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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 64

Chapter 64

The Scary Night

Yao Yao looked at his back that slowly go further, Yao Yao just not understand why she will get regret if she does not leaving her work early.

“Dong” The elevator is moved to first floor. “The working time has already ended but why there is anyone come?”

Usually before five o’clock, the elevator has packed with people, even some might go for overwork.”

The elevator door, slowly open, the floor corridor dark, in front the door is no one.

How can there is no anyone? Don’t… don’t say it ghost?

At the moment her heart thumping crazily, Yao Yao who is in panic mode crazily push the button, closed the elevator door: “Faster close ah! Faster ah! Faster ah” just when the elevator door is going to close suddenly there is one big hand block the way.

“Argh!” she shouting and squatted down to floor covered her head.

Directly the elevator door opened, seven to eight people with black suit get into the elevator.

Huh… what is happen, so that there are people! Yao Yao relaxed little bit, but she does not pay attention to that group of men in black suit who are looking at her.”

“Mr…”when Yao Yao wanted to ask them which floor they heading, suddenly one of the man directly push the button.

Oh, they are going into CEO’s room? This late of night why are they going to do? Do they want to steal things?


One would like to ask, is there any thief that come to steal but still using elevator, moreover they are coming in group, together get inside the elevator to steal things, impossible they have guts to do.

The elevator move to upstairs, those men in black are looking each other, one of the men is coming closer to Yao Yao’s back, just in moment he want to take out something from his pocket…

When the elevator is reached 28th floor, suddenly it stopped. So that those men who originally got into the elevator actually for that “man”, he took out the pistol that hidden inside his bosom.

Yao Yao suddenly dumbstruck!

“Don’t blame me that I don’t tell you. Tonight you will regret it!”

“You will really regret for it!”

Hahahaha now, she has regretted.

When the elevator isn’t completely open, outside the door there is no one, but afraid once this elevator door is closed, there must be big turned over? This time, deadmeat…

“Aiya, where is my contact lens?” when the elevator door closed, Yao Yao squatted down as if searching for her contact lens in the floor. “Oh my, how can I see if there is no my contact lens.”

Those men are looking each other with suspicious glanced, one of the man shook his head, he is implying better to kill wrongly rather than to let off!

Just in this moment suddenly the light inside the elevator is off, all the people inside the elevator are trapped in darkness.

Elevator stop?

Trapping in darkness, all of them only able to hear each breathing sounds, both Yao Yao and those men in black, all of them are not recklessly make a move.

Perhaps it has passed couple minutes, suddenly she felt that was something touched her shoulder, she stretch out her hand to touched it…

A string?

She rolled her eyes, she does not have any doubt, she deathly grabbed that string as if her life is depended on that things.

Yao Yao is taken by using that string out from the elevator while those men in black suit didn’t know that she has already left the elevator.

Standing above the elevator, there is wind that blowing into her small face, when eyes are adapting with darkness, one big figure standing in front of her.

This black figure, basically Yao Yao has made guess already.

Later on, pair of hands closed her ears. It feels alike chilling sound from hell shouted: “Killed all!”

Later on inside the elevator there only sound of clashing and peng peng sounds.

When the ears not hear any clashing or peng sound anymore, her nose able to smell thick blood smell spread and piercing into her nose. She not daring to ask, not daring to move, she just stupidly standing there while her head is empty.

Suddenly one soft lips touched her lips, there also the smell of Yu Ao Tian cologne, this cologne is perfectly cover that blood smell, her rigid body suddenly melt down.

Inside the darkness, she cannot see anything but she used her feeling, she able to feel his domineering presence, feeling his soft lips, and also that intoxicated feeling. She entirely has fallen into it.

And then…

When her rationality comes, at the moment she pushed away Yu Ao Tian who kissed her.

“You are heartless little thing, is this the way you thank me?” that cold voice said inside the darkness which sent the deathly vibe,

Regarding with what is happening, this afternoon Han Li Shang had made report, he also had made the comprehensive prevention as long as those men dare to rush to the top floor all of them would be minced meat.

But the plan changed because of one person and she is Yao Yao!

“Ao Tian, do you really not care to that flat chest?” when they were inside the security office, Long Qi helplessly not bother himself asking, looked at him.

He has already told her to leave, but she didn’t want to leave. For Yu Ao Tian who never been so patience with any other woman, he never paid attention for their life.

“Ao Tian, didn’t you tell that flat chest clearly?”

When Long Qi asked that question, suddenly Yu Ao Tian recalled…that scar: “Quickly change the plan!”

Within 3 minutes, Yu Ao Tian re-plan his plan, when one of the men inside the elevator wanted to kill Yao Yao after the elevator stopped at floor 28th, before they able to do it, the elevator has stopped.

Compared to previous plan, the new plan could be say as something extremely exhausting the brain, not only to prepare from start and also the time quite short. Still he also needed to figure out precisely and make correct prediction about other party thought.

Perhaps this is something easy for Yu Ao Tian who has 210 IQ so that he did not need to waste much time, also the questionable thing is, why must be him come save this little girl by himself.

To his unknown, this cruel and unscrupulous little thing did this thing to repay him?

“I…” Yao Yao bit her lips. It is so obviously that she has already became his lover, although he was not coming to save her, actually there is no reason for her to reject him. But…

Dislike! Just dislike this way! She hates kissed by person that she dislike! She still not able to be…

Deathly silence.

At other second, she could feel that her body merciless pushed by Yu Ao Tian.

“Thumping” the persons above the elevator is going down inside the elevator.


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 64

  1. oh…could Yao Yao’s shoulder scar be related to YAT!?!
    perhaps the concern for Yao Yao’s livelihood is because YAT has yet to conquer her

  2. Heart-racing! Can’t wait to read what happens next!
    YY really easy to forget where she is, what kindness YAT have done to her…really spontaneous act.

    Thank you for the update.
    The Chapter number not the same as title. 64 @ 65?

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