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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 69-72

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Chapter 69 – 72

Been Seen

“CEO Yu, Sunnyvale (Sen Ni Wei Er) business contract has already sent.” Said Mo Xue Tong who walked inside the room. She saw Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian flirting, that scene… there is no changes in her expression, cold. “CEO Yu, I…” she put the documents in his desk.

“Xue Tong, please help me to tidy up my all the document in my desk.” Said Yu Ao Tian.


While Mo Xue Tong tidy up Yu Ao Tian’s desk, he is busying to play with Yao Yao. Not long after that Mo Xue Tong done with her work and leaving Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao.

“I have told you many times that… we have contract and it clear written that, first article was about our relation must not be revealed to the outsider!” She angrily looked at Yu Ao Tian.

“But Mo Xue Tong isn’t outsider.” Yu Ao Tian said as if nothing wrong with him.

Yao Yao understood very well there is no point to argue with Yu Ao Tian because everything he said is right, he is the rule because he is the master, her owner. Better for her to shut up her mouth, keep quite rather than provoke him to make things more difficult for herself.

After silent for moment…

“Do you have hobby to follow artists?” Yu Ao Tian asked her.


“So why are you interest with Li Mei Yun?”

“Hm… I only like Li Mei Yun, beside that I become fan only for her.” She said with bright eyes.

“Why must she?” Yu Ao Tian asked.

“She has good personality, she so beautiful, she is hard working and persistent and also many others reason. Ah~ you will never understand.”

How can he not understand? Perhaps he is the one who understand Li Mei Yun utmost!

“Everything that you said was creating by the artist management.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have told you it is an image that created by the artist management company. If the artist management company wanted her to be queen and then she would be the queen. Everything that you seen only an image, on contrary in her private life, she might another person.”

What Yu Ao Tian wanted to say?

“Whatever, I like Li Mei Yun. Don’t talk bad about her.” She left Yu Ao Tian’s office room because angry. She dislikes Yu Ao Tian talked bad about her idol, Li Mei Yun.


After working time ended, Yao Yao go back to the villa where Yu Ao Tian gave her. That villa is belong to hers, given by Yu Ao Tian as present for her as his lover.

Eight o’clock sharp, the bell rang. During this time if the bell is ringing, Yao Yao always has bad premonition because around this time Yu Ao Tian always coming to visit. But…

“Miss Luo Yao Yao.” Mo Xue Tong greeted Yao Yao when she opened the door.

“Good… you are?”

“My name is Mo Xue Tong, I am personal secretary of Yu Ao Tian.”

So she is the secretary of Yu Ao Tian which means she was also this afternoon woman that…

Suddenly Yao Yao face turned red because she feels embarrassed with what happened this afternoon inside Yu Ao Tian’s office room.

“Miss Luo, this is given by Yu Ao Tian. He asked me to hand it over to you.” After she said, she turned her back and disappeared in the darkness of night.

“What is this?” Yao Yao suspicious with an envelope in her hand. When she opened it, inside is a bank gold card.

“A card? You bastard! Rotten bastard Yu Ao Tian, what does he mean by giving me this card?” she pissed off, took out her phone and make phone call.

During this time, Yu Ao Tian is busy with his night activity with his other woman. When his phone rang, he angrily received the call.

“Yu Ao Tian why did you give me gold card?” Yao Yao was screaming through the phone.

Yu Ao Tian who mood being affected: “Later in the future don’t scream at me in phone or I will kill you!”

“Oh…” after she realized, she lower her voice: “Why did you give me a gold card?”

“What you think my reason giving you gold card?” Asked Yu Ao Tian.

Yao Yao wanted to say something but she heard another voice so she ended the call quickly because she afraid she might disturb Yu Ao Tian.


Other day!

“Miss, thank you for shopping with us, this is your neck tie.” Said the sales girl who work at one of the expensive boutique. Yao Yao took the package and smiled to the sales girl before leaving the place.

