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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 63

Chapter 63

Bao Bei, Served You Right

He curl upwards his mouth, his eyes looked at the other side: “Well, Xue Tong, did you forgive him?”

“Uh?”The fat manager nervously, hurried looking at Mo Xue Tong who is standing not far from him.

As seen, her pair of hands are enveloped her chest, with her cold aura, she slowly walking toward him. When she stopped at that fat manager in front, she raise her middle finger.

Two men that hold down that fat manager’s body lift him up.

Finally, this thousand year cold mountain exposed her charming smile, her slender fingers caress that fat manager chest and moving to his trousers. Slowly he unzip his trouser, she pulled out that ugly thing.

Confronting with this kind of provocative, the fat manager still in composed. But at the next seconds….

As seen! Mo Xue Tong left index finger which wearing beautiful ring is holding small knife.

Not to wait the fat manager to response…

“Argh….!” One of the most hysterical screaming, constantly echoing from inside that splendid CEO’s office room.

The men in that situation suddenly dumbstruck for moment because felt numb in their head, the life also follow engrave, she really fucking damn cruel.

Only Yu Ao Tian that looked happily and excited, smiled: “Hah, Xue Tong performance always make me happy, I extremely satisfied!” because he really likes to hear that man’s painful scream because being****.

As for Mo Xue Tong, she usually speaks less, cold appearances, but once she really get her hand down she is merciless. This is perfectly matched to Yu Ao Tian’s “Taste”.

If for him women just toy in bed, but only Mo Xue Tong is different, his attitude towards her just not same as other toys women he had before…

“Ao Tian.” Just in this moment, Han Shang Li entered the office room, the tragic scene caught his eyes but he acted as if seen nothing, hurried walking in front of Yu Ao Tian, coldly said: “Something happen!”

There still two hours to go before the working time ended, Yao Yao is in her post to waiting and greet during the rush hour of get work off time. At this time, the elevator move to higher floor, Yu Ao Tian suddenly enters the elevator.

Although she has tried her best to accept their kind of relationship, but still every time she meets him she feels awkward: “Go, Go where, Yu…CEO Yu.”

“I come to find you.” Yu Ao Tian face looked stern.


“Later you prepare to go off work.”

“Hah? But, but my work time ended at 6.” The normal office employee is ended at 5, while the service employee always late one hour.

“I asked you to leave; I have already told Long Qi.”

“Cannot! I don’t want to have special treatment!” Yao Yao affirmed herself.

He never thought that little thing really that stubborn, his black eyes rolled, once again, he forced to shut down the elevator.

“Hey, what are you doing, faster turned on, in the moment everyone is get off working.”

“Little thing, you seem to be so respect with your job. But when you are as my lover, why don’t you act professional?”

After she heard what Yu Ao Tian said as if it pierce into her, she really does not want to be reminded their status so clearly, she better to chose become unconscious or hazy perhaps this is called as run away from reality. “You turned on the power of elevator, it is okay?”

“Hah, Bao Bei, with what status does you asking me to do?”

When Yao Yao asked with that kind of question, it chills her. inside the company he is the boss while she only a small employee, in life, Yao Yao is pet by him while she is his pet, no matter from what kind of status still she is the person who should listen to him.

“Go or not go?”

But this time… at least she should be persistent with her point of view! “Not going!”

“Very good.” His black eyes flashed, he enveloped Yao Yao to the elevator corner and forcing her to sit down.

“Humph…” the intolerable seductive voice wrapped inside the elevator. A pair of hand slowly groping into her undergarment, touching her. “You, why do like to act this way…this, huh…this is inside the company!”

“You know this is company, you being molested by other but still could show such happy face.” Yu Ao Tian who sat behind her showed bitter smile, but his pair of hand kept moving.

“Uh…I, when did I molested and welcomed it happily?”

“Are you sure? It was today afternoon, did that person not touched you…”He said, Yu Ao Tian moved his hand to her lower body: “Your butt?”

She shocked, “That, that person was not careful!”

“Not careful?” Yu Ao Tian really does not know how to say her, perhaps only this little thing naively thought that everyone in this world is good people.

Before Yu Ao Tian stop teasing her, he asked her once again, “Are you going to leave or not?”

Again, stubbornly Yao Yao replied him “I am not going anywhere.”

“Fine, just don’t regret with your decision!” He left her.

9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 63

  1. Thank you for this update…
    What happen actually that Han Li Shang went to YAT and said “Something happen”, YY also being ask to leave early… So mysterious..

  2. ouch, the fat manager received the most painfullest punishment ever.
    hope that something happened news doesn’t concern Yao Yao

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