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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 11.2


Chapter 11

Part 2 (Two)

Bed Problem

Uncle Shen house was typical storey-Shanghainese houses, it was 7- 2 house that kind of types, but the old man’s house environment was good. Two houses were his, Kang Yu was staying at the second floor room with 15 meter square room, even it small but complete in detail, he likes clean and tidy it neatly, I see that his room better much than mine.

I spotted inside his room there a small study-desk, it filled with many prototype of airplane, and also whatsoever stuff that look something like “heaven book” for me, I have read but not understood.

I asked, “Kang Yu, do you like airplane?”

He opened the soda bottle, “Yes.”

I took the cola from him, using the straw pipe to drink, realized it was not cold, I frowned.

Cola best drink when it cold.

Kang Yu came closer, he saw that I just took one sip of the cola and then said, “Don’t drink the cold, later your stomach will ache, Uncle Shen said when girl is having their “small diary” (menstruation period) cannot drink cold.”

My face was as red as blood already, this…little brat, how could he say so directly, and also Uncle Shen, there’s no one would teach something like this.

I started to understand him better, he even know when my menstruation period come?

“You… how do you know?” I stammered.

“Your younger sister said it, I gave her two bags of dried plum, she told me everything, she even told me about your sleeping posture.” He peeled apple.

I extremely angry, made fist with my hand, inside my heart I cursed her, Ou Yang Yan Yan, you hungry ghost!

“Miao Miao, eat the apple!” he has done peeling and cut the apple into small pieces, put in plate and gave it to me.

I made “en” sound, I put down my school bag, I told myself over and over, others I didn’t need to think too much, I came here only to finish my holiday homework.

I took out my homework, English was my weakness, but Kang Yu English was best, I thought he must study with Uncle Shen since that old man ever studied in US.

Both of us were sitting quite close, but we were never wanted to think something negative, so that all of our focus was in doing our homework.

Earlier dating, our study must be good, this was our agreement.

Under Kang Yu instruction and guidance, my English homework done smoothly, after finished, it has been afternoon two o’clock, I felt little bit sleepy.

Kang Yu let me to have slept in his bed, while he went out to buy vegetable.

His bed ah, suddenly I felt little bit menacing …

But, still my face flushed when I lying in his bed.

If wanted to blame, it really my fault because of my habit reading those Japanese Manga too much, got little bit influence, my heart has felt “little demon” inside.

Sleep, I hurried close my eyes.

Kang Yu has been back from buying vegetable.

I—just in moment has felt asleep, waiting, when I woke up, outside the window sun has set, seeing at the clock in the edge of bed head, time has showed six o’clock, I really slept soundly.

I stretched out my hands, by my surprised, Kang Yu was sitting down on the chair beside the bed, looking at me.

It surprised me so much and I not dare to make move, I froze and maintain my position.

Suddenly I remembered, whether I drooling or not.

It seems that I not!

I didn’t dare to touch, if I really drool, it must be so awkward.

Kang Yu kept on looking at me, he touched his chin, as if he was in deep thought.

I felt alike chicken that prepared to slaughter. Would he mind and think that my sleeping posture such ugly, well I must say that indeed I sleep terrible ugly, most of time I sleep alike “大” da character. Occupy all the bed.

Take my life, how could I never paid attention with this?

Suddenly he laughing happily, “This big of bed you able to sleep like this, later how bigger bed I should buy so that I have space to sleep!”

I could feel my face skin hot, suddenly I didn’t think to make any mischief because this little brat was more sinister than me.

How could that fast, he has thought about the size of bed, small or big.

This bed problem…

This problem really too much.

“Why is your face red? This is one of the important matter, this has huge influence for our future…”

Smacking sound…. I took the pillow and threw it toward his face, I really didn’t want to hear more nauseating word from him.

Stood up, hurried I stood up from his bed, made distance from the bed.

I almost jumped down from the bed and then jumping further way by three meters from bed.

I didn’t have thing to say but looking for topic: “I… I… hungry!”

Kang Yu also not continued that topic anymore, “Red braised pork still need little bit time to cooked, wait for moment.”

“Where is Uncle Shen?”

Kang Yu put the pillow well, “He is dancing in ballroom, every night he likes to dance with the old ladies, not need to worry him.”

Shortly to say, it only both of us were having dinner together.

I got nervous again!

Sitting in front of study desk, I didn’t know what to do, so that better for me to tidy up the desk and kept my books.

Kang Yu asked me, “ Miao Miao, which high school are you taking?”

The next semester would be our third year in Junior high, the most important during the last year in junior high is senior high entrance examination, this time there is one good sentence about doing good exam for better high school, so that can enter best university too.

Changing the topic, it ease the tension in my heart much better, I thought, “My mom said that Yan Yan and I are going to take Shi San Nv Senior High School (The girl’s high school).”

Shi San Nv Senior High is one of best school in Shanghai, the examination is so difficult.

Kang Yu looked gloomy, “Girl’s high school?”

I nodded, but not understand why he looked so gloomy.

Kang Yu bitterly said, “Girl’s high school, I don’t have chance to take the examination?”

Uh…I understood now.

He wanted to have same school with me,

Kang Yu wanted to study and spend all the time during senior high, when I thought about it, I felt so sweet, but my mom ordered, I not dare to offend or not to listen.

Hurried I said to him, “It was my mom asked for, still it does not mean that I able to pass the examination.”

But to be honest, alike the smart Xu Ying, taking the examination was quite difficult as for me, perhaps quite dangerous.

I asked, “how about you?”

Kang Yu sat on the edge of the bed, said “Zhi Sheng (Helicopter), as for me who is not local student, Zhi Sheng is much convenient, moreover the school fee is cheaper and also I can obtain the scholarship.”

I nodded my head agreed, he said very true, for the non-local student who study in Shanghai the grade must be higher, but it might be better to Zhi Sheng high school, again… in order to be qualified for the examination entrance, for whole semester during Junior high school be at top five rank.

I felt little bit panic, suddenly I thought about Zhi Sheng, but for my result…


This is what called as if you are lazy during your prime, you will be sorry in your old age, grievance!

I have drawn in deep thought!

It seems Kang Yu able to see me through, “Don’t worry, there still one semester, there’s still time!”

I nodded, use all my strength nodding.

I must be study hard.

Kang Yu pondering, “Not bad to take girl’s high school.”

Is it good?

“Girl’s high school does not have boys, I feel much relieved.” He said, “If go to Zhi Sheng, there is possibility we won’t be at same class, whatever girl’s high school is still better.”

After he said, this idea sound very good, hurried he took out the mathematic and literature books, “Miao Miao, starting from today, you must study hard!”


Kang Yu must be because there no boys in girl’s school and then you were forcing me to enter there.

What kind of person you are.

But, he seems to be finalized with his decision, to insist me getting into girl’s high school, while me, under his encouragement, my study grades were starting progressed and advanced. But, I didn’t want to study in girl’s high school, I prepared myself to get top five and then go for Zhi Sheng.

At the blink of eyes, the half year of the third year of junior high passed.

Unfortunately, the things turn out contrary to the way of my wishes.

Before the simulation examination come, I fell sick, it was severe serious, so that I missed…


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