Actually today she wanted to send back the gold card but suddenly Long Qi phoned her, asking her to buy necktie.

Hurry she went to the nearest shopping center to buy the thing that she asked to. During her window shopping in the shopping center, there was Kenzo boutique that caught her interest.

“Welcome, Miss, this is the first Kenzo boutique in China and today is the first opening day, welcome to our store.”

“Yao Yao, come!”

“Kenzo? Chen Yi, do you like this brand?”


It is so hard to see Feng Chen Yi likes one brand, four years ago, because his liking, he spent more than 200,000 dollar for this brand, never thought this brand would be in here.

“Miss, this is the newest product from Kenzo, it only has one for one model.”

“Ah?” she gained herself, awkwardly smiled: “No, thanks.”

“You may try, it suit you.”

“Me.. well, alright.” Meeting such passionate sales girl, she only forced herself to try it.

“Miss, your stuff let me help you to carry.”

“Thank you.”

When the sales girl took Yao Yao’s thing, let her to go into fitting room, one of the sales girl colleague using her finger pointed at the logo: “Armani! Armani! A big catch, big customer.”

“Ah~ Miss, this dress fits you so much.” The salesgirl said.

“Thank you but I still…” before Yao Yao finished.

“This dress is bigger one size, please give me smaller size.” Someone said who out from the fitting room beside Yao Yao’s.

The sales girl smiled awkwardly: “I am sorry Miss, the smaller size is wore by this Miss. So that…”

When that girl turned: “Luo Yao Yao!”

When Yao Yao heard someone called her name, she looked at that person and… Li Ruo Ting?

Two years ago in Japan, when Feng Chen Yi…

“Chen Yi, it so good, oh…I love you Chen Yi.”

“He he he, Ruo Ting you are really aggressive.”

[The soft big bed, man and woman were intertwined, the person who stood in front of the door was Luo Yao Yao, angrily said: “Both of you…what are you twos doing?”]

Luo Yao Yao? That woman hurried covered herself with quilt, sitting in the bed.

While the man smiled: “Yao Yao, why you coming?”

If today I don’t come here, do you want to hide it from me forever? Thinking me as idiot? Said!”

That man was silent.

Yao Yao who hurt because betrayed and also pissed off gave him a slap: “Feng Chen Yi, you are rotten bastard!” she turned her back and left.

Although things had passed for two years, she work hard to forget everything but when the moment that woman showed up in front of her, all those rotten bad memories filled her head.

When seeing that woman, as if everything happened yesterday.

“So coincide, Luo Yao Yao, he haven’t met for almost one year and half? How do you do?”

Uh…she does want to have such coincide with this woman! Pair of her eyes looked that woman coldly: “I am very well!”

“Oh.” Said Li Ruo Ting, seeing her and also the sales girl: “Oh Yeah, that cloth do you buy it?”

“Buy!” actually she didn’t want to buy it!

“Uh!” Li Ruo Ting blanked for moment, she looked at her as if underestimated and smiled: “Luo Yao Yao, do you still mad with me?”

Bingo! She stills angry. Two years ago her man was snatched by her, but Feng Chen Yi, rotten man, she does not want anymore and after two years she won’t lose for this dress. “HaHa, how can I still mad? I really like this dress.”

“Thank you Miss. We will wrap it for you.” Said the sales girl happily.

“Wait.” Li Ruo Ting stopped her with her hand, coldly swept her gazed: “Luo Yao Yao, don’t you think this cloth is not suit you?”

“Oh yeah? If not, I still can make it to be rug.” She smiled sweetly but her heart is already bleeding. It cost 20,000? Oh my, she does not have that much money!

“Luo Yao Yao! I speak honestly; this cloth isn’t suiting you just alike Feng Chen Yi who not suit you. Or else why two years ago he chooses me over you. I really think that you not need to act like this because you still mad about two years ago.”

