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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 10. 2

Chapter 10

Part 2 (Two)

The Official Relationship

I burned and panic, “Can you stop to mention crazy dog and crazy bitch, even I really were bitch, I should find something alike Tibetan Mastiff as soul mate.”

Yan Yan thumbed up her finger, “That apparently, I can see that Kang Yu is something as good as Tibetan Mastiff, both of you are well-match couple.”

Suddenly I felt my stomachache, this little brat really good-talker, I really not match for her.

I sincerely talked from deep inside my heart, “I am not hate him, but if that is called like, I really don’t know.”

Yan Yan showed naïve expression, “Why don’t you give a try?”

I dumbfounded, “Give a try?”

Yan Yan lower her head and explained, “Just let me to take that five dollar…”

I really angry, make a fist from my hand and hit her head, “You rotten brat, just because you want to have the five dollar, you listen to me, don’t ask money from Kang Yu anymore.”

She rubbed her head and said, “See, still said you don’t know, at one glance oneself can say, very obvious, clearly, inside your heart his position is higher than me who is your biological sister, you haven’t married to him but you have started to save his money already.”

I exploded, I jumped out, “You still dare to speak nonsense, see how I strangle you to death.”

Yan Yan also jumped out from my room, “Killer, because of man murder her own sister.”

“Ou Yang Yan Yan, if you have gut don’t run!” I chase her along the corridor.

Thump, thump, the footstep, the noise disturbed mom who is in down stair, at the moment she showed up with her kitchen knife, she looked so valiant and roared, “Back from school not doing the homework, are both of you trying to rebel?”

Mom is forensic investigator, no matter what types of knife she holding, it is extremely scary, it shocked both Yan Yan and I, stopped our footsteps, and then both of us just back to ours room, starting to do our homework.

When night comes, I could not sleep, I rolled in my bed, I bitterly trying to think, how should I face Kang Yu tomorrow.

All my head is filled with YES or NO, they are looked alike the bubble in the soda drink, waiting to blast.

I could not sleep for the entire night, looking at my panda eyes before go to school, along the way to school, Yan Yan is trying to persuade me, letting her to earn five dollar, I really pissed off, I chase to strangle her death along the way to school.

She is doing good, she isn’t in the same class with Kang Yu, does not need to face him, but different with me, we are not only same class but also table-mate, I am lowering my head since I entering the school gate until the corridor to my class, I haven’t prepared my heart, there is time I really think, why don’t I passed out suddenly.

When entering the class, I still lower my head, sitting at one’s side, at the first glance I spotted Kang Yu, his slender long legs.

Strangely my face burn red…

“Morning!” the cheering and happy voice, it flows from his mouth to my ears.

I stammered, “Mor….Morning…”

I nervous, sit down, subconscious I sitting at the edge of the chair, today I have prepared to make distance with him.

Kang Yu—-the next matter is the focus, does not giving me time to think, “Yesterday…”

Once I heard that two words (昨 zuo 天 tian = yesterday), my mood stirring up, hurry taking out my homework from my bag, flee to Xiao Fan’s seat, dragging Xiao Fan and said, “Xiao Fan, yesterday homework, there’s I wanted to ask you!”

Xiao Fan is eating meat bun, quite surprised with me, almost choked by my coming, hurried hit her chest, while me as if finding a place to hide, I started to pour hot tea and patting her back.

I am sitting at Xiao Fan’s place, even beaten to death I don’t want to move, I let that Huang Yan Gan to stand up all morning before class.

Waiting until all people are gone for morning exercise, slowly I feel little bit relaxed, but the morning ceremony plus morning exercise only last for 20 minutes. Swishing—it has passed, and then we should back to class for study.

I looked at the wall corridor, suddenly the idea bumping my head to the wall pop out from my mind, if I could faint, the experience might not the good one.

After arrived at the class, I sit down, Kang Yu also sits down.


Just at moment, Kang Yu opened his mouth, “Yesterday…”

I see the class representative is standing up, heading to leave the class, I remember, today first subject is the literature week test, reckoning to help the teacher for taking the test paper, at one movement, I have been running leaving the class, only to make one step ahead, I just dodge aside the class representative, Zhuang Fei.

I hurried to call the person who walking in corridor, “Teacher Sun, I come to help you bringing the things!”

Actually this is not the thing that I should do but I just directly grab it!

The thing that I should do, I have done, the thing that I should not do, I also have done.

During the test, student are not allow to speak, this rule everyone knows it, finally I feel undisturbed, but until the quiet passed, suddenly I remember, yesterday I didn’t study!

Everything is classical Chinese idiom to interpret.

Too grievance!

I slowly dillydally the test paper with my ballpoint, other students have done but I still dillydally, prepared to finish it until the end and the new class start.

The bell is ringing, immediately I stand up, running to in front and hand over my test paper, and then I directly running out from the class, able to hide one minute then just hide one minute… this rest-break in the first class is the longest break, fifteen minutes.

After run, suddenly I realized there is foot step at my back that coming near, when I turned back, the person is Kang Yu, his pitch black eyes are looking at me, it shocked me until my face turned pale, run faster.

Lacking from sleeping the result, I cannot run faster, just in moment caught by Kang Yu, Kang Yu dragging me to quiet place.

I am of course panic, crazily hugging the tree when I spotted it.

He even fiercer, he suddenly hugged me.

Hug…after all he really hugged me.

Panicking, I looked my surrounded, hoping no one sees us, finally I realized there is no way for me, after all we have run to the abandon small field, during this time, the possibility of others for coming is small, after thought for while, hand—loosen, I really being hugged by him.

I am complaining while thinking, I should wait during the lunch time before running in here so that he could not move and hug me.

After arrived at somewhere in the small field, Kang Yu finally released me, hurried I want to flee away but the place that he choose really disadvantageous, my body is surrounded by walls every corner, while he is in my front, the best I could do is step back, step by step until my back touch the cold wall then I stopped move.

I feel as if I were little white rabbit that shocked, while he is there grey wolf that closer step by step, Pa (slam, hitting) sound, both of his hands pressed on the wall, besiege me, I don’t have way to escape.

“You…you… what do you..want to do!” my lips trembling.

His darken face so close to my face and shouted, “I still want to know, what are you trying to do!”

I looked left and right, looking at the surrounded, just not wanted to look at him, I just randomly answered him, “Just, I just going out to have strolled.”

He bites his lips, his face even closer, forcing me to face him.

“You don’t come too close to me, if there is words, let we have good talk.” I tried to move one step behind, I really want to embedded myself to wall.


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  1. Thank you so much. She is such a dork…and so funny…hahahahahahah…silly girl hug Kang Yu back…We all know it that u want to….hahahahahhahaha…that is so funny..

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