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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 56

Chapter 56

Yao Yao is talented little girl

“Hah, that Xiao Meng Li… Ka Luo Men’s member!”

At the moment, three of the men showed same bright eyes.

“Ka Luo Men? That is the only organization where all the members are having super high IQ?” Han Li Shang coldly opened his mouth.

“That’s right! Not wrong! Moreover… this Xiao Meng Li just lost 5 point from Yu Ao Tian’s IQ!”

“So that, her IQ must be 205?” no wonder she could fix her mobile phone with the computer only within 2 minutes. But… just in this time suddenly wanted to scold her with, you damn fuck talented little girl why should you come and work as elevator lady? Does this mean***?

“Brother… are you sure will all the data that you have? Because no matter how I tried to look at that flat chest really not look alike talented little girl moreover are you really sure she just lower by 5 point from Yu Ao Tian?”

“Yes, at the beginning I also suspicious with Xiao Meng Li’s data regardless right or wrong. No matter how many times I made the check, the result was same. Since she was 12 she went to Japan as the number one China top student to be the exchange student, after that, she entered top one high school in Japan, besides she always got the awards, certificate and scholarship every years, at 19 she enrolled in top one university in China. You guys can take look of her data.” After said, Long Ye gave the data to them.

Long Qi is so excited while he flipping page by page, carefully read: “Woah, flat chest has so many awards and certificate. Does flat chest is book worm? So that, made her looked so stupid? Foolish? So that she only good at study?”

“Whose knows.” Long Ye shook his shoulder, but his face looked directly to Yu Ao Tian who looked so composed: “Uh… Ao Tian, you?”

“I just want the data before she went to Japan!” After he said, his face looked gloomy.

Long Ye took long breath, he helplessly shook his head: “Actually, this is the second thing that I want to tell you. Regarding Xiao Meng Li’s data information before she was 12… all was kept as top secret by the government. No matter who the person trying to track down about her data, it was clueless. Even her data after her 12 years old was track down from Japan.”

Stood up, Yu Ao Tian walked with big step. The remaining people just staring him with strange eyesight…

“Why does Yu Ao Tian only wanted flat chest data before her 12 years old? Others… why should her data kept as government top secret?”

“There are only two types of person who data would keep as government top secret, one of the types is those in highly risk with dangerous.”

After hear from Han Li Shang who said with cold tone, Long Qi thought flat chest not seem as someone might in high risk dangerous, shook his head: “She does not seem to be someone in high risk dangerous, how about the second?”

“The second is… someone who has important background!” he said. Inside the house the atmosphere is so strange….


“No money! No money! No money! The phone is shut! The phone is shut! It seems what did Yu Ao Tian said was right, that company was…. Hu…hu…” Yao Yao has waited for more than half day, but there was nothing changes in her account book, even the phone number cannot be phoned.

Being tricked… she was deceived!

Why, why God not take a good look of her, she has face such many troubles and yet she was deceived?

She never entered the society, so that she not really knows the dark side of the society. This time when she backed to China, the first thing she wanted to do was entered the society, only in short 2 weeks, she has tried her best to get into the situation, and also understand her situation is described as standing in thin layer of ice.

“Mom, grandpa, him…” Yao Yao looked so frustrated and sad when she came to hospital.

“Yao…Yao Yao, your grandpa…hu…hu…” Mother Luo just spoke two sentences but her tears are already streaming down.

Yao Yao knows very well that her mother is strong woman, if not because something too bad or too helpless, her mother won’t ever cried. “Mom, I, this past few years I have 100,000 dollar saving, do you thinks this is enough?”

“You, your saving?”

Don’t ask! Don’t ask! Mom, I beg you, don’t ask me about this saving. I begging you. she really afraid if her mother know about this money, she will not be able to hold this pressure and also the hurt.

“Enough, enough. Enough…” Mother Luo hurried wipe dry her tears, she forces herself to smile. She understood her daughter, she also can see her begging eyesight, so that she did not ask the resources of that money.

And then…

Yao Yao also not explain to her mom, she knows that the money isn’t enough! She made fist: “Mom, you wait for me. I will come to get the rest of the money.”

“Yao Yao? What foolish thing you said? 1,000,000 dollar, what will you does to earn that much?”

“Mom, you rest assured, I won’t steal or rob. You wait for me…just wait for me…” after she said, she turned her back and left the hospital.

“Yao Yao! Yao Yao…Yao Yao.. silly girl, it does not mean either steal or rob then the money mom will take it. silly… girl…” tears, it wet that old face of her mom, she really afraid! Afraid that her daughter would do silly things.

When night almost comes, Yao Yao has stood in front of magnificent splendid building for half hour, her face is struggling, tensed and complicated.

“There is no way… really no other way, I don’t have any option!” she made fist, gather her courage, she faster rushing inside that magnificent splendid building lobby.

“Miss, Miss! Stay still. Who do you looking for?” the security in front of the door and also the receptionist stopped her.

Yao Yao hurried to take out the name card from her pocket.

She looked at the receptionist in front of her, smiled: “Miss, please get in.”

That name card was Feng Chen Yi’s name card which he gave her that time when they were in elevator, for the business man the name card could mean two things, one is for business purpose and the second is the special case purposes like Yao Yao had, the 24K card name. this card name showed her special “status”, so that no one can stop her when she showed that card name.

“Miss, are…you?” Lisa is the person who sits in front of the General Manager office, at moment she recalled where she ever met this little girl.

“How.. how are you.” Yao Yao is trying her best to be composed, calm down and smiled: “Are you Lisa? I want to meet Feng Chen Yi.”

Lisa rolled her eyes: “Excuse me, do you have appointment with General Manager Feng? If not then…

Without waiting for Lisa, faster Yao Yao showed her that gold name card.

“Wait for moment!” turned her back, Lisa rushing got into Feng Chen Yi’s office room, not long after that she came out: “Please get in.”

Pushed that heavy wooden door, the first sight that caught her eyes is the splendid glamour office room, she rushed inside the room. “Feng…”

“My beloved Yao Yao, are you missing me?”

Confronting with this kind of intimidating tone and also domineering aura of Feng Chen Yi, she really hard to open her mouth, clearly first time she loved Feng Chen Yi was him, this person, this man!


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 56

  1. hai…hai…. I don’t get it… why did she go look for FCY instead of YAT?
    YAT has made clear offer… with what they had done before, its like, YY cannot escape anymore…the chapters getting more gloomy… hope there will be light in the next chapter…

    Thank you and keep it up!

  2. Thank you for these wonderful read. Am going to miss Naive Short Tempered Girl as this is what I keep refreshing several hours a day… Waiting eagerly for the next chapter

  3. Thank you very much for your fast translation.

    For someone who is so smart like YY can be so stupid when met with crisis. YY refuse to ask YAT for help thinking he is Japan Underground Emperor (someone with no moral in YY’s eyes) yet she would sell herself deeper to FCY.

    She already sold herself once to YAT. I believe if she is truthful to YAT, he will help her but…

  4. Thanks for the chapter. Feel sad that she looks for FCY instead of YAT who has rescued her so many times. Will be waiting for your updates even though you will be focusing on substitute bride.

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