Yao Yao really angry, “Li Ruo Ting, you do not need to bring about Feng Chen Yi, I am not mad because the past. Moreover, even I persistent to buy this dress, it does not has any relation with my past.”


So two girls are still arguing about the dresses until Li Ruo Ting called Feng Chen Yi to support her.

“Chen Yi, come here.”

So finally both of them together, Yao Yao thought when she heard Li Ruo Ting called Feng Chen Yi’s name.

Two years ago Feng Chen Yi hurried back to China and half year later followed by Li Ruo Ting. During that time, she resented both of them, every day and every night! Everyone who separated by third wheel might do same thing. After two years both of them still together.

“Chen Yi, you see that dress wore by Luo Yao Yao, do you think it suit her?” Li Ruo Ting asked.

He eyes cold as ice looking at the woman in front him, a woman that he loves so much…

And then when his eyes spotted at the things, carried by Yao Yao…

“General Manager Feng, Miss Luo didn’t take the bank note.”


“Well, the detective who was investigated Miss Luo had said that she has associate with a man.”

“Who’s the man?”

“This… the detective said that the man is someone powerful either in status or wealth, moreover he also has his own bodyguard wherever he goes, alike his shadow following him.”

Damn! Who is the man that together with Yao Yao?

“Of course you, Li Ruo Ting.” Said Feng Chen Yi after he gained himself.

Suddenly Yao Yao felt her heart ached, cannot breathe. It is so normal if the boy friend praised his girl friend but how can she sad? Perhaps…

Later in order to end the conversation, Yao Yao asked the sales girl to wrapped all the stuffs and settle the bill.

“Vip gold card?”

Everyone looked at the sales girl who exclaimed the VIP Gold Card given by Yao Yao. No wonder everyone quite shocked when know she has VIP Gold Card because this kind of card is explained the power of wealth and status of the holder in society. There are only ten cards holder for this card in entire China, this card does not has limit and also it amount is countless, only the super rich people who can has this kind of card.

“Thank you! Thank you very much, Miss.” Said the sales girl gave back the card to Yao Yao.


Inside the office

Yu Ao Tian mobile phone kept on sending notification about the card spending. It has reached at least 3,000,000 dollar.”It seems no matter what kind of people, all of them cannot resist the temptation of money.”

“CEO Yu, what did you say?”

“Oh, nothing is important. Continued.” He kept his mobile phone and exposed his devilish smiled, however, behind that smiles, he is gradually disappointed with Yao Yao…

At the shopping center.

“Oh my, I had swept more than 3,000,000. I might get possessed just now.” She murmured.

That when she signed the contract, she pledge to herself that whatever she did only for grandpa medical fee so that she agreed to be lover, her status might lover but she does not want to live as lover.

But now?

After a moment she came back to the boutique when certain, Feng Chen Yi and Li Ruo Ting have left. She stood at Kenzo, welcomed by the sales girl.

When she said that she wanted to return back the stuff, the sales girl even thought she was kidding but she not. She really wanted to return all those stuffs. After the sales girl done with the process they without hesitation talked bad about Yao Yao in front of her but it okay for Yao Yao as long as the money refund and back.

When Yao Yao wanted to leave the store suddenly Feng Chen Yi appeared in front of her and said, “Wrapped all the things back!”

“Hah?” The sales girl doubted.

“Do you understand? I said wrapped all the things that returned by this lady!” he gave his own card to the sales girl.

Feng Chen Yi eyes as if locked his sight deathly to that Armani held by Yao Yao, “Have good taste.” He pointed at that brand.

Yao Yao step backward, frowned: “You, you have left, why come back?”

“I didn’t leave yet.”

She lifts her head up looking at him.

“Are you curious why I haven’t left?”

She nodded.

“Uh, I know that dresses isn’t suitable for you and you will come back to return it.”

Feng Chen Yi too understood her because they had together about two years.

