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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 85

I always have my own reason why I dislike Fei Yan so much. This chapter is one of the reason….

Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 85

Fei Yan’s Farewell

Why could not she feel the happiness, forever? Since she was young she stayed at Bai Hua Lane, her background not good, never seen any of her family and relatives, just like this she has passed those years, until the time when Third Young Master appeared in her life, there was really the most happiest time in her life, and now until the last and at the end there’s no happiness feeling anymore.

Why heaven not fair? Why she cannot have her own happiness? Fei Yan’s Eyes wet with tears.

“Fei Yan, I am sorry.”

Long Mo Er words made Fei Yan aware with her mood changing, hurry she suppressed her tears to drop. “You don’t need to say sorry, you are Long Wan Er, you are the wife of Third Young Master, you don’t need to say any sorry words.”

You are Long Wan Er, you are the Third Young Master’s wife!

When she heard it, Long Mo Er felt little bit dizzy.

Who can tell her, what should she do? She is not Long Wan Er, she is Long Mo Er! She is the substitute bride only, she is not the real person that Ye Che should marry! Did she do it right or not since the beginning? Her appearance in here, was it right or not?

She felt headache! So frustrated!

She, this fake bride, did she the person who separate them, taking the happiness which belong to them, has she changed be bad person? Since when she is starting to take the role as bad person?

“Ye Fu Ren, today my coming to here, there is no any intention, I just want to know whether the Third Young Master is good or not through you, it enough for me to know the answer. Please taking good care of the Third Young Master, I wish both of you together until white hairs and old age (until death do apart).” Fei Yan gathered her courage, her face filled with smile and looking at Long Mo Er’s eyes, said “Good bye, Ye Fu Ren. Promise me to make Third Young Master have happy life!”

The way of Fei Yan conveying her farewell, it made Long Mo Er unease!

When looking Fei Yan’s foot step moving away, Long Mo Er opened her mouth: “Fei Yan.”

Fei Yan stopped but she not looked back, she just silently standing there.

“Fei Yan.” Did not know why, seeing the lonely back of Fei Yan, she could not help herself to call her.

But, what she wanted to say?

What should she do to comfort Fei Yan? First time when she met Fei Yan, she was bright and enchanting, but now, at this moment, her expression still that intoxicated but somewhat she lost that happy feeling, does all of these her fault?

“I…. sorry, I also don’t know what should I say but I feel so frustrated.” Long Mo Er felt guilty and frustrating made her hard to say this few words.

“No need to say anything, just taking good care of Third Young Master.”

After Fei Yan said these few words, she didn’t give any chance for Long Mo Er, have big strides walking away… she has done with her words, she need to leave.

At this moment her face has been wet with tears, she frail. If now she turned her back afraid that she cannot persistent to take the moves.

Long Mo Er still trying to say something but at last she say nothing, looking at Fei Yan’s back, lost in thought.

Azurro said: I might heartless to say Fei Yan, but the way Fei Yan bid farewell just too 狗血 (melodramatic)!  


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 85

  1. I feel pity for Fei Yan x-x she didn’t choose to be a prostitute…it was her own fate to blame…x-x I hope she finds happiness else where and that she doesn’t end up a jealous scheming witch… O3O thank you for the great effort of translating!!! I awaite fir the next update!! I hope the trips end quickly I miss Ye Che hehehehehe

  2. Thank you for translation. Don’t feel bad for Fei Yan, I myself don’t like her either. She herself has been kept saying that she has been living in Bai Hua Lane since she was a young girl and never will she be able to find someone who will redeem her from the brothel and who is she to think to take someone else husband. What good will it be for Ye Che to be with Fei Yan and I doubt that his family will want a prostitute for a daughter-in-law and as filial as he is to his parents, can you see him leaving his parents for a prostitute whom he has no feeling for (romantically) except just a friendship…even that…

    Fei Yan is the one who try to break Lan Mo Er and Ye Che’s happiness by being what she can only be to Ye Che and the rest of the men who visit Bai Hua enchantress and prostitute.

  3. Hahahaha! Azurro, I thought that Fei Yan would do something so scheming after I read your intro. So it was her melodrama-as-if-she’s-the-victim that annoyed you? LOL.

    Thankies for the update!

  4. thanks!
    argh—-! ok fine, she can have her farewell, never appear again? but i am thinking that other girl, who stared at mo er with hatred, she’s going to appear! and she’ll probably be even more annoying! no—-!

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