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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 60

Chapter 60

She is extremely sensitive

Just in time…

The elevator stopped.

This is bad! It seems that there will be people who wanted to get out from elevator, in this way the people might see what Yu Ao Tian doing. Why he still haven’t stretch out his hand!

When the elevator door opened, inside the elevator there is foot step sound.

Yao Yao brain, “explode” as if her brain emptied.

And then, in the middle of struggling in the matter of life and death, Yu Ao Tian finally stretch out his hand.

“CEO Yu, I take my leave.”

“CEO Yu, see you.”

When one by one the people are leaving the elevator, at the moment when only left two of them, even the air feels leaving them.

“Hu…” if not because she afraid falling to the elevator floor, she using her palm that stick in elevator wall to support herself. This is more than taunting herself! “Yu Ao Tian!!!!”

“Bao Bei, tonight wait for me.” without give her an opportunity to criticize his violent action, after Yu Ao Tian said, he directly left the elevator.

“He? Just now he, what did he said? was it, tonight he asked me to wait…” ****her small white face blushed, she panic, open her eyes bigger and glared at him, she hopes that he won’t come…


Staring at the clock that almost showed 8 o’clock, Yao Yao silently sitting inside the villa, restless, waiting for Yu Ao Tian who is the “Emperor”.

“Hope he will forget to come, hope he will forget to come.” She kept on chanting these words, but when the clock showed 8 sharp…

“Ding Dong” the bell rang, she pulled together her pieces heart, and panicky opened the door.

“Bao Bei, seeing my coming, how can you welcome me with disgusting expression?”

That devious smiles get into her eyes as if she sees the reaper is smiling to her, she nervously frowned : “I, I really don’t know how to express myself when welcoming you, so I just… used the current mood to welcome you.” she turned her back, she walking to the living room.

Yu Ao Tian eyes rolled: “So, can I make an assumption that you does not want to see me?”

Silent, she expressionless sitting on the sofa.

“Humph, Bao Bei, are you sure that if tonight I don’t come, you can spend the night peacefully?” after he said, Yu Ao Tian smiled and sat beside her.

“You, what do you mean?”

“En? Do you really not understand?” his smiled with bad intention, pointing at Yao Yao small face which later turned red.

“Bao Bei, I just realized, you are heavy “eater”. Yesterday no matter how I played with you, you didn’t show any reaction, but today when I just touched you in elevator in front of many people. I really don’t know how to say you?”

It obviously, Yu Ao Tian mood is good today, at least he does not say any cold words to frustrate her but he even bickering with her.

“Yu Ao Tian! You have promised me, in company we will keep distance as…Boss with subordinate?”

“Didn’t this afternoon we were keeping that distance as Boss and subordinate? You just not mentioned… the boss cannot harass the subordinate?” After he said, Yu Ao Tian handsome face just brushed to her small face.

Yao Yao bites her lips tightly: “You, you are twisting the words and forcing the logic.”

“En? Well, Bao Bei when you “wet” how should I call you?”

Seeing how he teasing her, her face turned hot and red.

“Come, I want to make inspection, inspection, it has quite long, did your “below” already dry!” after he said, Yu Ao Tian did not give her opportunity to react, he pulled her down to his embrace.

“No…no need to have any inspection. I am fine.” She feel worried, panic in his embrace, her back is caressed by his hot palm.

“Bao Bei, you lie, if “below” still “wet” what should do?”

“I don’t lie!” she hopes Yu Ao Tian to stop. But this man is black-hearted man, he is clearly teasing her.

His nose sniffed her neck, suck her skin…

“Uh.. you… this make me itchy… so itchy…”

“Bao Bei, you really become not honest, tells me, do you really think it itchy? Or you think…you feel it?”

One by one Yu Ao Tian words as if knife which pierce and bleed her, when he started it real itchy but after he licking and sucking it really… “Of course, I feel itchy!”

“Do you still lying.” His tongue licked her earlobe, sucking…

“En… You, please don’t act like this.”

“Aiyaaa, so your earlobe also sensitive? How about shoulder?” he used his hand to stroke her shoulder, then he licked.

She even feel the stronger sensation, she moves her body, swaying her body: “En.. en..” she feel unbearable but moans.

“Aiya, even your shoulder also sensitive? Bao Bei, it seems I was right about you, you really have****body, no matter where being touched, everywhere just your sensitive point.” This should be mentioned, facing with this kind of body which has high sensitiveness, he loves it so much, loves to death!

He really likes to play with the today Yao Yao, she is so naïve have little girl innocent but at same time she have woman charming aura. The yesterday Yao Yao was similar with deathly wood without any charm so he hates that.

Aiya, aiya, what should he do? Every time he teases her, he really covered with guilty feeling, but he just cannot stop it.


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 60

  1. Guilty? why he feels guilty for what he doing to YY? Doesn’t he like what he is doing?

    I hope he won’t ‘train’ YY, coz that will only made her sensitive towards touch, not only from him, but from just about anybody…huhu…

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