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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 9.2

Chapter 9

Part 2 (Two)

Sister in Law got bribe

She did not angry but with her smiling eyes, she put her hands in my shoulder, “I understood, understood, why you are so noisy like old granny, nagging without ending, I go for study, you reassured.”

If I really not worrying that just strange, no matter what her expression and the way she speaking really could not make me at peace. Did I think too much?

“Are you sure?”Not sure but I still asked.

She nodded, “I am so sure, be reassured.”

“Really?” I still could not believe her.

“Really!” She answered me certainly.

I felt little bit at peace in my heart, but I still sensed there was something amiss, but again Yan Yan has made promised to me, she would not do anything that harm me, but I as her older sister also could not act too petty to her so I choose to believe her.

When new semester start, she finally transferred to my school so that we went to same school but different class, because she is the transferred student then she entered class 2-5.

This also make my heart little bit at ease.

But, the fact that I am twin, makes my classmate and also her classmate surprised, Xiao Fan, Da Shuang, Xiao Shuang, Liu Li Jun and Xu Ying are friends since we were in kindergarten, they have known before, so that there is no surprised of them.

When Kang Yu knew that I am twins, his reactions… perhaps shocked, little bit, but this shocking really not same, he gave me vibes as if I pet dog in somewhere and born puppies without my knowing, this kind of excitement feeling, perhaps.

This was so strange, I am twins but he is the one excited.

After first class ended, there were many boys who went to see my younger sister in class 2-5, and then after they back from seeing my younger sister, then they started to discuss about our appearance, they thought my younger sister was more beautiful than me.

I extremely angry until broke my third pencils.

Kang Yu also went, after he back, he looked at me but not like long face (disappointing), he looked in deep thought, suddenly I felt nervous and again I broke my pencil.

He glanced at me, said nothing, I felt uncomfortable.

During the class, he silently glanced at me, I realized he still in deep thought.

What kind of thought he has, did he also think that Yan Yan was more beautiful, or did he make mistake by liking me?

I pinched myself, what liked, he never told me that he liked me, why nervous, moreover I also not liked him, so there none of my business who he liked.

But no matter why, I felt little bit sour in my heart.

I forced myself to focus taking notes and breaking my pencil again, and then I opened my pencil case to take another pencil.

There is no pencil anymore!

“Take this!” Kang Yu gave me one of his pencils.

I doubted for seconds, but still took it, “Thank you!” and then I tried as if nothing matter me, continuing with my writing.

This class subject was History, our history teacher was keep on talking to himself since the class starting, he looks so addicted, not even realized whether the student listened to him or not, I looked at my notes, suddenly Kang Yu asked me, “What does your sister like usually?”

I glared at him, I almost broke his pencil, suddenly I felt as if something pierced into my heart, in order to conceal, I spoke quite harsh, and also glared him fiercely.

“Why you asked me?”

He answered me as it matter of course, “I just want to know.”

I looked at him, my heart aching, I pouted, said: “Why should I tell you?”

“Does she also like dog?” he kept asking, he tried to get something from me.

I grieved and my heart ached, I even felt my eyes stung, I clenched the pencil tightly in my hand, I just writing my note, ignoring him.

I made strokes in my notes and suddenly I realized I wrote down three words in my history notebook—bad man.

Suddenly anxious, tore the page and shattered it.

Kang Yu saw me tearing the paper, not asked me but kept on asking his business.

After the class ended, I saw him going to class2-5 straightly.

I pissed off, I torn all the pages of my history notes, it shocked me, the last time notes also in this page, while next week would be exam, my current situation is called crying without tears.

When lunch time, the first thing I did, went to find Yan Yan for revenge… no, for lunch!

When I arrived at class 2-5, I realized Yan Yan was not in her class.

Frustrated, her lunch box still with me, what she would eat, in here she has not familiarized with anyone, impossible she not wait for me, while her classmate also didn’t know where she about, I did not have any idea, so I just went to the canteen to re-heat my meals. Not better than death, on my way went back, I spotted Kang Yu and Yan Yan were having conversation under the tree which the distance not far and not really drawing others attention.

My first response was hiding, secretly looking at them.

But later, after I have thought for while, why should I hide, why should I secretly looking at them, I paused for while, holding my lunch box and hit my head, but my eyes sight just locked at them… didn’t know why the scene piercing into my eyes…it pierce until I felt there was bitterness in my heart.

What was my brain thought, what were they talking about?

Abruptly there was something pop out in my mind.

Did Kang Yu fall in love with someone else?

When this thought pop out, I was shaking my head and hit it harder, so what if he fell in love with someone else, he never told me that he likes me.

But, what did this mean?

Did because my little sister more beautiful than me, so that he preferred her?

I squatted there, I felt my heart hurt and bitter, why I felt bitter and also why I felt hurt? I pulled my own hair, I kept on asking myself, what happen with me?

Both of them were still talking, I really hate both of them, I just wanted to smash the lunch box to them.

But I did not do it, I stood up, took another path, rushing walked away.

What the eyes did not see, the heart did not grieve over (idiom), pretended not see anything!

After arrived at my class, I sat on my own seat, looking at the lunch boxes which have very beautiful packaging, but I didn’t have any appetite.

“Miao Miao, what happen, uncomfortable, why are you keep looking on your lunch box but not eat anything?” Xiao Fan asked.

I shook my head, “Nothing, I just don’t have appetite.”

“If you don’t eat, let me help you to eat, I really love to eat red braised pork.” Xiao Fan used her spoon to scoop the red braised pork into her lunch box.

“Don’t take all, Yan Yan has not eaten.” I used my chopstick to stop Xiao Fan.

“Talking about Yan Yan, why haven’t seen her coming here to have lunch?” Xiao Shuang who sat beside while holding warm soup, asked me.


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