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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 59

Today I have more free time so I update another chapter.

Soon we will catch up with the manhwa version. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Chapter 59


She came back to that cold Villa, opened the room at second floor, that man has already lying in bed, waving his hand: “Come here.”

Her footsteps felt so heavy, Yao Yao rest herself at the bedside, when she just wanted to rest suddenly Yu Ao Tian has already pulled her down to his embrace.


That hot lips with domineering aura, cold hands stripped her dress layer by layer.

Under that domineering aura, that white snow skin is trembling, that man lips gently kisses her neck to her collar bone. When he licked to her earlobe…. His tongue….

“Uh en.” She endured herself, closed tight her eyes, her little hands made fist. As if she were a death or wood. Silently she is lying on the bed while that man keeps on teasing her.

That ice-cold hands moving in her body, touching her chest moved to her stomach. Her body still trembling, at the beginning it was so tensed but after that she loosens up.

Yao Yao might seem to be so “cooperate” with Yu Ao Tian, cooperate to stay still doing nothing, no denial, no refuse, no objection but because of these No’s he was so unhappy.

Yu Ao Tian tried to provoke Yao Yao and just as predicted for Yao Yao’s short tempered, he got hers.

The beginning she has given up, not wanted to struggle or did anything just let him to toyed her but because of Yu Ao Tian, she provoked. She regained herself back, the hot-stubborn character.

“You have won, why do you still want to dig my wound by provoking me?” She said.

But Yu Ao Tian never thought he as winner because if not her grandpa sickness, would she obediently send herself to his in front door? Yu Ao Tian is someone value process more so that won over this kind of thing, he made him not happy.

“Dig into your wound? Hah, I just want to tell you, since you are already be my lover you should obey to the rules, knowing your own status!” he half kneel at the bed, gradually touch her little face, that handsome face get closer to her face: “Little thing, if you really want to through peaceful days within three years, you better know your status, or else… this three years you will live as if you death!” he loosens up, coldly turned: “I hope there is nothing like this happen in the future, I leave.” After he said, he slammed the door and left.

His words just similar to the reaper, one by one gets into her ears, it stayed long. Now, she doubted herself, maybe she has made agreement with devil.

She crying because she felt ashamed and also humiliated at the same time, she did not know when she could get up from this nightmare….

One day in the morning.

“CEO Yu, yesterday afternoon contract with Ao Ting company (Austrian Pavilion Company), they have already sent it.”

“CEO Yu, the thing that you asked me to do yesterday have done.” That day when Yu Ao Tian entered the company, most of the high management executives approached him and made report to him about their work progressed.

Once the elevator door opened, when Yao Yao sees there are lots of the high management executives get into the elevator her heart thumping unstoppable.

This is her first time to meet her Boss, Yu Ao Tian as Lover status and also employee, simply to say her nervousness is doubled, she really afraid people would find out her relationship with Yu Ao Tian so she lower her head.

At the outside, Yu Ao Tian could sense Yao Yao nervousness, he even on purpose to lean closer to hers.

This moment, Yao Yao can feel the warm temperature of this domineering man’s body.

“CEO Yu, our Berson Group annual report has already done, I have gave it to secretary Mo.”

“En, I understand, later I will review it.” his voice is low but sounded stern.

This is Yao Yao first time to hear the conversation between Yu Ao Tian with his subordinates, the way his usual speaking completely different, this kind of manner really on contrary. She also doubted whether the man who standing at her back is still a same man with the Yu Ao Tian she knew!

Suddenly, she feels strange there is hand that touched her shoulder, she tilted her head…

What is Yu Ao Tian doing? Nervously she looked at her surrounded, still better all those high management executives are standing at Yu Ao Tian’s back, while only him who stands right behind her, so no one is paying attention to this.

She moves her body, she really wanted to sway away that hand in her shoulder, but who knows…

His hand becomes more brazen because he slips his hand to her dress pocket.

“Uh.” Yao Yao was shocked with her sudden moan, she afraid to catch other attention, she bites her lips, furrowed her brow.

“Oh yeah, CEO Yu, two days ago during the business forum, the board director of Mo Lin had informed you something.”

“What?” the way he spoke still so normal, but his nasty hands are stroking and moving, touching her sensitive parts.

That touching arousing her tension, she forced herself, she wanted to stop his bad intention but there still outsiders, so that better for her to endure, her white face suddenly turned red.

“The President Director of Mo Lin president is inviting you to have meal on this Friday.”

“Meal? Asked General Manager Long to go, I don’t have time.”


The conversation goes smoothly; she bets no one will realize at this moment their CEO Yu is harassing the elevator lady. He stretched his hand to out from her undergarment.

Yao Yao finally able to take long breath, but another minute, his nasty hand is touching her chest.


Yu Ao Tian really has pleasure to tease her inside the elevator. He teased her one after another.

Is he crazy? How can he do this inside the elevator?

Yao Yao is drove crazily by Yu Ao Tian but she could not do anything except glaring and glaring him with deathly eyesight.

At the moment, Yao Yao reached her limit suddenly…

“CEO Yu, regarding…”

“If you guys still have things to report to me about works, later all of you come to my office.” Because he really not in mood to hear their reports and he is busy with teasing his little lamb.


Poor little lamb, Yao Yao. She still needs to endure her suffering longer inside the elevator.


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  1. Terimakasih Azzuro for another update. Surprisingly I quite like this novel and looking forward for your update.

    Well done girlie. 😛

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