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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 57

She would rather to make contract with devil and go to hell other than insulted by Feng Chen Yi.

She would rather sold her soul and herself to Yu Ao Tian rather than came back to Feng Chen Yi’s side.

She loved him,

She hated him,

Yet, she missed him

Chapter 57

Being his lover

“Come, let me see, are you getting fatter?” he stood up, slowly step by step walking in front of Yao Yao, he looked her from head to her toe, coldly he grabbed her neck: “Or do you really going to be mother?”

“Feng Chen Yi!”

“I just give little attention to my ex-girlfriend, why are so you angry?”

He tried to smiled, but that pair of cold eyes really made her uncomfortable, but did he really concerned her. “Feng Chen Yi, I…today I don’t want to argue with you.”

“I also don’t want to argue with you. If you have thing to say, say it!” his smiled vanish, he coldly sitting back to his chair.

Perhaps in this way he might feel little bit comfortable: “You… can you borrow me 1,000,000 dollar?”

“Hah?” His eyes gleaming coldly, he curled upward his lips: “1,000,000dollar? Yao Yao, since when you are opened mouth asking for lion (greedy)? As I remembered when I was dating you, you never brought up money matter with me.”

Indeed, when they were dating, others than he forcing her to take the presents, she really never spent single pennies of Feng Chen Yi’s money. And then, after they broke two years ago, she begging him alike beggar for 1,000,000 million, she also felt ashamed. “Can…you borrow me?”

“Can!” Feng Chen Yi nodding, Yao Yao not that angry anymore, because she really needed this money so much, but at another second… “but…with what status you come to borrow money from me?”

What status? “Feng Chen Yi, you… what do you mean?”

“If you come as my ex-girlfriend, I won’t borrow single penny for you. But if you come as…my lover status, I will not hesitate to give you money, moreover…you don’t have to pay back!” he props his chin with his hand support on his desk and laughing.

This kind of laughing piercing deep into her which has crossed her limitation!

“Chen Yi, have you seen yesterday news? One of the Japanese CEO finally revealed that his lover is an artist. I never thought that businessman who seems to be righteousness turned to be someone who “pet”lover.”

“Heh, I don’t think that is the CEO problems, on contrary I thought the woman is the one who cannot make herself to be respected by man so that she becomes lover. If were you then, I will make you as my wife.”

“qie! Who wants to be your wife. annoyed!”

The person that not worth to get people respect only can be lover, so that the current her in front of him is someone that not worth to be respected? “Feng Chen Yi, perhaps I might be someone lover, but…I will never yours!”

“shua (brush)” at the moment, his good looking face is changed more than gloomy expression: “Luo Yao Yao, do you refer to the man that made you pregnant?”

“Ha Ha, you guessed right! Just pretending that I never came today, good bye!” after she said, she turned and left.

“Argh….Yao…Luo Yao Yao!” Feng Chen Yi rushing to chase after her, but she has run far away even there no her shadow. “Damn!” he is extremely angry and glared at Lisa who sits in front of the office.

She fears, pretending see nothing and lower her head.

“Lisa, the thing that I told you to check, is there the any result yet?”

“Feng… General manager Feng… I have asked the private detective to do it. Perhaps few days there will the result.”

“Alright I understood. Now, hurry you put down all your works, quickly give this 1,000,000 bank notes to Luo Yao Yao!”



Outside the splendid building of Feng group, the sun sets, the night wind brushes her face, crystal beads of tears streaming down but at same time dried by the winds.

It clearly her purposed coming today was expecting to find Feng Chen Yi and gave a try to borrow money from him, but because he said that words to her suddenly she felt so sad, why should she be that sad?

Because… she still loves him, is it?

“Uh…” it cannot be denied, actually two years later after she met him for first time inside the elevator, all the past memories were flashing to her mind, but because… all those feeling just mixed with her hatred because his betrayal.

