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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 10

Chapter 10

The Official Relationship

I thought my running skill has reached to the point of perfection, usually it takes 25 minutes from school to way home but now I have spent only half of it, perhaps the antelope could not beat my speed, once I got home, I walked three stairs at once, running into my bed room.

I shut my door, I locked, I climbed to my bed, I covered myself with quilt, make arch, wrapped myself tightly as if wind could not break into.

My face argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You dead meat!

My figure argh!!!!!!!!!

You are so lacking!!!!

Hit my head……..

About ten minutes, in front of the door, there was Yan Yan’s voice.

“Sis, open the door!”

I felt so frustrated wrapping inside the quilt, flurried answered her, “Not open!”

Outside the door there was no more sound, after few minutes, I heard the sound of click, door opened.

I unwrapped the guilt, angrily looking at Yan Yan who holding the spare key, this was the spare key that kept by mom in the drawer inside living room.

Did this little brat cannot leave me alone by myself for moment?

Yan Yan used her fingers to play with that spare keys, swaying and circling, she laughing looked at me, “Go crazy?”

I was so angry so I wrapped myself back into the quilt.

Even inside the guilt I could not see anything, but I still able to hear Yan Yan’s laughing voice.

“Big sis, how it felt being jealous?”

My face burning hot, I unwrapped the guilt, yelling to her, “I am not!”

“No, it’s strange! Seeing how you acted just now, when you pushed me down you have used so much strength, see my arms is hurt everywhere.” She gently rubbing every part of her body that being pushed down, frowned and complained.

“I… I… just… could not endure my anger!” I stammered trying to give explanation, “Who asked him to buy you food but…. But he didn’t buy it for me!”

Yan Yan was sitting in the chair, she stretched her legs out, act as if everything just nothing special, “Why angry? Brother in law buying food for sister in law, where was the problem?”


This way of addressed as if the explosion of bomb, it exploded until I felt all my face filled with red blood, while my head as if the steam train that bursting the smoke, “You… you.. don’t burst nonsense!”

Yan Yan smiled, “As proverb said, the mouth that has been fed but others is soft, the hands that received doesn’t reach (idiom), [one is partial to those from whom presents have been accepted], this brother in law I have acknowledged, or else in the future I would not have any free meals.”

“You… because of…few of junk foods, you are selling…me?”

“He he….” Yan Yan not even little bit reflect on herself, she dragging her chair closer to me, blinking her eyes, furtively said, “Sis, you guessed, what was brother in law said after you left?”

My face turned red, “I have told you not called brother in law, you still called!”

This way of addressing just…too shocking!

Yan Yan pouted her mouth, “humph, if you don’t want to know, then I just take my leave.” She stood up, stretching herself when walking, “Well, I back to my room doing my homework.”

She turned her back, preparing to get back to her room, but I just could not endure… could not endure, my hand to pull her back.

Yan Yan was frowning looked at my hand.

I stretching back my hand, nervously clutching my fingers, I could feel as if my blood rushed into my face, “He…he.. what did he say?”

But Yan Yan was spreading out her palm, stretched in front of me, “Give me five dollar! Give me and then I will tell you!”

My grievance, how could I have this kind of younger sister who weight money more than me who is her biological sister.

But, I am also not that good.

From my purse I took out five dollar paper money, putting in her palm… my heart shedding tears, countless said, “Now you can tell me!”

Yan Yan took the money while count, she said, “Brother in law said, he asked me after I arrived at home, asking you about your answer, is it YES or NO, if YES, he would give me five dollar!”

Immediately I felt three lines in my head, Kang Yu, you that really good bribing other.

But this was not the main problem, the real problem was Yan Yan.

I yelled at her, “So why are you asking five dollar from me!”

Yan Yan chuckling counting at the money, “That because, I never do deficit business, both of her hands opened, if it is NO, at least I still able to have five dollar!”

I made fist from my hand, this little rotten brat!

“Sis, what are your answer, YES or NO?” Yan Yan sat on the edge of bed, fervent looked at me.

Very obvious, her enthusiastic was because she expecting that five dollar from Kang Yu!

“I don’t know!” I felt embarrassed, using the quilt to cover myself.

I really didn’t know whether I like or dislike him, I have known him for four months, other that his name is Kang Yu Ai Xin Jue Luo, nickname Wang Ye, he older two years than me, he likes to bully me, and other about him, I really not know anything. If that is like, what the reason for me to like him.

But in other perspective, I was able to misunderstanding his relationship with Yan Yan, the bitterness in my heart.

This year I am 14 years old, still so young, what is love, I really don’t know, not understand.

If I said that I dislike him, but at same time I don’t hate him, if I like him….

My face turned red, lower my head, suddenly I realized that recently I have thought a lot about him.

“How can you don’t know, just now you were making an unreasonable scene as if crazy bitch (crazy dog), this is called don’t know!”

If heard how Yan Yan elaborating, there really a time…hard for people to put up with.

“Hehe, when I was on the way home, I met Liu Li Jun, she said to me, in afternoon you were cried! It was because I had privately talking with brother in law.” Yan Yan eyes sight looked as if she able to see through everything.

“Nonsense!” I turned my head, nervously covered myself, “My myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle) relapse!”

“myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle) relapse, how could you still able to run alike crazy dog, you are too awesome!” Yan Yan mocked.


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 10

  1. Thank u very much.

    She is so funny and cute. That silly Kang Yu should know the answer by then with her screaming at him loudly to ask that like or not like. That alone already is a big YES…

    So Kang Yu is as nervous as her….lol

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