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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 53


I feel bad for Yao Yao…

I should say, from the first chapter until this chapters, Yao Yao had been violate for many times, especially by Yu Ao Tian. she just simple girl who want to have simple life but somehow, her life turned be darker and darker after she broke with Feng Chen Yi and met Yu Ao Tian.

She has good academic, smart brain, high IQ but because of poverty and also sickly Grandpa, life is hard for her. The damn complicated fate that she has whether good or bad….

Chapter 53


“All guests, this is the last and climax auction. I think I don’t need to make introduction, do I? In front of you, this is the pure innocent student! Moreover her body has been inspected that she is 100% virgin. Again, let me give little bit spoiler that she is******oh!”

“****? Is it****?” all the people who joined the auction more excited to join this last auction.

“Ha Ha, the most important she isn’t underage so rest assured, everything has been checked clearly, this time the “product” is over 18 years old. Guarantee, it won’t troublesome you, in addition if you want to make her as 14 or 15 years little girl to fulfill your imagination is still well do. Alright, let end the nonsense, the opening price is 500,000 dollar, who want to raise the price!”

“Ao Tian! Ao Tian, is it true what the auctioneer said? Flat chest is….*****? Moreover still virgin? You haven’t “finished” her?” Long Qi asked without thinking, while Yu Ao Tian’s face turned to be so scary already.

He has known earlier that Yao Yao “body” condition which he kept secret, he just didn’t want to make public! That damn little thing!

“Long Qi, you just not know, out of Ao Tian’s taste, he is always prefer the “mature” women, this little girl just high grade toy for him, is it Ao Tian?”

He lazy to deal with both of Long brothers, coldly he said: “Xue Tong, don’t be hesitate with the numbers, you should win this bet, win the little thing!”

Don’t be hesitate? Yu Ao Tian underlined this word boldly. After he said, he left the auction house…


“Miss Luo, your buyer has waiting for you in down stairs room, this is the room card.” The auctioneer done and gave her the room card at Yao Yao’s hand.

“How about the 1,000,000 dollar?” now she didn’t want to think whether she sold or not, she also didn’t want to think what would be heading in front of her, she just needed the money!”

“Rest assured, after you done with your job, the money will be transferred into your account.”

“Thank..You.” Ha, she is sold but still thanked the person, perhaps she is one of the most idiot ones today? But it could be understood, everyone has their own urgency?

After she goes down stairs, Yao Yao took out the room card, entered the room but when she just in half step…

“Yao Yao, what is your plan for future?”

“Ng…when I reached 22 years old have graduated from university I will take an entrance examination for graduate program, also looking for internship in big company. Perhaps after I passed the entrance, I might have little skill, in that way I might find better career. After that, at 25, I will get married, at 27 I will have child. At 30 I might have stabilized career with high position.”

“Qie, you have already had Feng Young Master to support you, why do you want to be suffered? It still better you to focus be rich madam!”

“Xiao Man! I believe Feng Chen Yi will respect…”

She recalled the conversation between her and her best friend, Gong Xiao Man during high school time, but now… everything turned be bubbles. After she stepped in this room, she does not have right to talk about family, moreover marriage, she believe that, there is no man in this world will accept a girl that exchange her virginity with money?

“Humph, it does not matter, woman, if there is no family they still have career?” but… what is real meaning of family for woman?

She laughed clueless, takes long breath, slowly pushed open the door. “Is, is there anyone?” she used the smallest voice, walking inside the room…

But when she entered the room, she spotted that good looking face who smiled sadistically: “What? It is you?”

“As your owner, after I heard what you said, what do you think I feel?”

“You are my owner? You finally…bought me?”

“Humph? Bao Bei, your expression told me, you feel little bit regret.” Yu Ao Tian said but during that time his eyes gleaming with dangerous yet obtain killing intention.

“No, as for me, whoever bought me just same.”

“Just same?” she understood, whatever she said would only make Yu Ao Tian getting more and more pissed off!

“Two years ago searching for Host, two years later working as night club employee, and now sold yourself. Yao Yao, it seems that I was underestimating you, so that you just not more than “toy” in the bed, if normally you are this, why are you still pretending to be… so naïve in front of me?”

“Yu!!!” every words that the man accused on her, it was piercing deep inside her heart, but suddenly she realized there was no use to make any explanation because it just excuses. Able to stand here, did this mean how useless she, didn’t she?

“Yao Yao.” Yu Ao Tian crossed his leg, sitting in the bed, coldly said: “now, strip! Show me!”

She nervous and trembling, her lowered head slowly lifts up: “Please…turn off the lamp, can you?”

“Hah, now I am your owner, you don’t have right to make bargain with me, understood!”

Understood! She understood very well! She bites her lips, layer by layer strip herself. After she strip herself and leave her undergarment, she weakly said: “Can it?”

“What do you think?”

She undressed herself until there is no thread left.

“Opened your hand, opened your eyes, and looked at me!”

That man coldly commanded her, she stubborn to cover her chest area. Tightly closed her eyes…

“Come closer!”

One step, second step she has stopped in front of that man.

Yu Ao Tian made fist from his hand: “I said one more time, opened your eyes and looked at me!” after he said, he forcibly pinched her chin.

“Hu.” her chin is hurt so much, she opened her eyes, straightly looking at the man expression. One bead tear, the second bead tears are slowly wet her eyes like crystal clear of flower dew.

“Good, this is good.” He saw that tears dropping and wet her face, evil smile, his hand caressing her white skin.

“En…” pursed lips, she stepped back one step, and then facing that man cold eyes, she just can obediently walking in front of him.

“Tell me, when you sold yourself, how did they check your body?”

“They…they…” she mumbles, she really didn’t want to recall the memory about checking up her body.

“I.. forgot.”

“Forgot? Does not matter! Just tell me, did they touch here?” His finger touched****

“Uh…” Yao Yao body response, hurried she shook her head: “No. No.”


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