Would she really forget him? Perhaps she should really forget of him now, he is not the same Feng Chen Yi that she knew before, while she… is she still same with that Yao Yao? “Hahhahahaa….” She squatting on the side street, she gave the impression of being crazy laughed while took out her mobile phone. “Hello, I am Luo Yao Yao. Was that thing you say still valid?”

“What matter?” that side of person asked, that person is Yu Ao Tian’s voice.

She understood, this man is smart guy, he just pretending in order to bully and tease her, but the current her, she just not in position to bargain? “be, be your lover, that matter.” After she said that last word, she cannot hold her tears anymore, her vision is blurred.

“of course. Come to Long Ye’s villa number 183. I will be waiting you in here.”

Ended the phone call, she wiped her tears, she stopped the taxi in the street, getting into the taxi. After this she will have the most shameful life for the rest of her life….

“Feng Chen Yi, perhaps I might be someone lover, but…I will never yours!”

During her young and inexperienced time she had enjoyed those romantic and sentimental things, she wanted him to have the best memory about her in his heart, just like she expected to keep him in her heart as the most beautiful…

“Uh…Miss Luo! Miss Luo!”

Luo Yao Yao has been getting into the taxi in front of Feng group’s building while Lisa is chasing at her back. She called her, but the taxi has gone far away.

“Hello, General Manager Feng, Miss Luo has gone.”

“Then you go and send to her house!”

On that phone call Feng Chen Yi yelling at Lisa with anger voice, Lisa never seen this uncontrolled and lost temper Feng Chen Yi before, he always be the composed person as she knows. But now… since when her boss is so easy to lost his temper? Perhaps, after he met that girl who named Luo Yao Yao, after she showed up that moment…


After she arrived at the address given by Yu Ao Tian, her eyes caught beautiful yet expensive villa. She pushed the bell button in front of the door, not long after there is no one came out.

She pushed the villa’s door, she sees all the furniture seems to be new, all of them. Perhaps this is new Villa. “Excuse me, is there anyone here? I come to meet Yu Ao Tian. Excuse me, is there anyone here? I come… to meet Yu Ao Tian!” she keeps calling but there is no one answer. She just slowly walking to living room.

But inside there still no one, Yao Yao eyes is caught by the contract agreement put above the table.

She took it and read…

(The lover agreement) she read carefully every pages of the agreement document, every contents of the pages give her the feeling she really sold. Uh, actually isn’t she really come to sell herself?

“Bao Bei, eh? Have you read the agreement contract?”

Turned her head, seeing Yu Ao Tian walking inside the living room. She put down the agreement contract, stood up: “I have read the content, no matter what, I accepted. But… you should promise me three things!”


15 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 57

  1. aahhh…another cliff hanger…

    Anyways, this is the ‘right track’ for her so far… Eventually YAT will fall in love with YY…

    Really hope didn’t have to wait very long for the next chapter…
    May God help you and make it easy for you to translate all the projects you’re working on, Azurro…
    Thank you so much sis…

  2. Thanks for the latest chapter.

    Kind of sadist coming from me. I rather see LYY sell herself to YAT then being with a snake like FCY. I don’t know y. With YAT, I feel that LYY will be well protected by him more so by FCY. I just wish that LYY be more open with YAT.

  3. Thank you…will wait patiently for this naive girl to come back….thank you very much for this translation. I am so happy whenever there is notification of new updates ….

  4. Thank you for the update. Better for YY to be with YAT than FCY. Take care. Will be waiting for your next update when you are ready.

  5. I want to know what her secret is and I’m thinking they have past together when they were kids. So far not liking both guys. They are so mean and rude to her. I hope she become stronger soon.

  6. Cannot wait to next translation of this : )

    Also been reading ALL your other translations work and really looking forward to read the next chapters for this one.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  7. Thank you for your hard work. And love all.

    Cannot wait to next translation of this : )

    Also been reading ALL your other translations work and really looking forward to read the next chapters for this one.

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