Review : Albion Exage Softening Cleansing Cream

Picture credit to the google
Picture credit to the google


The trend using Japanese skincare seems to be increasing lately. One of best selling product is Albion even this brand has been so long in the market.

I have good opportunity to give try this product from my sis who live in Japan. She sent me some Albion products and here one of the product review, Albion Exage Softening Cleansing Cream.

About Product
Albion Exage Softening Cleansing Cream is makeup cleanser/makeup remover.

This product has very nice scent, high consistency and creamy. But sadly to say, this product only work for light makeup so it cannot use for water-proof products and also cannot used to removed eyes makeup.

Personally I will never look back for using this product because I think my money  worth more to purchase other. This product also one of the most expensive makeup cleanser that I have used. one bottle/ one tube (170ml) of Exage Softening Cleansing foam cost about, very expensive (some online shop even charge additional shipping fee).



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