This is one of the most humiliate situation that she ever experienced, initially she met two rotten bastard, in order to vent her anger she insisted herself to buy the dress that she not like as the name of self-pride and then she returned back all the stuffs and caught red-handed.

It seems she always be loser in front of Feng Chen Yi!

“Yao Yao, seems that you have opened your mind not much, after all you take everything now.”

“Feng Chen Yi, said clearly what you want to say?”

“Ha, that time when I gave you a card, beat you to death you would not accept it but now you are so easily take other?”

Hearing what Feng Chen Yi told her, as if there are thousand needles piercing inside her heart.

“This is for you, Yao Yao.”

“Gold card? What do you mean?”

“Take it.”

“No, I don’t want. It not like I don’t have my own money, I don’t need it!” because of that matter, both of them were in cold-war until Feng Chen Yi made compromised.

Now, when this matter brought up, it felt as if she got a slap on her face. Hurt, it is absolutely hurt.

“Luo Yao Yao, with whom are you now?” Feng Chen Yi asked.

When she is being asked by him, she nervous and doubt, she lower her head. She does not want to say anything! Not want to think about it, although she tell everyone in this world that she is Yu Ao Tian’s lover, she just does not want to let Feng Chen Yi know about her status.

Why? It not like she the person who made mistake, why should she afraid to let Feng Chen Yi know?

Yao Yao intending to leave the store but Feng Chen Yi stopped her: “Give you.”

Ignored Feng Chen Yi she left. His expression terrible bad, took out his mobile phone: “Lisa, I want you to check one thing!”

“General Manager Feng, please say.”

“You give a check about the names of VIP Gold Card holder!”

“Hah? General Manager Feng, that card is related to ten people who information well-protected. —– if you want to check it, it might take longer time.”

“Rice tub (good for nothing)!” He, Feng Chen Yi, is all of his subordinate useless? “You just need to check seven others!”

“Why just seven?”

“……………” pissed off, “my family has three, so that you just need to check others seven, if you cannot perform the simple mathematics, Lisa tomorrow you don’t need to come for work anymore!”

“I am sorry General Manager Feng. I will check it immediately.”


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  1. Thank you for updating so many chapters…
    So in the end YY only spend the card on a necktie Long Qi ask her to buy..
    Really hope she could give back the card to YAT as soon as possible, before she spend it even more and regretted @ refund it later..this really will give a bad name to the original card holder i.e YAT…:P

  2. but a question pops up, will YAT be angry if knows YY buy something for other man, even though it is Long Qi, his own “family member”?

    can’t wait to read next few chapters….! 😀

  3. At the beginning is it implying Yat cheating on Yao Yao when is said that he having night activities with his other women? If it is OMG

    1. Yao Yao only Yu’s lover.
      Regarding Yu night activities or his business with other woman, there is nothing Yao Yao can speak up about. So, whatever Yu does/did with other woman cannot consider as cheating on Yao Yao.
      she has known from the first time that Yu isn’t her and he understand very well Yu has so many woman other than her.

  4. It is sad that YAT have so many womwn in his life beside from YY but YAT only protect and flirt with YY. Whenever YY has mood swing YAT tolerate it but when it come to other women is different case. In YAT’s mind YY matter but he doesn’t know it yet. He get angry with YY but he does not abandoned YY but when it come to other women is another story.

    Just like in the earlier chapters YY got into trouble with a couples of punk, YAT saw that. At that YAT had LMJ with him but he chose to kick LMJ off his car to go n rescued YY that shown YY is special him and he is so curious about YY too. YY is scare of YAT yet she is not, you know what I mean??

    Thanks Azzuro for 3 chapters.

    1. Yes.
      You describe it almost right.
      On the first 100 chapters, I always thought Yu is someone heartless toward woman, even to Yao Yao.
      He cares her, protect her but he also hurt her…
      such dilemma 😦

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