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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 91

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Chapter 91

He Wakes Up

A sliver of bright light penetrated the horizon.Soft, gentle sunlight lit up the earth. If the earth wasn’t already dry, water would still be dripping on the tree leaves and grass. And perhaps nobody would be aware that the rain which began yesterday night continuedthrough to this morning, a heavy rain.

The person on the bed suddenly moved his body but in the end that small movement pulled at his wound. He pursed his eyebrows in pain. To ease the pain, he didn’t dare move and slowly just opened his eyes to see the girl in front of his lying body.

Recalling when he got wounded, he had a fuzzy recollection of a girl rescuing him. It seemed now that girl is the one in front of his eyes. Given the color of the sky, she must have taken care of him the entire night. As a result, it now was time to sleep.

He had no way to see what she was like owing to her face being buried in her arms. He was unable to see what she looked like. But that really was unimportant. What was significant was that she is just a girl. Even though after encountering this sort of matter, there was neither confusion nor fear whatsoever. On the contrary she calmly rescued this chance stranger, two people unfamiliar with each other, nothing more. She really put forth effort in his shocking situation. How is she a strange girl?

The world has a few of these types of female rescuers?

He’d already be departed from the world if she hadn’t saved him. He had no opportunity to meet them again any more. The wound as before would forever exist in his the pit of his stomach, wouldn’t it?

Actually dying is also a type of relief. That sort would allow him to see her again. They could see each other again.

But the girl in front of his eyes saved his life, retrieved it back. Was this fate or the will of Heaven?

Could it be that his fate wasn’t being cut short?The heavens as before wants his ordeal to continue?

The girl in front of him moved, lifted her head. Gentle eyes.Sleeping in this place, this situation, allowed her to be uncomfortable! He clearly saw her faceafter she put down her hand. He immediately recognized her. She is that girl who was by the lakeside when he saved that boy.

Long Mo Er looked at him clearly again. The smile on her face disappeared and instead appeared in her eyes. It seemed like for a moment she was full of life. “Bai Yin Chen, really good. You’ve finally woken up.”

Smiling, Long Mo Er turned her head. Looking toward the door she called in a loud voice, “Doctor, doctor, he’s awake. Doctor, he’s awake, doctor.”

“I….” Bai Yin Chen opened his mouth to speak and discovered the pain of his dry throat. Absolutely nothing came out of his mouth. His mouth was that dry that the words in his mouth were affected.

“First, don’t say anything. I’ll go get water. You need to drink some water first.” Long Mo Er prevented him from opening his mouth. Her body quickly got up and walked to the side of the table and poured water into the cup. She returned to the side of the bed with the cup of water.

Skillfully lifting Bai Yin Chen’s dusty head, Long Mo Er delivered the cup to the side of his pale white cracked lips.

After drinking a little water, finally the white lips were not parched. His appearance now allowed Long Mo Er to be happier. He finally was awake. He was saved by her. He didn’t die in front of her eyes. This type of feeling was really too wonderful.

Although he was still weak, his face was still so pale, but indeed he was alive. A reprieve from death, this compared to everything else was the most important thing. She felt fully satisfied. From her childhood onward, this was the first time she felt this much accomplishment.

Life truly emotionally moves people.


4 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 91

  1. thanks a lot!
    yay, bai yin chen is safe! hm, but he has some sort of history too! mo er, tlel the others your location!oh dear, oh dear—-!

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