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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 58

Chapter 58

Humiliated by the contract agreement

“What are the three things?” Yu Ao Tian asked, he sat in the sofa.

“First, you cannot say anything about our relationship to the third party.”

“Agree.” That is what he also wanted too.

“Second, during the working time, I hope we keep our distance as boss and subordinate relationship.”


“Third… you should give me two days off every week!”

“Bao Bei, don’t you think… you are more and more bold?”After he said, his cold eyes looked at her.

“Alright, one day, only one day, can I?” she just wished even one day it more than enough for herself. She looked Yu Ao Tian with begging eyesight.

While after, he nodded: “Can.” He pointed at the agreement contract: “Sign it.”

This lover contract is bind for three years, as for normal girl three days are more than hell. She trembling pick up the pen, hold on, paused, hesitate she…

This time, Yu Ao Tian took the agreement contract.


“If you are unwilling, I think, you better no need to sign?”

“No! I… I am willing!”

“Are you sure?”

“I am..sure.” actually her first expression was so hesitate but suddenly it changed so certain about her decision, she took the agreement contract from Yu Ao Tian’s hand, immediately signed her name. “Give you.”

After he took the agreement contract, Yu Ao Tian curl upwards his lips, smiled. His smiled really sharply pierce into her eyes.

It really true that he is really the number one yakuza big boss in Japan, he even can make the other party to lose satisfied.

She sits in the sofa thinking about her unfortunate, but at the next minute, after Yu Ao Tian said something, she just realized that she does not have any right to complain about her fortune, after all, it based on the agreement contract, there is no one force other party, everything is based on willingness of one’s self.

“Alright, Bao Bei, this house is yours from now. You tell me how many maid you need.” Yu Ao Tian throws bunch of keys.

“No, I don’t need any maid.” She hopes this matter only knows by Heaven, earth, him and herself.

“So, do you have any request, faster tell me.”

“There is! I hope now you can give me…” let everything happen yesterday as void, now you stand in front of me… suddenly her phone ring. “Wait a minute.” She turned her back, pick up the phone: “Hello?”

“Yao Yao, this is Mother.”

Mom calling, is something happen? “Mom, is grandpa, he…”

“No, your grandpa is alright now, just now there was someone who has settled all the medical fees. Now… mom just wanted to see you, having a good chat, do you have time?”

“Alright, I will come to find you.” she hung her phone call, with suspicious eyesight she looked at that man who still sitting in sofa, Yu Ao Tian: “Is… you who paid all the medical fees of my grandpa?”

“En? Didn’t you come to find me and agreed to be my lover because you need money for your grandpa medical fees?”

He…after all he already knew it! Since the moment she agreed to be his lover before, he has already paid all the medical fees, but how could he so sure that she would agree to be his lover?

Ha, but this is the reality, she has signed the agreement contract, she even happily to sign that agreement contract. Probably, all—everything has been in Yu Ao Tian grasped?

At this moment, Yao Yao could sense how scary this man, Yu Ao Tian who sitting in front of her, he is deep and unpredictable, she just similar to the toy in Yu Ao Tian’s hand, a chess piece or the doll.

But how can Yu Ao Tian found out about Yao Yao’s grandpa sickness? Was it because the report that Long Ye made. He actually not satisfied with the contains of the information, so that if he really wanted to know more about her, he must start it from her family member, so in this way, he got the information about her grandpa sickness, just because of this he knew that she would agree to be his lover!

Before she officially becomes Yu Ao Tian’s lover, Yao Yao asked him to give her three hours for visiting the hospital to meet her mom, wanted to know what she mom wanted to tell her, the second, she wanted to take some her stuffs from her home.

After she arrived at hospital, she just knew that her grandpa has moved to the VIP single room, the patient room really beautiful. “Mom”

“Yao Yao, you come. We, we talk at outside.” Mother Luo looking at the grandpa who has slept, nervously she brought her out from the patient room: “Your grandpa condition is already stabilized, after three days he will go for surgery. About the money… that, tomorrow I will change your grandpa room to the ordinary ones, on this way… the money that your boyfriend gave that 2,000,000 dollar, at least you can give back to him 800,000 dollar.”

Boyfriend? “Mom, he… is he told you?”

“Ha ha Ha, it was his assistant who gave the money. I didn’t see the person.” After she said, Mother Luo cannot hold her tears anymore, she crying. Nervously Yao Yao hugged her: “Yao Yao, Mom… mom really sorry to you, I am sorry!”

With heavy and guilty feeling, mother Luo regained herself, when that assistant gave her that money she felt something amiss, but grandpa condition is worst and she could not delay anymore, so she just took the money. Inside her heart, there is nothing than she so sorry to her daughter.

“Mom…mom! I, I don’t understand your meaning, why are you saying sorry to me?” she loosen her hug, she tried her best to pretend that she is so happy: “He and I, actually we have been together for long time, he really treats me very well, very good. Or else how could he gave money for grandpa?”

“Yao Yao, you don’t need to say anything, you are my daughter, am I not know you? anyway, you should remember, if you really not happy, I beg you not to force yourself because of money, even mom needs to sacrifice everything, mom will work to the utmost in order to pay back the money to that man!”

There is nothing can compete and compare to this twos, the mother and daughter, Mother Luo knows very well her daughter characters, since she was a kid she could force herself to the utmost in order to make other happy, even now, Mother Luo could see that her daughter will try her utmost to act happily so that she does not worry about her, and then, she only can see her but cannot help to lessen her burden!

After Yao Yao said good bye to her mother, she went to her house, just arrived at in front…

“Miss Luo, I have waited you for long time, finally you go home.”

Is she? She is Feng Chen Yi secretary who named is Lisa? “Is there a problem?”

“This is our General Manager said that should be given to you. Beside that he said, he really sorry for everything happen this afternoon.” After said, Lisa gave her the bank note in Yao Yao hand.

At the moment, she felt everything is so ridicule, not understood… she really not understood Feng Chen Yi, what game he played?

Meeting him is pain, finally after she decided to give up, he even comes to give her new hopes. Did he know how difficult to give up on one feeling, but when she took that… at the moment she….

The big bead of tears one by one fall down, she really does not know with this kind of feeling she should receive this bank note. If, if this bank note came little bit earlier, if he did not say that thing in his office, perhaps she should not…

It’s too late, everything just too late…

“brush” “brush”, as if that bank note in her hand suddenly changed to be snowflake, she raised her hand as if she surrender to heaven, alike the patches of snow falling slowly and melting, this just like her feeling for Feng Chen Yi that scattered and torn into pieces…



24 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 58

  1. too bad. but it’s better to be with a playboy who revealed his true character than a playboy that will toss you away unexpectedly.

    P.S. hooray for a Naive Short-Tempered Girl update!!!

  2. Hurray. Thanks for the update. I really miss this couple. YAT is kind. He settled grandpa’s bill without even waiting for YY to sign the agreement. Better than FCY.

  3. I found this novel in original version.God thanks for google translator :P, i could understand the main idea,but its so far.. far away from a normal human translation. Thanks for you work 🙂

    1. The original version is everywhere either in simplified or Taiwanese writing. But, because it has many resources, it has difference chap from one to another.
      This novel quite easy to read no much phrases or idioms.
      Thanks to visit my blog 🙂

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