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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 90

Chapter 90

Chaos in Wan Nian Temple

Part Two

“Have you checked the surrounded? Still haven’t found?” Ruo Xuan asked.

“En, had checked, not found.”Mu Rong Ji Zi face gloomy.

“So, Big sister in law, what should we do? Does mother know?”

“I not allowed Lu Qun to tell Mother yet, let’s we try to find her, perhaps we have missed some places, or perhaps we and Wan Er had missed each others, she might nearby. Don’t be worry.” Although Mu Rong Ji Zi worried, but in front of Lu Qu and Ruo Xuan, she still made herself composed, answered them. She tried to think positively, as the elder she cannot be hopeless.

“Well, Lu Qun, when Third Sister in law missing, have you seen Fei Yan? Did she still in nearby or not? Is there any possibility if we found Fei Yan then we would know where is third sister in law?” Ru Xuan asked again.

“That’s right, let’s we searching for Little Miss while looking for that Fei Yan too, Little Miss must be with her.” After Lu Qun heard this, immediately she smiled and wiped her tears, “Fifth Little Miss, you are really smart.”

Although Ruo Xuan said seriously, but still Mu Rong Ji Zi still cannot feel relieved. This is Ye Che, Wan Er, and Fei Yan, the triangle love among them, when the love rival met face to face, if Fei Yan said something bad, then would Wan Er get hurt? It is so obvious that Ye Che loves Wan Er, but does Wan Er know it? Did Wan Er and Ye Che relationship tested? At that time, she and Ye Yan also experience it and finally they are stayed together!

“We go back to search!” Ruo Xuan said, “Is it the wood located at back?”

“En.” Lu Qun nodded.

“Better we search separately! Big sister in law, takes a look in surrounded, Lu Qun waiting and search once again inside the temple, I will go to wood searching, okay?” Ruo Xuan said.

“Okay, Ruo Xuan you should be careful. We gather in here.” Said Mu Rong Ji Zi worried looking at Ruo Xuan, after all letting her—young maiden, quite dangerous being alone. If Yan here, it would be better, now there only few of them, women. What can they do? Just hoping Wan Er is alright.

“En, Big Sister in law, you don’t need to worry, since I was little I have came her with mother, I quite familiar with this place, you rest assured. Hurry up we looked for her!”

“Fine, be careful!”

Ye Ruo Xuan smiled before she left, it made her relieved little bit. Lu Qun also obediently searching and all of them are separately to search once again.

Ruo Xuan arrived at the wood, there is no one surrounded, she lift her head up, looking at the sky. At this time, sky is little bit dim, it is getting dark, while Ruo Xuan’s heart is as gloomy as the sky.

Ruo Xuan faster her steps, looking surrounded the wood and searching.

If that time Third Brother did not marry Third Sister in law, now she might the one who got married. Third Sister in law is amiable and approachable, very likeable, she does not have any showy and domineering attitude alike others missy, she really likes and satisfied with this Sister in law. Third Sister in law and Big Sister in law, both of them have different style , both of them have their own way in concerning her, let her feels so fortunate.

Now, she only hoping to find Third Sister in law as soon as possible, if Fei Yan really did something to Third Sister in law or said something that made Third Sister in law hurt, without hesitation Third Sister in law must really need someone to accompany her.

Falling in love with someone, although sometime it feels so sweet, but there is also a time just because of one word, one eyesight, one movement, it easier to get hurt. She is completely understood, but, this is secret in her heart.

Hurry up to find third sister in law!

Walking, after looking surrounded the wood, yet there still not find the person even the shadow. Ruo Xuan felt chilliness, but still she keep positive in mind, said to herself: “Big sister in law and Lu Qun perhaps have found her!” after she said, she back.


Perhaps because of she is in hurried, or perhaps the sky is getting dark. Ruo Xuan tripped by her own long skirt, she fell in the ground.

She felt quite hurt, Ruo Xuan slowly stood up, prepared to clean the dirt in her cloth, and then she realized there is reddish liquid in her hand. When she looks carefully, Ruo Xuan realized that reddish is blood, a fresh blood. She didn’t feel kind of severe pain, it must not hers but whose blood it is?

Ruo Xuan lowered her head to take a look, finally she realized there is big blood stain in the ground, it dried dark red colored, quite much blood.

“Ah?” Ruo Xuan is terrified and speechless.

What was happened in here? This blood, how could it be so much fresh blood? Whose blood it is? What was happen inside this wood? Would it, third sister in law’s?

Ruo Xuan almost fainted when she thought about this possibility.

She cannot make herself calm. She must find third sister in law, this blood uncertainly is belong to third sister in law! Must hurry up find her!

Carefully to examine, Ruo Xuan realized the trace of the blood stain direction to southeast, Ruo Xuan starting to follow the blood stain.

The sky is unpredictable, it getting darker, the dark cloud has covered half of the sky, as if there can be rain at anytime.

Ruo Xuan observed the changes of weather, she faster her steps, followed the blood trace.

But not long after that, the sky is raining. The big bead of rain pouring down, heavily hit Ruo Xuan’s face and her body. It little bit hurt. Not long after that the ground is wet, it compile become small line of river.

The trace of blood stain in front of Ruo Xuan is slowly disappearing because of the rain. Ruo Xuan worried and even crying, her face wet with tears and rain water.

What should do? All is disappeared, what should I do? Cannot find third sister in law? Ruo Xuan hurried running to the in front, she hopes some of the blood stain still there, so that she able to find her third sister in law, she cannot gives up.

But at the turned to the next corner, she has fallen apart.

In front of her eyes there is fork in the road.

Which path should she choose? Which way has third sister in law taken? Which path should she take to find her third sister in law? Perplexed!

The rain water make the vision blurred, she gritting her teeth while choosing the path, continuing the way and move forward in the dark.

Still raining, the sky is dark. Ruo Xuan is quivering while her head little bit dizzy, but when she thought about the blood, she gritting her teeth and continuing. It has been already dark at her surrounded. She does not know which path to take in order to go back to the temple, so that she moves forward.

Her feet slipped, Ruo Xuan fell down. She fell and rolled in mountain road, lost her consciousness.

The rain water washed her body, heaven not even kindly to her even at her current situation.

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