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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 92

Chapter 92

Long Mo Er’s difficulty

Half of the day, the doctor is coming inside the room from outside, directly sitting beside the white robe side; he stretched out his hand and examined the white robe’s vein.

“Doctor, how? Now he has awake, does it mean his condition is not dangerous anymore? Is he completely alright?” Long Mo Er is facing the doctor who does not have any expression in his face, it worried her.

Silent for the moment, finally the doctor let go the white robe’s hand, said: “Last night he had endured well, so that won’t be dangerous anymore. He lost too much blood, the wound that hurt by the knife little bit serious, but he has passed the critical condition, he is alright now. His body just weaken little bit, not a big problem. I will prescribe the medicine, you give him to drink, for these few days you should change the medicine regularly for his wound. Should be careful in taking care for these days, then it will be fine.” Said the doctor and stood up, walking out.

“Thank you doctor.” Long Mo Er happily said, “White robe, you are alright! Too good.”

The white robe cannot make a move or even talking but seeing Long Mo Er happy expression, he realized this type of little girl is able to make others emotionally touching and rare. After she heard that he is alright, it makes her happy naturally, all of her emotion is expressed by herself completely, moreover her attitude is able to influence everyone besides her. It feels as if there is warmness in the air. She really is someone special, very strange person. Suddenly he feels bizarre, at this moment he feels so good that he still alive, able to live is really good, being able to witness all of these are really lucky and touching. All the emotions have influenced by this little girl.

She really special!

After the doctor left, Long Mo Er sat down in front of the white robe, she smiled at him, “Doctor said it is okay now, you must rest assured? You should hurry up to get well! Before when you were in lake saving people, you were looked so confident and at ease, really elegance, really skillful. You must get well soon.” Long Mo Er spoke softly, slowly talked about her experience when first time she met white robe.

Time is slowly flies inside this small room.

“You must be hungry now, I will go to cook porridge, you must take a rest for while.” Long Mo Er herself also felt hungry, she just remembered that they haven’t eaten, she immersed herself happily speaking with him, almost forget the important matter. He is patient, of course he needs to eat something nutritious, less greasy food so that he will recover faster, she really stupid.

She covered white robe with quilt, Long Mo Er walking outside the small room.

Walking in the middle of courtyard, Long Mo Er looked her surrounded trying to size, searching for kitchen. After she examined the surrounded, she walking passing the corridor, she walked inside the medicine store, finding the doctor.

After walking to the doctor side, Long Mo Er asked: “Doctor, can I use the kitchen for the moment?”

The doctor not immediately gave an answer, on contrary his expression changed and asked: “Lady, when will you pay me the medical fee? I see your appearance and also your aura are not same with other commoner lady, yesterday I had made an exception to let you guys to stay here, and also cured him. Can we count the debt before you continuing staying here?”


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 92

  1. thanks a lot!
    i’m so touched—-! mo er, you’re so kind! good, let him be touched! hm, the doctor’s asking for the pay so fast!

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