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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 68


Chapter 68

The humiliation inside the office room

“Recently I really busy, no time.”


“Yu Ao Tian!”

Bamn! The office room opened by Luo Yao Yao who rushed inside.

While the person who followed at her back was Long Qi with innocent look: “Ao Tian, I have tried my best to stop her, but…”

“Long Qi, you go out!”

“Oh…” Long Qi turned and left.

“Yu!” at the moment Yao Yao wanted to open her mouth she saw Li Mei Yun stood beside her.

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh, she has been suspicious that mystery woman perhaps was Li Mei Yun the famous artist! “Li….Li….Li… you are my…. My idol, give me, give me your sign, is it okay?” initially she was so angry but suddenly she became so “excited”, she almost forgot the main reason why she coming to his office, without bother she took a piece of paper and pen, she gave in front of Li Me Yun.

It was so obvious, Li Mei Yun was dumbfounded with the situation, after she glanced at Yu Ao Tian, she gained herself.

He made fist with his hand, his face expression terrible bad, but impatiently looking at Li Mei Yun and nodded.

“Alright. Hehehe, thank you for your support.” Li Mei Yun smiled, very happy to give her sign. While Yao Yao looked it as if she got priceless treasure, hugged it: “You, you know, Li Mei Yun is so famous in Japan and China, she is one of independent actress and also has nicknamed as goddess by the Japanese. I really like you, really really like you. At the same time I really proud as Chinese because your achievement in showbiz. If you do not mind, can I have a photo with you?”

Li Mei Yun has not agrees yet, Yao Yao suddenly took out her mobile phone and gave it to Yu Ao Tian: “Come, faster! Help me to take a photo with Miss Li, quickly.”

“Go out and wait for me.”


“Go out and wait for me, understood!” Yu Ao Tian pissed off, yelling at her while her mobile phone was smashed to outside.

At this moment, Yao Yao finally responsed….

Oh my! This is Yu Ao Tian’s office room, what did she do! Because wanting to have photo with the artist, oh damn!

“I am…sorry. Really sorry. I go out, I immediately go out.”

Waiting until Luo Yao Yao left, Li Mei Yun smiled: “HaHa, Yu Ao Tian this is my first time to meet someone that completely ignore you, moreover she asked you to take photo. Well, don’t be angry. But who was that little sister….she seems no manner.”

“Mei Yun, this is not your turned yet to give opinion about my employee!”

“Hah?” Li Mei Yun dumbstruck, looking at the icy and cold eyes of Yu Ao Tian, she really felt as if the atmosphere became chills.

“You also get out!”


When Li Mei Yun left, Yu Ao Tian still angry but dial the phone: “Xue Tong, ask Yao Yao to come inside!”


Not long, Yao Yao felt guilty, pushed the door opened: “I am sorry, really sorry, CEO Yu. Because I really like that Li Mei Yun, so that… I am really sorry, so sorry.” She kept on saying sorry, sometimes she really hate her impulsive self.

“Why are you looking for me?” he coldly asked.

Uh, her first purpose coming to look at him was…. Stopped to asking forgiveness. Her little face gloomy: “Yu Ao Tian! Why are you fired me?” just now she was called to Long Qi’s office in order to inform her that she is fired, once she heard it, she gone crazy, straightly coming here.

“Do you think that I need have reason to fire you?”

“How can you not need the reason?” Yao Yao moved one step in front, both of her hand slammed the desk: “First, I don’t make a mistake, second I am so discipline, if there is evidence of you violate the work contract, I can sue you to employee bureau!”

Oh? So that this little thing is understood about law?

“Come here.” Yu Ao Tian smiled and pointing his finger to her.


“The peasant family has golden phoenix.”

What is he thinking? She little bit confused.

Yu Ao Tian took the piece of paper from Yao Yao’s hands, the piece paper that signed by Li Mei Yun, he swayed in front of her face: “This is my important contract between me with the Ao Mei corporate. Well, little sister Luo Yao Yao, didn’t you know that ruining contract is more than enough to fire you?”


As if the bolt hit her head: “Sorry, I am so sorry. I was so impulsive just now, so that… I am sorry. I am willing to resign in order to compensate.”

“Hah, resign as compensation? Bao Bei, you are really naïve.” After he said, Yu Ao Tian pulled her into his embrace: “5 million dollar business contract, do you think by resigned you solve the matter?”

5 million dollar? Deadmeat! That piece of paper just re-sign, won’t it be do?

“”Really…sorry.” After all she only could say I am sorry in order to express her apology.

“If by saying sorry worth 5 million dollar, I think, I don’t need to do business anymore. What do you think?”

“But, I really… so what is your solution?”

“You asked me to think…” Yu Ao Tian furrowed his brow as if he thinking of something, while one of his hand embrace Yao Yao’s waist.

“What are you doing now?”

“I am thinking the solution.”

“But your hand…”

“What’s wrong with my hand?” Yu Ao Tian acted as if he is innocent.

“Huh, Yu Ao Tian, this is…still in office, you had promised me, during working we should make distance….”

“But just now you have resigned?”

“You!” Yao Yao really didn’t know how to communicate with him, “How can you act like this!” meeting this kind of rotten bastard, she really cried without tears.


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 68

  1. Thank you for another update..
    Fair enough you also update other novel translation… Hope you could do that again… I felt its a bit unfair for other title not been updated to give way to this novel.

    I don’t quite understand what YAT said about important contract with Ao Mei Corporation…The piece of paper was Li Mei Yun autograph right? What’s that have to do with the 5 million dollar contract?
    Hope you can explain, sis Azurro…..

  2. Thank you. YAT will always tease YY with words…especially her words against her…YY asked YAT not to bully so he tease…yet not bully…now this..I like their bantering with one another….it is so cute…

  3. Hahaha so funny about the please take picture for me. Thank you for translating. Best holiday from you to all us for sharing this funny novel. ♡♡♡

  4. I’m just wondering, who was that picture supposed to be? I was thinking maybe, Yao Yao since she was so innocent-looking. I love your translations, keep it up.

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