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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 11


Chapter 11

The Bed Problem

I was in love, it was puppy’s love (early dating).

That was the fact.

I was Junior High School first year (7 grade), in the future later I still needed to go to Senior High examination.

That was also the reality.

Actually, I was trying and work hard to balance between my study and my love life.

During dating time still went for dating, but my study also could not to be abandoned, or else it would arise bigger problem.

Even it still an inexperienced dating, but during our time, if love-relationship did not want to be found out, the best thing was showing the improvement in study, shouldn’t get influenced and declined even only few % of zero. This was also one of China weakness in education system, because the grade of study was good—and then everything was good too.

Even we said it were dating and love relationship, the most intimate things between Kang Yu and I were only holding hands, during that time, Something like K F (not really sure what abbreviation this mean), this kind of relationship had not had association with the gut or wealth, but during that time we really never had thought about it before, not to mention K F, even kissing was not something we really understood.

During that time, holding hands were something awesome, it even considered as dangerous act.

For example during the class, using the reason as table-mate, we put our hand under the desk, hook our hands, pulled-pushed our hands, this was enough to feed our craving, or perhaps during the way home after school, we went home together, even we were going home together still we walking in separating path on the way home, we were looking for somewhere to meet secretly, seeing if there was people or not, holding hands, slowly walking together, if there really someone coming, we were immediately taken aback alike little white rabbit—explode by bomb, in fact we never thought and understood this was childish gestures. Waiting until the people gone, then we were holding hand again along the way home, toward the physical resistance and the alertness of mental were really—one biggest test, if there was wind blowing, we were preparing ourselves to separate.

This was really the sweetness and bitterness of human life.

After experience this kind of love, finally I have known many things about Kang Yu which I never knew before.

Kang Yu father had passed away when he was three years old, just like Kang Yu told me, his family surname is Ai Xin Jue Luo, because of this surname his father was labeled as criminal, during that time his family was labeled as Five black categories1], his grandpa and father were captured as labor camp, his grandpa died during worked as labor camp worker, while his father was escaped from there and got sick, after he escaped from there he could not get job, so he took a job as repairing bicycle, after he reached 35 years old he finally married his 12 years old younger wife, that was his mother. Kang Yu and his mother were farmer, both of them are typical hard working citizen. During the “Literature era”, peasant and farmer were included as bottom red of five black categories, which also mean, his mother married to his father whom were the member of imperial-royal family which also someone in high social class, but during that time his grandpa from mother side was disagreed, his grandpa almost broke his mother leg, but his mother was not thinking much and even eloped with his father, that made his grandpa did not want to admit his mother as daughter anymore (disown), When Kang Yu father was 40 years old, Kang Yu born, but because his weak body, not long after that his father fell sick, he is growing up and taking care by his mother.

Actually this was also part of history, but I did really not that understand, every time he talked about his mother, Kang Yu seems as if talking about God.

I had heard many things about Dong Bei’s (Eastern) people who are sided more to son, just like others mother, expecting own son turned be “Dragon” (successful), Kang Yu’s mother heard that Shanghai has best education, providing many opportunities, because he is the only son in the family, she searched many connections and also spent much money to make Kang Yu came to Shanghai to study, while she lived in Dong Bei.

In Shanghai Kang Yu has an uncle who is businessman, when first time he came to Shanghai, he hasn’t found any school which he able to transferred, so that he stayed at his uncle’s home, but this uncle was not what good person, he took the money, he took the gift, but never once he considered about his relationship with his nephew, as he lived away from his home, just as I saw, Kang Yu are more alike slave for his uncle.

His uncle has grocery store, after the end of school day or when Kang Yu has school holiday, he would go to help, because he stayed and ate there, he was not paid for his work.

But Kang Yu extremely smart, when he taking care the stock, he would make good relationship with the suppliers, so that he would earn some extra money, that one supplier was an old man, he really likes Kang Yu, every time when the stock delivered he would give something to Kang Yu, as the time flies, Kang Yu still felt as slave, still much dependable if he working with the old man.

So that, after Kang Yu discussed with his mother, to give up the bad ones and turned to the better ones, he turned.

This is how the kid from poor family background have to manage the household, the kid without father in their early-hood, they become the family backbone to success.

No wonder this little brat is so mature.

That old man, later then I knew his surname is Shen, Kang Yu called him Uncle Shen, alike those Shanghainese said, Uncle Shen is old folk, he is so fashionable, he has high education, he even counted as Shanghai rich man, Uncle Shen even studied in US as exchange student before, very experienced and knowledgeable, have so many friends, as for why he still alone until this old, that because he is too playboy, he likes to change women until later he became “Cauliflower”, so that he spends his life alone, someone that ever spent life in overseas indeed different, very open minded, how Kang Yu could wooing girl, or have better understanding between girl and boy, all because Uncle Shen taught him, he completely never thought or considered Kang Yu age, he even not afraid to “mess” the young generation.

Aiya, I had taken the bait already, this was not important anymore.

unknown best, Uncle Shen really good toward Kang Yu, he gave him place to stay and also food, every month he would give Kang Yu 100 dollar as pocket money, now he is not that pathetic anymore. For us who born in 80’s, Junior High school student, that amount of money was more than enough.

Because Uncle Shen is someone who really open minded, in front of him, both Kang Yu and I were never hide anything from the start till the end. That old man very happy, first day of second year holiday, it was my first day coming to his house with Kang Yu, Uncle Shen excited said, “Xiao Yu (Little Yu), you made progressed, you even bring “daughter in law2]” her?”

I am red from head to toe, almost faint.

Kang Yu replied, “Hm, my little maiden, she has thin face, don’t tease her, if she run, you and I will be dread!”

After Uncle Shen heard it, he laughed alike Maitreya3], “alright, alright, go upstairs to play, today you don’t need to come to store, I will go by myself, have fun, I won’t disturb you guys, ahahahahaha…”

I hide at Kang Yu behind, very shy so not dare to speak, pulled his shirt.

He understood, pulled my hand and bring me upstairs.


1] 黑Hei 五 Wu 类 Lei : Five Black Categories which are: Landlords (Noble), rich peasants, counter-revolutionaries, bad element and rightists.

2] 媳 Xi  妇 Fu 儿 er: Literally means daughter in law but most of the Shanghainese who acknowledge a girl who dating one of their family member usually call the with Xi fu er. 媳妇儿 can be mean young woman or young married woman, maiden.

3] 弥Mi 勒 le佛 Fo: Boddhisattva Maitreya.


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