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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 62


So, most of you are like A Naive Short-tempered Girl compare to others ;( well, I grant you guys wishes alike Genie….. LOL

Here I post another Chapter of A Naive Short-tempered Girl


Chapter 62

The scary punishment

“Ao Tian… you don’t need to go to work, is it okay?”

“Cannot, there are lot of things that should be settle in the office.” He was recalling his old memories, usually all the women that ever spent night with him always begging him to stay, and then… this Luo Yao Yao is the first little girl that beg him to go to work!

“I don’t say that I won’t go for work? I just told you that you go first, you working time is starting from 8 o’clock, while mine is 10.”

Uh… that’s right, she almost forget. Yao Yao just wanted to rise but hurried lying down again, she feels embarrassed stood in front his without wearing anything: “Can you… turned over your body, please?”

Yu Ao Tian helplessly shook his head, slowly turned over his body, if not because he is in good mood, he won’t care her begging!

“I go to work first.” After she wore her dresses, Yao Yao is leaving the villa.

Not long after that, Yu Ao Tian also moves and goes to office.

“Ao Tian, your face look not too good, didn’t you sleep?” inside the security manager office, Long Qi crossed his legs, while watching at the surveillance camera’s monitor screen, asking Yu Ao Tian who sat listlessly on sofa.


“Hah, yesterday you didn’t go to sister in law place, also not visited hotel, so where did you sleep?”

“How could you know that I wasn’t in Mei Yun place?”

“Uh… yesterday she called me, asking me whereabouts you. I said I didn’t know. Eh, Ao Tian, actually where were you? Did you go to your new girl friend’s place?” After he said, Long Qi smiled deviously.

“Long Qi! If you still speak nonsense, I take my leave first.” Yu Ao Tian stood up, just when he stood, the monitor screen catch his attention, the view inside the elevator.

As he seen, a middle-age bald head man who stood behind at Yao Yao’s back. Soon after, that middle age man purposely threw his pen in the floor. At the moment Yao Yao bend her body, that man’s hand faster touched her butt.

That time, Yu Ao Tian face is darkening!

“Fuck, pervert? This flat chest really, she grows up with that look really has aura to be bullied by men, cannot help!” Long Qi unhappily said.

Yu Ao Tian who sounded like reaper with low and cold voice said: “Which department he belongs to?”

“Uh, it seems he is the manager of finance department.”

“Later you bring him to my office!” after he said, Yu Ao Tian faster leaving….

After random half hour later, Long Qi finally came to that fat finance manager department.

“Manager Long, Do you know why CEO Yu looking for me?” That person who followed at Long Qi’s back is that fat man who starting to mumbles by himself.

“You go then you will know.”

“Uh, Manager Long, inside this company who does not know your relationship with our CEO Yu is good? At least you give me little bit information, is there any possibility I will get promoted?”

“I have told you that I don’t know, when you arrive then you will know!” Long Qi impatiently said, he opened the CEO’s office room door. “Have brings him.”

At this time, Yu Ao Tian is standing in front of his indoor mini golf. The sun shines to his tall slender body makes him looked alike immortal.

This is the first time for the fat manager to see this high capability person as rumor said in very close distance, as rumor said he is one of the top business minded person, nervously: “Yu, CEO Yu.”

Yu Ao Tian did not hear this fat manager greet him so that he makes himself enjoying play that mini golf.

So that this fat manager better to keep silent, standing at one side waiting for the CEO to speak, during that time his eyes leisurely looking at Mo Xue Tong who also inside the office room.

She is one of the most beautiful woman in this company, the slender snow white long legs, plump chest, slim waist, if could smell her fragrant… too wonderful for words! Thinking about these stuffs, this fat manager without his realizing he gulping his saliva, ***impatience to make move.

“Have you done looking?” suddenly there is the cold voice, Yu Ao Tian finally stopped from playing his mini golf, his pair of hand supported by the golf stick, smiled deviously looking at that fat manager standing direction in front of the door.

