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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 93

Chapter 93

Endure the pain

The doctor let Long Mo Er taken aback and stared at there, said nothing.

Did not understand what the meaning of Long Mo Er silentness, the doctor little bit worry of the money that she owed, hence he spoke in order to remind her: “Lady, you paid me yesterday medicine fee, I will immediately continue to prescribe the medicine for him, after the medicine cooked, I will send it to you, we can settle the payment then.”

“En… doctor, I… later I will give you immediately, I go out for while.” After Long Mo Er said, without waiting the response from the doctor, in exhausted condition she got out from the store, walking in the street.

Money, she does not have any!

Seeing doctor and medicine all are need money, but where should she get the money? Every time when she goes out buying stuffs, Lu Qun always brings the money, she never bother with all of these things. Never thought now, there is a day that she needs money, earlier if she know, she will bring it little bit, does not have money how can save white robe?

Seeing the white robe condition, all of his body is scar, he must be someone poor. Well, it better for her to think the way. But, what can she exchanged with money?

Lift up her head looked at the sky that not early anymore, Long Mo Er just realized that she had brought white robe seeing doctor but had not said to anyone. Mother, sister in law, Ruo Xuan and Lu Qun must be so worried, looking for her? Heaven, what should I do? Where is she now? Where Wan Nian temple located?

Missing for one night, did she make everyone worry about her? Did they think something happen to her? Ah! What should do?

Has she little bit late for thinking about it? Today mother and others must be back to Ye’s mansion, have they left already? Did Ye Che know that she missing? Every time she thought about Ye Che, her heart is tightening.

Yesterday when seeing Fei Yan leaving her back looked quite bleak, Long Mo Er felt little bit sad.

Would it be better if she missing? If she is missing, Ye Che can back to the time when he still with Fei Yan, there is no her as third wheel, Fei Yan also no need to be that sorrowful! Both of them must be happy, mustn’t them? She should leave, shouldn’t her?

From the beginning Ye Che never told her that he likes her, even the little bit likes, he never told her, he must be likes Fei Yan, that very beautiful lady! She missing and leaving, he might still that cold and expressionless without any reaction! He would not worry about her! He would not panic because of her!

Then just left—after sometime, waiting until white robe recover, and then go back! White robe still that weak, he still needs someone to take care of him, she cannot leave him, right?

But, when say leaving, why she feels heartache?

“Still better not to think this, the focus must earn money first! White robe is still waiting for money to help his life!” Long Mo Er bitterly spoke softly to herself, she is trying hard to distract her heartache to other thing.

Actually how can she earn money?

At this moment, Long Mo Er sees there is store not far from her, the plate sign “Pawn”, so she guesses it must be pawn shop.

Long time ago she ever read book in her home, she remembered that inside the book written that pawn shop is a place where people able to exchange things with money. So that can she get inside to have a look?



4 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 93

  1. thanks a lot!
    i blame ye che! if not for him, mo er wouldn’t be suffering like this! mo er, you have tot ell the rest of them your whereabouts! oh dear…

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