point, Feng Chen Yi really cannot do anything, he and Yao Yao have been dating about two years, towards Yao Yao capability he has 100% trusting her, but the strange things, this little girl when facing with her problem she suddenly be muddle head. This perhaps to confirm old statement, some people with high IQ can be low in EQ.

Feng Chen Yi helped her to stand up.

Yao Yao unhappy rolled her eyes: “Why you were you against one way traffic regulation?”

“I have things to settle.”

“So if you really have thing need to settle then you think alright to against the law? Just now if that man really blackmail you, you would also seized this illegal loophole? Idiot!” She bent her body to pick up her stuffs scattered in the ground.

“Eh? I was said idiot by the idiot? This is really kind of insult for myself.” Feng Chen Yi laughing, he also helped her to pick her things up. but at this moment…



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