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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 87

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Chapter 87

Must be help him

The man who injured his whole body groaned once, he has responded although it was small sound, Long Mo Er heard it.

She hurried wipe her tears dry, she saw that man eyes suddenly open, initially she still feels so sad but suddenly she becomes excited and smiles. “White robe, …too good… you are not death.”

“Ah!” because of the white robe’s wound touching the ground, so he made faint sound.

“Where do you hurt? Where the wound? What should I do? What should I do so that I can help you?” after she heard he able to make faint sound, of course Long Mo Er feels so happy. But, he is such big man, what she needs to do in order to help him? Again her face showed panic and nervous expression.

“What should I do in order to help you? White robe, can you speak something? You are doctor, you open your mouth, teaching me something? Actually what can I do for you?”

Long Mo Er’s tear is starting to stream down.

“My… my robe….inside… there… is medicine to stop the bleeding, pain killer.” The white robe was trying to use all his strength say one by one his words. The crack-dry mouth has been turned white and his face is pale white, while his forehead is sweating big beads.

Long Mo Er sees the slow and weak movement of his mouth so that she gets closer to his lip’s corner in order to hear him.

“Okay, medicine, medicine.” Long Mo Er got the instruction from the white robe, she is starting to look for the medicine on him. In this moment she is not bother with the red blood in his body, she does not care with her fear, she just telling herself to help him.

Finally inside the robe near his waist, Long Mo Er found out the medicine box, quickly she took it out, when she got the medicine, she put all the medicine into his mouth.

“Do you feel any better? How’s it? Is it still hurt?” after Long Mo Er saw he ate all the medicine, hurried she asked him.

The white robe didn’t have any strength to answer her, after long time, he said: “Support…support me to…stand up.”

“Do you want to stand up?” Long Mo Er not really sure and then she asked. But, he did not respond on her. Long Mo Er immediately makes a motion. “Fine, I help you to stand up.”

With huge effort, Long Mo Er trying to make him stood up, making his body to lean by side of her body. All she has done, for Long Mo Er was so hard and also took out much of her energy, any time she might fall down, but she kept on telling herself that she should be brave and strong, she should help him. If she gave up then the white robe would die.

In this moment Long Mo Er’s hand has covered with blood, her clothes also stained with blood. She did not see all of it because her focus on the white robe rough breathing, she kept on worrying him.

“How do you feel, is it still hurt? Are you alright? White robe? Are you okay?” Long Mo Er voice was gasping for breath.

“Take… take me… to…doctor.” White robe’s head lean on Long Mo Er’s shoulder, he trying to say few words.

“En, okay. You should restrain, I will bring you to see doctor. You should restrain.” Long Mo Er almost crying while talking.

“I will help you, you cannot die.”


9 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 87

  1. Is he the 2nd male lead??? Will there be a rival battle between him and Ye Che??? 😀 I can’t wait for more!! XD and thank you for translating!!! Refreshing everyday for a new ch hehehehhe xD

  2. thanks a lot—-!
    -sobs- i’m so touched—! can i ship mo er and this mysterious guy together?! random, i know! but! mo er is so awesome! she’s really truly concerned, and she’s trying her best to help him! it’s really great! my admiration for her has skyrocketed again, ahaha! go, mysteriousguy, you must live—!

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