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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 12

Chapter 12

Part 1 (One)

Evil Hormone

The second half semester is started, phone is popular in Shanghai, for the first installment the phone cost thousand dollar, but during that time it was huge amount of money, while the phone number still consist seven numbers, not only that, almost all the student in the class have made phone installment, once being installed, every student who went to school strangely starting to exchange phone number, after school ended, dial one by one the number, everyone is excited.

Uncle Shen who is rich man, naturally he has made an installment at his home, so that Kang Yu and I were able to have chit chat during the night, on the silent night, both of us were talking in the phone while covering self with quilt, if we weren’t speaking until midnight, we would not hang up the phone, for the topic, it really not important, more or less, I responsible to talk while Kang Yu just to listen.

When the bill came, my mom almost faint, I just told her that I spoke with my classmate for study purpose, anyway, I have lot progressed and my result were better recently, so that my mom believed me, by this way the matter just passed, I also not that stupid and made same mistake twice, it only when weekend came, then I would be more greedy to make the call for myself, anyway, from Monday to Friday, we still able to meet at school.

The time passed so quickly, at the blink it has already April, unknown whether because the changes of the season or what but most time I felt pain in my chest and suffocating, but it last for short, I thought it might because the changes of the season so my body not able to adapt faster, so that, I didn’t think too much about it, I also don’t have appetite, every time I only ate for two spoon and felt full, I became thinner until my weight reached 80 pounds, there was one time in afternoon when Kang Yu saw me not eating, his face was terrible dull as if he had stepped on dog poop.

There was nothing I could do, I just really could not eat.

On Saturday after the lunch time, I was lying to my mom, saying that I was going to Xu Ying’s home to study, actually I was going to Kang Yu’s home, in order to conceal, I brought Yan Yan out together, she really someone took good advantage, asking five dollar from me and then she went around by herself.

My English was terrible sucks, but this subject has weighted 150 point, I could not afford to miss it, I really serious begging Kang Yu to teach me, moreover he was happier than me because we were together.

During the dinner time, Uncle Shen was going to ballroom, so he left me together with Kang Yu at home to have dinner. I have got accustomed not as nervous as before, very obedient to arrange the tableware (plate, bowl, chopsticks), Kang Yu is very good in cooking, he could cook various dishes, smell and taste very good, he is better than me, but still I didn’t have any appetite, after have some, I could not eat anymore, I wiped my mouth, sitting at Kang Yu’s bed, from my bag I took out my manga, an adjustment—taking break from my exhausted homework and study.

I just spotted to see the kiss scene, my heart was beating faster, secretly I took a look to Kang Yu, he was also looked at me, somehow, I could sense that his eyes sight was filled with something.

suddenly Kang Yu came closer to me, pinched my shoulder and pressed me down at the bed.

I stare blanked for moment.

Would it be…would it be…

My face red…

Kang Yu with serious expression said, “Miao Miao…”

Shyly, I responded, “ What..What?” I embarrassed to have expected, but also little bit denial, inside my head as if there were an angel and devil fighting.

But very fast, the Kiss scene in my mind gone, I didn’t want to think anything, naturally I closed my eyes, we have dating for a year, the couple (boy and girl) in manga, most of them were ever having kissed before, it only a kiss, what was so great about it, I would be fifteen, most of the manga leads were at this kind of age, I should admit that I was influence by the Japanese manga it really dangerous and poisonous, just I could not guess whether he able or not, as for me, I cannot.

His beautiful slender fingers touched my lips, my heart crazily thumping.

I have waited for Kang Yu to kiss me, unknown Kang Yu just didn’t have same thought as me, after all he was pinching to open my mouth, force to put food into my mouth, I almost choke death by him.


“I don’t want to eat anymore, don’t force me!” my mouth was full with rice and meat broth taste.

But Kang Yu was stronger than me, added with his devil attitude; I not dare not to eat.

After I finished half of bowl, Kang Yu finally let me off.

While my dream about kissing has gone and replace with meat broth taste, huhuhuhu…

I stubborn did not want to talk with him for week.

But days still passed…

18 April was Kang Yu 17th birthday, I used my red pocket money to buy him birthday present, I rushed to the sport store, I bought him a pair of basketball shoes, during that time NIKE was famous, ADIDAS was so luxurious, according to my financial, able to buy one branded product was more than great, unknown, suddenly Kang Yu played basket ball during the last half year in junior high, I resented.

He was good in comforting me, he knew that I bought him a pair of sport shoes, he said to me, “Any shoes that you bought just same, as long as I can wear, then all just good.”

After I heard, my heart filled with deathly sweetness, so why should I need to bother mistaken bought the stuff, I even forgot the matter he forced me to eat.


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