“Yu, CEO Yu, you, what do you mean?” while he speaking, this fat manager forehead has cold sweat, it so clearly that CEO Yu was playing mini golf, how could he know that he secretly looking at Mo Xue Tong?”

“Hah.” Yu Ao Tian laughed, he makes single moves suddenly there is loud sound.

Without waiting for that fat manager to react, suddenly the office room door being opened by two men in black suit.

Less than minute, they are grabbing that fat manager and bring him, forcing him to lie in that mini golf, they force his head to that mini golf hole.

“Yu, CEO Yu…”

“Slap mouth.” Yu Ao Tian laughed and said,

But that fat manager is panicking when he heard his words: “CEO Yu, this, what do you mean?”

At that moment, suddenly the smile is disappeared from Yu Ao Tian face, he raised his hand and suddenly put his golf stick to that fat manager’s mouth.

“Ah!” few of the yellow teeth mixed with blood flow out from that manager thick lips, he showed painful expression.

“I hate to repeat my words.” Very obvious, Yu Ao Tian has lost his temper, even his voice sounded as cold as the gloomy hell.

After that fat manager heard it, he opened his mouth wide.

When he saw Yu Ao Tian was waving his golf stick, that white ball fall directly hit into that fat manager eyes. “Argh!!”

Seeing this tragic scene, Yu Ao Tian pretending to be shocked, said: “Oh my, I hit it.” after he said, once again he waves his stick and hit it hardly.

This time the white golf ball directly hit to this fat manager nose.

He actually cannot endure it anymore, trembling he is begging, said: “I am sorry, I am sorry, CEO Yu… I, I am not really on purpose to peek on secretary Mo.”

Who’s know, after he said that moment, Yu Ao Tian regained to his old self, turned his body with angry aura, hurry walking in front that fat manager, he use the other golf stick to rise his head, looking at him: “You fuck, I told you to open your mouth wide, what bullshit you split? Did I ask you to speak?”

The unpleasant glare of Yu Ao Tian because the blood has stained his trouser, he stepped on one of that fat manager’s hand at moment he hurried to clean the stained that he made to Yu Ao Tian’s trouser.

Yu Ao Tian throws his golf stick, with cold and killing sight he looked at that fat manager, coldly said: “What do you think after you touched my woman’s butt?”

Just in this moment suddenly the fat manager finally understand, so the elevator lady which harassed by him inside the elevator is Yu Ao Tian’s lover? This is described as temporary pervert but get into huge disaster ah. “Yu, CEO Yu… I am begging you, begging you to forgive me this time, later I won’t dare anymore.”

At this moment, Yu Ao Tian with pity tone, took a breath: “Well fine then, I will forgive you.”

“Really? Thank you! Thank you, CEO Yu.” That fat manager kowtow him.

But everyone who ever know or have relation with Yu Ao Tian, they know that what kind of person he is! If Yu Ao Tian really has sympathy heart it means he is not Yu Ao Tian anymore!



17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 62

  1. OMG! Thank you thank you for another chapter… I love this novel the best currently. I tried to goggle online and found that it has over 800 chapters… unfortunately I cant read chinese, so did not had the privilege to be able to read them. So have to patiently wait for translation. Truly appreciate your hard effort in giving us the fantastic read

      1. Wow… Thanks azurro4cielo. 548 is a lot too…. Thank you for doing this and giving us the opportunity to enjoy such entertaining story

  2. Thanks Azurro for granting our wishes. Trust YAT to take revenge for YY. Love reading how he protects her. LQ is so funny. Saying YY grows up with aura that attracts men to bully her.

  3. Thank you…they are scary when angry but just love to read about them…yes, so looking more chapters …..God bless you..😊😍

  4. yikes, using mafia punishment style in the corporation office.

    I like the other novels too but A Naive Short Tempered Girl just stands out more. Thank you for granting our little wish

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