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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 61

Chapter 61

Stop! I Cannot Endure Anymore

“It seems, it is my fault, how should I compensate you?”

“No need……….” Before she done, he has****

After long time finally he stop because…

“Stop! Stop! I really cannot bear anymore.” She grabbed his neck, “I really cannot… please stop it, I begging you!”

“Ah, you reassured Bao Bei, how would like I satisfied you this fast?” He stopped teasing her.

“Hu… hu….” Suddenly the feeling being sold appeared, she worries, she afraid, but at the moment he stopped she panic. Actually, what kind of feeling this is?

“Bao Bei, let’s sleep.”

“Sleep?” she regained herself, she panic looking at Yu Ao Tian: “You… still not leave?”

“En, not leaving.” He hugged that petit figure and slowly brought her to room.

“Thump” Thump” “Thump”

Her heart is beating faster and faster. After they are inside the room, she almost got shocked.

When she signed that contract agreement, she has made preparation to be real woman but still… she really does not know how? If she rejected him, she must be humiliated by him?

He puts her in the bed, her body tensed seeing that man strip himself layer by layer, and then he just lying at bed. “Turned, turned off the light?” even she does not have right to reject, but she still hope everything just happen in pitch dark.

“En? Sleeping, of course turn off the light.”

“Ah?” without waiting for Yao Yao reaction, the light has turned off, later, a pair of hand enveloped her tightly.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Things that she thought might happen not happen, what is going on? Yao Yao opened her eyes widen, she is not intending to sleep: “Yu…Yu Ao Tian, You… You asleep?”



After 5 minutes, she not move but opened her eyes again: “Yu, Yu Ao Tian? Are you asleep?”



“………..” loosen up her body, when Yu Ao Tian turned on the light, his expression really not good: “Bao Bei, if you asked me once every five minutes, this bad habit better you change, I advice you. If the next five minutes you still asking me and the next words you still said nothing, I will straggle you death!”

“I, I am sorry. But…”Yao Yao who has chicken-heart little girl, hurried to pull the quilt to cover half of her little face, looking at him.

“But what?”


“………..” he almost crazy! “You want to ask me why is there nothing happen between us?” if he did not clear up the things, he afraid he would experience the next “nothing” “nothing” “nothing” forever.

Yao Yao silent, she pulled the quilt closed all her face, not dare to see him but nodded.

“I still remembered I ever told you, if you do not want to do it then I will not force you.”

He really ever said that before, perhaps when they were in elevator. “You really say for real?” Yao Yao pulled down the quilt little bit, exposed her pair bright eyes.

“Of course! But…” he curl upward his lips, smiled: “Except I lost control!” but he believe this little thing will not make him lost control at least this time.

Actually the happy Yao Yao suddenly feel frustrated after she heard: “What do you mean by losing control?”

Yu Ao Tian takes long breath, silently shook his head, this naïve little thing used her innocent eyesight to ask him, he afraid tonight he won’t be able to have good rest: “Do you want me to demonstrate it?”

“No, no need.” She shook her head, faster she covered her head.

She believes she won’t beg him to do it for her, so perhaps she might able to pass three years in peace. This is really good…

But Yao Yao does not know that type of person Yu Ao Tian is. He is types of man that have many tricks and schemes to achieve his goal.

As long as he wants, it will be so easy for him to get this little thing but why he does not make his moves yet? He just wants to wait until she ripe little bit, just ripe little bit, after he gets her body and her heart, then…

He will dump her!

In the earlier of midnight, Yao Yao really cautious, she afraid to touch Yu Ao Tian’s body but at the next hours…

She sleeps freely!

Gritting teeth, cuddle Yu Ao Tian, pulling his hair, he doubted whether this little thing really fell asleep or not, but the answer really disappointed.

Finally when he could endure until morning, Yu Ao Tian really feel like “you damn fuck” this kind of feeling because long time ago he ever promised himself not to sleep with this kind of girl but still he renounced his promise by sleeping with her.

Could he say that he really cannot sleep after the midnight? “Today I don’t want to go to work, you also don’t need to go!”

“How can it be alright? Yesterday I saw there were many people busy to make report to you, you must go to work every day to finish your work? Moreover, the top management elevator only has me as the elevator lady, if I don’t go to work, who will keep the elevator.”

“Well, you go by yourself first.”

“Cannot! You, this is not responsible, the ancient wise Emperor, every day they go to court to settle the matters, it’s only the incapable ruler that said they won’t go!”

Azurro: I will have more free time until Monday. So, I thinking to speed up the translation project before back to the normal. Which project you wish me to translate more?


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 61

  1. haha, the only time Yao Yao gets away scotch-free is when she is asleep

    hooray for your bit of free time!!! if possible, A Naive Short-Tempered Girl.

  2. You all win…*hands down*…this one please…funny it come from me considered I was the one who asked you finish all the other novels first BUT, BUT, BUT…you won me over with this one…YY is so innocently funny…she is driving poor YAT crazy…he said that in this three years he will win YY’s heart and soul then dump her….ahemm!!….YAT provided you yourself do not fall in love with YY first…hahahhaha….

    terimakasih and xie xie ni greatly….:D

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