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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 9.3

Chapter 9

Part 3 (Three)

Sister in Law got bribe

I pouted, “Who knows.”

My heart aching once I remembered, so that I put many red braised pork into Xiao Fan’s lunch box, “Take this, care less for her whether she eats or not!”

“What happen? Why angry?” Xu Ying chewing her food, asked. She chewed slowly because it was Xu Ying eating habit, she took about twenty time chewing once she ate for one spoon before she swallowed.

I used my chopstick to add more vegetable to lunch box, “nothing!”

Liu Li Jun looking at me as if thought something, said nothing, but her eyes sight was weird, it made me uncomfortable.

When I was asking her what she saw, suddenly Yan Yan made appearance.

“Big sister, I come to have lunch.” Her hand was holding Ham sausage.

Once she saw that the red braised pork in lunch box gone, she pissed off yelling, “Who, who ate my red braised pork!”

Xiao Fan placate, “Here, in here, I just ate it little bit.”

When I saw the Ham sausage in her hand, “Where the Ham sausage comes from?”

“Snack store.”

Snack store (Canteen) is the place in our school for the student who not have their breakfast or not taking their lunch. In there, they were selling small tarts, tea eggs (boiled egg with flavoring), ham sausages, fried chicken, and others snacks that able to fill the hunger stomach, during the summer it would sell something refreshing food such as Wa Wa Xue Gao (Baby cream tart), popsicles, snow white ices, something that we ate to refresh and cold down after the class ended, to satisfied self.

As I remembered, she didn’t have money, because her red pocket’s (Chinese New Year money) had used to buy bike, while yesterday when she got pocket money from daddy, she has spent all her money, buying Chocolate, so where her money came from to buy Ham sausage.

Yan Yan has strong obsession with food, she talking to me while her hands pick up the chopstick and already grabbed some food from Xiao Fan’s lunch box, Xiao Fan wasn’t her match, the red braised pork has eaten, she also took some Xiao Fan’s steam meat.

I didn’t have any mood to ask about the ham sausage, I was at lost with my heart, but asked, “Just now I was looking for you, but you weren’t there, where were you?”

She ate all the food in the lunch box, but still not stopped, she even took food from Xu Ying’s lunch box, who asked her to eat such slow, after she heard what I was asking, her eyes rolled as if there were a laser beam.

“I was strolling at sport field, just to familiarize myself with the new environment.”

“Alone?” although I hesitated but still I asked her.

Her mouth full with foods and have difficulty to speak, so that she just nodded her head.

Suddenly I felt my heart got chills and pain, she lied to me, she was with Kang Yu before.

I wanted to open my mouth to expose her lies, but…I didn’t know as whom, my younger sister befriend with others, there was none of my right to control her, Kang Yu also not bad teenager or dangerous, so there was no reason for me to have objection.

I was sat in my seat, but suddenly I felt my eyes wet with tears.

After Yan Yan finished, she put the lunch box in front of me, “I have done.”

After she said, she just run out.

While I didn’t see Kang Yu walked inside.

My eyes wet with tears, it blurred my vision…

“Miao Miao, why are you crying?” Xiao Shuang anxious asked.

I touched my face, my hand touched my tears, I was shocked.

I cried.

Why I crying?

I didn’t understand with my mood, I lie down my face in my desk, not dare to lift my head up.

“Miao Miao, what happen to you? Are you sick?” Xiao Fan asked.

I stressed out said, “Nothing, I just…felt my heart aching.”

“Did your myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle) relapse? Eat medicine, hurry up eat your medicine!” Da Shuang heading toward me, she was searching my desk and bag.

“I take warm water!” Xu Ying did not care with her lunch, she took her small cup, running to corridor.

Waiting for Xu Ying’s warm water, Xiao Fan raised my head up, forcing to feed me my medicine.

When I was in my primary school, I relapsed one time, all of them had experienced (witness) it before.

“Do we need to call teacher?” Xu Ying is someone who has chicken-gut, I cried and she also cried.

Liu Li Jun said, “She, it was not her sickness relapse but she is jealous!”

I was nervous, “Who…who… is jealous!”

“You death duck tight lips (reluctant to admit a mistake/truth)!” she despicable said, and then as if older sister, one feet put in chair, she liked to use this kind of way to give lesson, good from worse she actually was the secretary member, but somehow she acted like bad girl.

But this trick really worked for me, immediately I straighten my back, heard what she said.

“You dare to say, seeing Kang Yu with Yan Yan, your heart not aching, but why you took peek at them before.”

I shocked, said: “You… did you see it?” Just at one shot, the same as to admit.

The others chirping looking at me, “Miao Miao, you really are jealous!”

“I don’t, I don’t!” I firmed to deny.

“You are!” Liu Li Jun strongly stepped her feet down from chair, while the others just nodding their head.

“No, I don’t!” I strongly denied.

“You—–are!” Liu Li Jun looked me with strange eyes sight, the others kept on nodding their head.

“I—-really—-don’t!” I stood up, stretch out my neck, facing her to make my denial.

She also didn’t want to lose, she stretched out her neck too. “You are really!”

If this continued, there would be “it’s have” and “It not” war.


4 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 9.3

  1. they thought she was sick when she was actually just jealous….but kang yu and her should hurry up and start to date…
    thank you so much for the chapter!! 🙂

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