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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 88

Chapter 88


Lu Qun brought Mo Rong Ji Zi to the wood, but no one there even the shadows.

“Lu Qun, are you sure this is the place?” Mo Rong Ji Zi didn’t see anyone shadows so she appeared to question Lu Qun. But she sniffed something with extraordinary smelly, in order not to have bad thought, Mo Rong Ji Zi just hope Lu Qun mistaken in remembering the place.

“Big Young Madam, I am so sure here is the place. I have very good memory, I won’t make mistake. But, where is my Little Miss? Big Young Madam, what should we do?” Lu Qun panic asking because she is so worried.

Just now, when she was looking for the big young madam, trying to describe about the lady, big young madam concluding that beautiful lady might the Bai Hua Lane’s Fei Yan. When she was asking herself, suddenly her memory recalled that she ever met her before, it was the first time when her Little Miss met Third Young Master that morning. She was the lady who was beside Third Young Master. After she knew Fei Yan identity she could not help herself to start worry.

If she knew earlier she was that Fei Yan, she would not leave her Little Miss alone there, let her Little Miss alone to face her. Little Miss is so pure, how could she win over the rival someone like Fei Yan ?

Now her Little Miss is disappeared, how could she explain to her Master, Madam and also her Big Miss? She let her Little Miss disappeared, this is the first time she cried because she confused, she just looking Big Young Madam with big eyes, hoping that she has way out to find her Little Miss back.

“Don’t be worry. Since she isn’t here, let we go searching others place to find her, perhaps we and Wan Er just missed each other, perhaps now she is inside the temple. Let’s we go back to check.” Standing inside the wide woods, Mo Rong Ji Zi looking as far as her eyes can see hoping she is able to comfort Lu Qun and also herself with this.

“That’s right. Let’s we go back to check. Perhaps little miss has already back. Hurry up we looked for her.” After Lu Qun heard, her face is filled with hope, she smiled. “Well, Big Young Madam, let we hurry back to the temple!”

“En, let’s we back.” Mo Rong Ji Zi saw there is faint smile in Lu Qun’s face and then she also smiles to relax herself. “You are really one of the loyal maid! Wan Er have you beside her, The Long family must be so rest assured.”

“Ha Ha, I am not that good like Big Young Madam said!” Lu Qun felt little bit embarrassed using her hand stroking her head. “Our Little Miss usually treat me alike sibling, really good. Moreover, we are growing up together since we were children. Little Miss treats me very good, of course I should treat her good too, I understand what called as being gratitude. In Long’s household, everyone has very good relationship. Just like you Big Young Madam. My Master, Madam even Younger Miss are treating me very good, very considerate, they never thought me as outsider, never treat me alike maid.”

“You, little maid really interesting, I quite like you. Or should I go to Wan Er to ask you, so later you just follow me!” Mo Rong Ji Zi joking.

“Ah, don’t, I don’t want to separate from my Little Miss.” Lu Qun said without thinking. “Big Young Madam, please you don’t do it, I don’t want to leave my Little Miss.”

“I am joking with you! Ha Ha, of course I know very well both of you and Wan Er are having good relationship. So that I just kidding with you. A noble person is not forcing others, I might not noble, but I also not someone who likes to force others, you rest assured.”

“Scared me to death.” Lu Qun relaxed.

“Alright, hurry we look for Wan Er.”


They just not realized, not far from their place there was ground that stained with dried blood.


7 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 88

  1. They are so gonna panic xD lol I can’t wait!! o3o also when will Ye Che come back ❤ miss him so much xD
    Thank you for the hard work!!!

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