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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 89

Chapter 89

The Chaos in Wan Nian Temple

Part One

After back to temple, Lu Qu and Mo Rong Ji Zi directly heading to Long Mo Er and Lu Qun room where they stayed.

“Little Miss, are you back? Little Miss?” Lu Qun calling with loud voice when she opened the room’s door. “Little Miss, are you here?”

Silent and the still same, it is quiet. Inside the room there is no one even the shadows, then others than temple, the single room does not have any extra space, there no changes, it still same just alike when they were leaving before, completely same.

The initially both of them are filled with expectation while looking inside the room meticulously but later both of them, looking at each other in dismay, again their mood little bit down, their expression changed to be so serious.

“Lu Qun, let’s we search inside the temple, perhaps Wan Er is inside the temple. Just don’t tell anyone, understand?” Mo Rong Ji Zi worried, but she is so composed.

“En, alright. I will go out to search.”

“Well, let’s we go separately to search her, later we gather in front of the temple front door.” Said Mu Rong Ji Zi.

“Understand, Big Young Madam, I go now.”

Seeing the Lu Qun who is hurried and panic, Mu Rong Ji Zi prayed that nothing will happen during this trip. “Hope that Wan Er is inside the temple, I hope nothing bad will happen.” Or else, really cannot predict what will happen later. Mu Rong Ji Zi eyes looked at the Buddha picture that hanging in the wall, and then she walking out.


One hour has passed, Lu Qun and Mu Rong Ji Zi met in front of the temple main hall, after seeing each other faces, both of them understood that they cannot lie to themselves anymore, Long Mo Er really missing.

“Big Young Madam, what should we do? Where is my Little Miss? What should we do?” Lu Qun, this time she cannot hold herself anymore, crying. “All was my fault, if I not left her, Little Miss would not missing, what should I do?”

“Big sister in law.” Ye Ruo Xuan is walking closer, seeing Lu Qun crying and panic she asked, “Lu Qu, what happen?”

While crying, Lu Qun looked at Mu Rong Ji Zi, seeing that Mu Rong Ji Zi is not preventing her, Lu Qun who is crying so sadly, very gloomy opened her mouth and said: “Fifth Little Miss, my… my…Little Miss… is missing, hu!”

“What?” Ye Ruo Xuan shocked when she heard it, she thought they are joking but when she sees Lu Qu is crying, she knew they are not joking. At this moment her Big sister in law also showed stern face, very serious. “How it happen? How could she missing? Big sister in law, what this means?”

“Four hours ago, I was resting in my room. Lu Qun came and told me that, there was a beautiful lady who came to find Wan Er. I made the guess the person perhaps Fei Yan, when I recalled, Lu Qun also remembered. Wan Er, she was alone having conversation with Fei Yan in the wood.” Said Mu Rong Ji Zi.

“Fei Yan? The Bai Hua Lane’s Fei Yan? She even came to find Third Sister in Law, so what were they talking? What they said?” after heard Fei Yan, this name, Ruo Xuan is starting to worry, without she realized she also got nervous.

“I… I don’t know… Little Miss, she… wanted to say… Little Miss asked me to leave. Hu, if I knew… something like this… even I die… never… left.” Lu Qun still crying.


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