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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 86

Chapter 86

All his body bleeding

What kind of emotion carried by Fei Yan when she left? While she, herself hurt to the point she speechless moreover Fei Yan, she must be hurt too!

At her back there was “chichachicha” little sound of something moving, Long Mo Er faster to turn her head, from far away she could see one person silhouette, shuddering with unstable step, perhaps, every moves that made is entailing strenuous efforts.

This strange and sudden figure showed up, it succeed to attract Long Mo Er’s attention, it makes her to forget little while about the pain which caused by Fei Yan. Distract herself little while, so her focus and thought completely to that figure in front of her.

Who is he? There is no people surrounded, is he bad person? Long Mo Er feels little bit anxious, looking her surroundings.

But, another moment nothing happen as she thought. On contrary, from far away that wobbling figure has fallen down, heavily to ground.

“What happen to you? Is something happen ?” Long Mo Er looked at the person who lying in front of her, she ignored everything that she thought before, hurried she run closer that person.

At the time she gets closer, once she sees the person and then fall down, all over his body is fresh blood. That red blood is separating to his white robe, originally the ground is dry but now is wet with blood.

Long Mo Er is shocked by that red blood, she afraid so using her hand to cover her mouth, she tries hard to calm down herself so she is less nervous and afraid, but still her hand is shaking so terrible.

Heaven, what should I do? How can he bleeding this much? Did he injure? Has he death already? Long Mo Er panicking make guessing, once she has thought perhaps he has already death, Long Mo Er trembling from head to toe.

But, the person who lying in the ground seems to make a move, he is still enduring that kind of suffer.

Once Long Mo Er sees him moving, her fear heart suddenly replace with excitement.

So that he is still alive, he has not death. No, she cannot let him die in front of her, she should help him. Long Mo Er brazen herself, she talked to herself: “Don’t be afraid, should be brave, don’t let him die, should help him. Should be brave, should be brave.”

She encourage herself, walking forward, she stretch out her shaking hands to flip over that body which lying in the ground. After she clearly looked his face, seeing his unique gold-colored mask, Long Mo Er surprised she even shouted once. He is that live-saving doctor that saved person in Si Xin lake, the mysterious man with mask, he is really that mysterious man in white robe.

Seeing the person that she recognized, knew him, Long Mo Er feels so complicated, she completely does not know her mood.

She hurried lift his head, called his name: “White robe, white robe, you wake up! You cannot die! Please wake up. White robe.” When Long Mo Er called him, her tears also streaming down from her eyes, she does not know why she does not want him die, he tightly closed pair of his eyes, compare to him who is bleeding all over body, She just able to cry.

“Later there will be people coming, could you open your eyes, please? White robe.” Her mouth calling but Long Mo Er does not have any confident. If early she knew, she won’t let Lu Qun left, if early she knew she would not let Fei Yan left. Now, what should she do? Long Mo Er is panicking. “White robe, you… you… should live.”

The body of the man who wearing gold mask gradually cold, lying in ground, drop by drop the blood dropping down.


3 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 86

  1. thanks a lot!
    wait, sudden appearance fo the mysterious guy—-?!? save him, someone, quick! oh no, why do i have a bad feeling about this? it’s nothing, it’s nothing…!

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