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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 10.3

Chapter 10

Part 3 (Three)

The Official Relationship

“Yesterday…” he lift his head up said, I wanted to close my ears, but it seems he has predicted it, he pinched my shoulder, do not let me to make any move, “I want the answer for yesterday!”

My face turned red and burn, and also tried to avoid him, I must admit that myself isn’t good, facing to this big things such as feeling, that’s why I like to pretending.

“what…what… answer…I don’t…I don’t know!”

But he never spoke in circle way, he directly go to the main point, “Like me or dislike me!”

He really wanted to scream, but why he acted so directly, he not even give me time to think or blink my eyes.

“I just asked one time, speak!” he fiercely, shaking my body.

Actually I have thought it, he is older than me, why he is so intense, wooing (pursuing) girl similar to the adult, really wanted to know how this brat growing up.

I still stubbornly said that three words, “I don’t know!”

“Don’t know!” he angry, his face dark similar to the black pot.

“I really don’t know, why you so fierce to me!” I shouted at him.

Normally I never yelled or shouted at others, after I met and knew him, this habit develop bit by bit whenever I felt force or no way.

“Ou Yang Miao Miao, you are idiot to the bottomless!” He gritted.

I hate people called me idiot, “I am not idiot, I just… I just really don’t know.”

Likes what is it, I really don’t know, it useless to force me.

His black eyes fiercely looking at me as if there are thousand knife pierce into me, “really one good of don’t know, you are perfunctory me.”

“Cih, I want to perfunctory you, I just heard from Yan Yan, just… just…” lied to you, this words, I really cannot say it.

Again when confessing, before he asked whether the person is like or dislike, why does he say first, is he like me or not.

I never heard him said… so what this mean? Everything is heard from others said.

“Anyway, I really don’t know!” I acted in a fit of pique.

Kang Yu sees that I am angry, he silent for moment, suddenly, he let me go, he turned, angrily walked away.


This I really never thought it.

He does not turned back, suddenly his act made me feel bitter.

This big rotten bastard, he just left me alone, this way!

I frustrated hitting the wall.

After the bell ringing, I have no time to think about him, whether he angry or not, faster I run to my class.

Kang Yu has sat on his place, from the start till the end he does not see me, my heart feel more hurt and bitter.

What is this? What I am feeling?

Not only not see me, after that he not even speak one word to me, as if I weren’t there.

In the afternoon we have sport class, our class and the 4th class are joining, I have secretly took a look at Kang Yu, suddenly I realized he is talking with one of the 4th class girl in corner.

That smiling face as if pierce deep into me which make me have thought to kill someone.

Xiao Fan walked at my back, “Miao Miao, husband-wife quarrel?”

Coldly I glared her, “Who…who is with him husband and wife.”

She perhaps being intoxicated because of the drama, suddenly said, “I see that Wang Ye (prince) is thinking to have Ce Fu Jin (mistress).”


This is more shocking compare to Yan Yan who called him brother in law.

“That 4th class girl, who is she?” Xiao Fan seems not see the changes in my face, she directly spoke to Huang Yan Gan who standing beside her.

“She is Gao Ting Ting, seems that she likes Wang Ye.”

Do both of these two are really want to provoke me.

“Both of you scram!” I really pissed off, separating both of them (Xiao Fan and Huang Yan Gan).

When I really angry, my tempramental really similar to my mom, once I get angry, I would turn alike murder weapon, for example…my eyes will be as sharp as knife!

I really want to chop both of that pair of dog and bitch (a cheating couple)!

But school does not have any of this kind of killing weapon, I have looked for entire class but I don’t find that thing.

After I get back to class, I see that Gao Ting Ting as if flirting, I get angry, I rushed toward her.

Even though my character and Yan Yan are very different, but when we are angry, we are very similar, one of the hand slap to the wall, my anger face, adding to the advantageous height, no matter what…this 158cm little girl is still “manageable” for me.

I am type of the person who is hot-headed, also like to make irresponsible words, once I said, “Don’t touch MY man! Have you listened, if you dare, I crippled you!” Along that I made fist with my hand.

Gao Ting Ting suddenly crying.

Cried and scared, aiya…just because of this cried?

Cih, this is so obvious we are not at same level, moreover now, I would not let her off easily.

Fiercely I glared at her, she even cried such extreme, she sees how fierce I am, immediately she run into teacher room and make report to teacher.

I… very fast called into teacher room, plead guilty by threatening her.

I guess that she not dare to make report about the intimidating by saying “a pair of dog”, so just report about threatening, I lower my head and listen to all the “instruction” from teacher.

One class section, my ears seems to have callus.

After I done, the school is already dismissed.

I really angry, running into my class, I thought to collect debt with Kang Yu, but he has gone. There is only Xu Ying who is looking at me, immediately she talked to me, “Miao Miao, what happen with you, why were you asked to teacher’s room.”

I shook my head, “Nothing, where is Kang Yu?”


4 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 10.3

  1. Thank you very much for this chapter.

    MM is so funny. She kept saying she doesn’t know whether she like or dislike KYor not but with that action, “leave My Man alone.” That alone she already proclaim she like KY. Hahaha

    Silly Miao Miao..:D

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