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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 54 and 55

Today will post four chapters before I stopped  A naive short-tempered girl for while (perhaps a week or more depend on…) in order to focus with Substitute Bride.

So, here the first two chapters…

This is the summary part of two chapters, enjoy 🙂

Chapter 54 and Chapter 55

Yu Ao Tian keeps on teasing Yao Yao by touching one by one of her sensitive parts, confirm her whether that part has been touched by the auction’s committee (the auction people). She kept saying no while crying.

She begged him to stop but the angry Yu Ao Tian became angrier and uncontrolled. She tried to use many ways in order to make Yu Ao Tian stopped his action from the begging, crying even negotiating with him but all just in vain.

“Tell me, how they checked on you?” this is the N times Yu Ao Tian asked.

Her mouth sealed so tight finally Yu Ao Tian used the last moved. It was the disgusting ones.

He asked her to perform fellatio by hand (you check yourself in google).

Yao Yao knew there were many women slept with him and also perhaps did same things. She felt so disgusting about that thing. She refused but he forced her to do. There was nothing she can do, except crying for her fate.

Even Yu Ao Tian asked her to perform fellatio, it was not to satisfied himself but more to vent his anger on her. After torturing and taunting her verbal or physical, he stopped for moment.


“Bao Bei, you dares to sell yourself, you must prepare yourself to confront with various type of owner? At the moment we will continue the game.”

Once Yao Yao thought what other worse thing would happen to her, her body could not stop from trembling. He teased her, he taunting her, he torturing her….

Ring…Ring…Ring… suddenly Yu Ao Tian phone ringing, even he hates to pick up the call still with unhappy expression he said: “Bao Bei, don’t stop, keep on!”

Yao Yao did not dare to stop.

“Pardon me to disturb you, Ao Tian. I can’t help but I think this matter will get your interest.”

“Oh?” his eyes shines brightly, he really wanted to know what good news Long Ye wanted to tell him and made his mood better.

“You, asked me to find about Yao Yao… the result has came out!”

“Very good! You wait for me, I will be arrived immediately!”

Would Yu Ao Tian leaving? Would this mean? She could…

Yao Yao lifts her head as if looking at him like “Thanks for the mercy”

“Bao Bei, Your luck not bad.” But…. It all depend on what Long Ye got, at that time we will see how your luck! Thinking about this, suddenly his eyes showed evil and cold sight, looking at her scar in her left shoulder.

“Thank…thank you.”

“Hah! But, I don’t say everything is ended. You see…how I walk now?”

His smiled deviously by pointing at his “dragon”.

Yao Yao little face turned white pale: “You… whatever, actually this is already ended, isn’t it?”

“Heh.” He narrowed his eyes: “You can make it by mouth!”

“Using mouth? I… I cannot…”

“Are you trying to make bargaining with me, now?” He did not do “take” her first (Yao Yao still virgin until now), it means that he has showed his mercy on her. He just did not understand why this little thing still wanted to force him move another back step?

“I really cannot….”

Yu Ao Tian didn’t give her time, he directly force “it” into her mouth.

After while….

“Little thing.”

“What is this?” she bent herself, pick up something from the floor that threw by Yu Ao Tian, she saw: “Bank Note?” 100,000 dollar? What…does he mean? “I, I don’t need tip!” she just wanted the amount that she needed.

“Tip? Hah, you really funny, I don’t get what I expected from you, why should I give you tip?”

“But…what is about this money?”

“That is what you deserve for.” The basic thing for all women who were doing it with Yu Ao Tian would always get money.

“I, I just don’t understand what your meaning?”

“Not understand? Oh…that’s right, you are not working in this field, that’s why you don’t know anything.” He turned his back, leaving the room but before that: “That company that sold you, the money that they promised you, afraid…ah. If you really love money that much, how but consider, consider to be my lover.” After he said, at that time when Yu Ao Tian leaving that place his face turned be so cold.

Even this little lamb is fell to his hand, but if today, if today he didn’t show up in that auction, or he just left like Feng Chen Yi, would there be someone came and took her then ate her up?

“You damn little thing, no matter you are really that naïve or you just pretending to be naïve, you will never escape from my hand!”

At this moment, Yu Ao Tian did not want to think the reason why she sold herself, he even did not want to understand what “difficulty” she had. For domineering man like him, there is nothing more challenging to conquer the every obstacle!

After he arrived at the apartment where five people live together, Yu Ao Tian knocking the room of Long’s brothers. “Where is your brother?”

The person who opened the door is Long Qi: “My big brother is on the way, just wait for him a moment, Ao Tian.”

“Why are you here?” he said while sitting in the sofa.

“I just know that you asked my brother to check on that Flat Cheat identity, so that, I also come to wait for that.”

“Heh, Long Qi ah, you are still so busy doing of nothing.”

“Qie, you are the one busy doing of nothing, why you need to check about that flat chest”

He frowned, coldly looked at Long Qi, if not because of that scar, he will never have interest to check on that little thing!

“creak” the door opened, Long Ye and Han Li Shang are coming together.

“Ha, Ao Tian! I want to tell you two things!” once he spotted Yu Ao Tian, Long Ye who was so excited sitting in the television rack, looking at three people who sit in front of him, he blinking his eyes mysteriously: “You make a guess… who is that little thing actually?”

Han Li Shang not interested to know, so he flings aside.

Yu Ao Tian also looked so composed, but only Long Qi who seems be so excited to know: “What? Who is she? Big brother, you faster say!”


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 54 and 55

  1. Thanks for your great work Azurro4cielo 😉

    Do anyone of you guys know where i can get /buy this novel? Is it available in any other language..such as german,russian or spanisch? Thx in advance 🙂

    1. Most of the Chinese novel are not available “officially” in other languages out from Asia region.
      And for a native short tempered girl, so far it only available in Chinese (web resource). For the manhwa (comic) version, I think they have translated it into spanisch.

  2. Thank you….YAT is curious about YY….enough to check on her background…Thought she is not a virgin anymore when YAT has ‘violated’ her…

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