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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 66-67

Chapter 66 and 67

“You, you must swear, you will never bully me again!” Yao Yao stopped crying and seriously looking at him.

“You don’t be repellent!”

But she, Luo Yao Yao avowed herself to “eat” him today! “Humph, huh u….woah!!!” Luo Yao Yao closed her small face, crying louder.

Yu Ao Tian made fist on his hand, taking deep breath, suddenly he smiled: “Alright, I swear to you, I will never bully you anymore in the future.”

“hi hi…hahahaha!” at the moment she put down her hands, there are bright smile on her face.

Finally Yu Ao Tian understood that, this little thing was faking, pretending crying! Very good, today he even toyed by this little girl. He squint his cold eyes, shaking his head looking at Long Qi.

Long Qi got down from the car so that he able to give a private time for both of them.

“Did you remember how I taught you about kissing before?”

“Ugh.” She understood what would happen next, immediately she closed her mouth.

“Just now when you were inside the elevator you had promise, did you remember?”

Oh my, she seems….

There is slightly unwilling of her to put down her hand that closed her mouth, she pursed up her lips nervously.

Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao are kissing inside the car. This is not the first time Yao Yao kissed by Yu Ao Tian because he has violated her many times before. But, this time the kissed different with the before they ever had.

He kissed her softly and gentle, so this still the first time for Yao Yao to experience this type of kiss from Yu Ao Tian. Under the bright moonlight, inside the car, Yao Yao actually quite enjoy this kind of atmosphere. She could feel her body weaken but has very positive reaction.

“Huh, when your kissing technique will progress?” Yu Ao Tian teased Yao Yao, he smiled looking at Yao Yao who embarrassed and head down.

Yu Ao Tian moved to the driver seat and hurried he locked the car’s door before Long Qi came closer.

“Hey, Ao Tian! Let me in.”

“Don’t you like to smile? Well, you just smile along the way to go home.” After he said, Yu Ao Tian started the engine and leaving Long Qi alone.

“Isn’t…this car belong to Manager Long?” Yao Yao asked.

“So what? You feel awful because he should go home by walking?”

Huh! Big rotten bastard, as long as not bully her, Yao Yao shut up and keep silent along the way home.

When she arrived at the big villa where she stays…

“You? Aren’t you leaving?” standing in front the door, Yao Yao probing him.

“Not going.”

Hah? Oh my… does this mean…

“Why don’t you leave?”

“Heh? Bao Bei, don’t you wish me to stay?”

Of course she not wishes him to stay! Even though he had promise her that he would not do that, but still there no guarantee he not toying with her!

“Of course no.”

“Good, so I stay here.” He smiled, he knew what this heartless little thing thought, he took big stride inside the villa.

Yao Yao knew that even if she asked him to leave, would he do it? Of course not!

“Ha Ha…” bitter laughed from Yao Yao, she is lying on the bed as if food that served for eat.

Yu Ao Tian is lying beside her and looked at her, caressed her body and…

“Not, please don’t” Yao Yao begged.

“Well, let’s we go to the main point, do you actually wish for it, right?” Yu Ao Tian smiled at Yao Yao.

“Huh…” She said with low voice, no one want wish for it, of course this last words only said inside her heart. Not dare to say it loud to Yu Ao Tian.


“Bao Bei, what is your opinion with things happens today in Berson? The things that had happened inside the elevator!” Yu Ao Tian cold eyes looked at her.

Yao Yao lower her head, little bit hesitated: “That was you guys matter as mafia, nothing do with me.” Did not know whether this kind of answer would make Yu Ao Tian angry or not but that how she felt it inside herself.

“When you saw those people brought gun why did not you run away?”

“Run away? If I run away… there one way to chose, death! Much better for me to pretend not see anything, perhaps it could make me live little longer.”

