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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 94

Chapter 94


Long Mo Er is walking inside the pawn shop, after the sharp eyes of the owner seeing Long Mo Er appearance, immediately he asked: “Lady, what thing that you want to pawn? Or do you want to buy something?”

“Boss, does the thing that pawn can be exchanged with money?”

“Lady, of course it can be exchanged. What kind of thing that you want to pawn?” The owner asked.

“I… I don’t have any thing that I can pawn, what should I do?” Long Mo Er completely cannot think what kind of thing with her that able pawned.

“Hm, well? Let me see.” After the owner heard what she said, carefully he observed, instantaneously he guessed this lady importance.

The owner undoubtedly know that she must be came from high status family, perhaps because of the family environment forced, or else how could she comes here, she also not really understood about this? He has seen many people coming to his place, but everyone who enter his place is client, this simply is the business rules that people like him do.

He is carefully looking at Long Mo Er appearance.

His sharp eyes spotted some of Long Mo Er’s accessories which quite valuable, especially her blue hairpin with pearl. That blue color hairpin with pearl is glamour and elegance, luster and bright, completely flawless jade, very rare ones. Compare to all accessories in his store, this blue hairpin with pearl is magnificent.

“Lady, your blue hairpin with pearl can be pawn to exchange with much money, what do you think?” The owner realized the value, immediately opened his mouth.

“Ah? Blue hairpin with pearl? Did you mean the blue color hairpin with pearl bead that I used?” Long Mo Er excited asked.

“Lady, the pearl hairpin is especially unique, the material and the workmanship are very awesome. Lady if you don’t know what to use to pawn in order to exchange with money, I think you can use it as place as collateral.”

“But….” It was given by mother, it is Ye’s thing, how can she pawn it to exchange with money? It was mother intention toward her! “Boss, is it only this hairpin that able to be pawned? Or can I pawn any other thing beside it?”

Long Mo Er hurried removing her stuffs, the ear ring and others, all put in front of the owner, looking at him.

“Lady, all can be pawn. But, you seems to have an urgency with money, all of these things that you pawn cannot be exchanged with much money, because all of these only an ordinary accessories.” It is business, the owner won’t let the business slip away easily, continuing said, “Lady, if you are really reluctant for the hairpin, you pawn today and later when you have money, you come back to our store to make redemption. Just think that we are helping Lady to keep it, as long as you have money you can come to exchange it back. By this way, Lady you can rest assured.”

To have medical treatment, it really needs much money, the white robe is still so weak, she indeed really needs money! Does she really need to exchange the blue hairpin with pearl which given by mother with money? That is mother and others of Ye’s treasure and also love toward her!

Is it the will of heaven so that she can take it to exchange with money, what should she do?

Now she able to see the benevolent face of Madam Ye floating in front of her, seeing the gentle face of Ye Che, seeing the white robe weak face….

Long Mo Er takes off pearl hairpin, putting on her hand, lightly holding it.

She gritting her teeth, harden her heart, Long Mo Er took off and pawn it to the pawn shop owner. “Boss, when I have the money I will certainly come to redemption it back, boss you cannot sell it, I beg you, can I?”

“Lady, you rest assured!” The pawn shop owner took the hairpin and observe it carefully, calculating, from the drawer he takes out the amount money that equal to the price of the pearl hairpin, putting down in front of Long Mo Er. “Lady, this is your money.”

Long Mo Er received the heavy money, while her heart also as heavy as the money. “Boss, I will certainly come back to redemption. I will certainly come back.”

After Long Mo Er said, she is walking out from the shop.


3 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 94

  1. thanks a lot!
    ok, pawn…pawning is good! -nods head- at least she’s not selling it! the pawnshop’s owner is good too, not taking advantage of a naive young miss. well, he should be able to tell that she belongs to nobility…

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