This little thing looked alike the idiot and fool but when comes to live and death matter (the most important) she is cleverer and smarter than normal people, not to mention… she really the little girl who has IQ 205. No matter his first question or his second question, her given answered, he really satisfied of it. He likes someone like her, the things that should be solve must solve while the things she should not get involve better pretending to be fool! This kind of person may stay longer in his side. On that way he won’t be bored.

“You seem to be little bit smart, so that today I will give you a reward.”

Reward? Yao Yao felt her heart tighten, this reward…. Won’t be something good, will it?

“No, I don’t need any….” Before she finished, half of her body has raised up.

After half an hour…

“Why are you secretly crying?” Yu Ao Tian frowned.

“All is because of you! All is because of you! You make me become weirdos!”

“…………..” silent for seconds, and than Yu Ao Tian laughing so hardly.

“Bao Bei, have you enjoyed it?” He spoke softly near her ear.

The naïve and pure Yao Yao does not know the chemistry and mystery between man and woman’s feeling with their body.

Yesterday that happened inside Berson, that thing as if nightmare, every death body just disappeared without trace as if evaporated like air, no blood trace as if nothing never happened before, but Yao Yao as the one of witness, she felt bad standing inside the elevator.

She hopes those death bodies would not become ghost and haunted her. It is so scary! She gained her sense, silently entering inside the elevator.

When the elevator’s door opened, there is woman who wearing big black spectacles. This kind of style little bit weird, because this style only fit for those artist who is running away from media or paparazzi, or woman who afraid to be known…

She is?

“Miss, where are you heading?” Yao Yao asked while gauging her.

“The CEO’s office.”

Oh, looking for the CEO!

After arrived, the woman left the elevator, Yao Yao felt the mysterious woman quite familiar but not really sure.

“Flat Chest, immediately go to my office.” There’s Long Qi’s voice through the speaker.

Luckily there is not anyone inside the elevator, if not she must be so embarrassed: “I know, I will go there immediately!”

Inside the CEO’s office….

The mysterious woman slowly goes inside. The person who sat outside the room is the cold Mo Xue Tong who stood up:”Miss, do you have appointment?”

“HaHa, Miss Mo, it’s me.” After said, that woman took off her spectacle, smile faintly.

But Mo Xue Tong coldly said: “Miss Li, do you have any appointment?”

“Miss Mo, I come to find Yu Ao Tian, do I need make an appointment, don’t I?”

“I am sorry, CEO Yu has full schedule, but I can inform CEO Yu that you are coming here, please (asking her to leave politely).” Mo Xue Tong is someone meticulous, in her world there is no flexibility, it could be say that everything that regarding to Yu Ao Tian’s thingy all must through her.

“Miss Mo, fine… better I make phone call to Yu Ao Tian.” At the moment Li Mei Yun had talked through the phone suddenly her beautiful face turned be darken.

She has been together with Yu Ao Tian almost two years, she knew there were many women beside Yu Ao Tian and she never angry of him, but only Mo Xue Tong, she simple is thorn in her flesh!

“Thank you, Ao Tian.” After she done, she said: “Miss Mo, Yu Ao Tian asked to get in, then can I…”

“I have not got the notice from the CEO, please wait for moment.”

Damn bitch! Li Mei Yun clenched her hands. She has waited for such long time, until she able to get inside Yu Ao Tian’s room. “Ao Tian.”

“Why you coming without a notice, something happen?” Yu Ao Tian is reading a document when he asked.

“I want to give you a surprised. Hehe. But really I want to say that every time I come here, it really hard to get into your office room, and also that Miss Mo…” when she talked about this, Li Mei Yun peek on Yu Ao Tian to see his expression, hurried she said the way she spoke: “She really serious with her work.”

Before she ever directly talked bad about Mo Xue Tong, but at last she was got the coldness of Yu Ao Tian for three months, so that she always keep in her mind that she should not talk bad about Mo Xue Tong.

“If there something you want to say, Li Mei Yun hurry! I still have many things to do.”

“Ao Tian, actually I don’t really have thing just I miss you so much.” Her beautiful face looked little bit sad: “you knew that you have been so long never came to my place.”


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